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  1. super late but this is great amazing and all compliments I can give!!!!
  2. Inktober 21 For once it isn't my handwriting just my words Honestly I feel hurt whenever I hear stuff like that. How could I be the first person to point out your greatness. How could no one else see this treasure of a person. I am not just saying things. I just can't believe that some people can go there entire lives without seeing the greatness in at least themselves. I would have turned in something written but I feel as though this line I had while conversing with a friend is stronger than anything I would have written
  3. Same old same old I'm sorry for my handwriting.
  4. Well I fell of my mood swing and it took me a while to get back up but here is my inktober submission. Again as always sorry for the bad handwriting
  5. Inktober 8 Again I will say I would like to apologise for my words being messy. Even more so than usual this time.
  6. As per usual I will apologize for my handwriting I know it's a mess. It's just like my life
  7. Inktober 6 sorry if its messy, i lost my pen T_T
  8. Cool Dude Voiceinn Nice Lines
  9. I think that we should actually get to get together as a community and help Joe decide what CDVNL stands for (asides from him, obviously) i think we should all write down suggestions as for what CDVNL are acronyms for and let him decide which he likes bests, or if he cant decide we have him choose some suggestions and we vote on his favorites.
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