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  1. Hmmm, well, @April, it seems to me that you have a rather serious case of M.M.K or Monkey Mind Syndrome. It's something that I myself am afflicted with, the mind constantly running in circles around the same subject, thinking of all the possibilities, mostly the negative ones, and ways to fix the problem, but at the same time not even knowing what exactly the problem is or if there even really is one at all! Thankfully, I know just the cure. I hereby prescribe to you one daily dose of positive affirmations. I've found that, at least personally, this happens because of a lack of belief in, or love of the self. That's what the affirmation will fix. Each morning, before doing anything else, you should write down on a piece of paper just how amazing you are. Write down how beautiful your hair is, write down what great teeth you have, your wonderful sense of humor, your excellent taste in music, all of the valuable skills you have, the passion you hold when you do something that you love, anything and everything - even if you don't believe them yourself. You could even take it a step further and write about how grateful you are. Grateful that you woke up to see another day, grateful that you have a loving family who cares for you, grateful that you have the luxuries of food on the table and roof over your head, grateful for your health, your creativity, your intelligence, and so on. Both of these will focus the mind on positive thoughts, as well as set a positive undertone for the rest of your day. While this only cures the symptoms, and not the problem itself, it is a great start. You should keep up taking care of yourself, you only get one meat sack to ride in on this big orb of stone, so you'd best take care of it.
  2. Wooohooo! Who loves music? THIS GUY DOES! Today I've got you another song from the band Shinedown. This one is "Second Chance" released in September 8th, 2008, on the album 'The Sound of Madness' Like most songs, this one has multiple interpretations, depending on perspective. Some people relate it to suicide, and some people relate it to ending toxic relationships. The official meaning of the song, released by Brent Smith, the lead singer, says that it is about leaving one's parents in order to start your own life pursuing your dreams. I take a slightly different interpretation from the original meaning myself. When I listen to this song, I think of taking that first step towards your dreams. Whether it's away from your parents, away from people who don't love you, even if you may love them, or just working up the courage to take the blind leap of faith into the abyss of the unknown.
  3. Hi ho, Hi ho, off to work we- wait, that's the wrong song. Alrighty peeps and peepettes, this next one goes out to all you people going through tough times. The song is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole (say that 10 times fast!). IZ was a major influence in both Hawain musical culture, and their independence, being a stout supporter of Hawaii's Sovereignty, both through his music and through his words and actions. Born and raised in Hawaii, IZ was influenced greatly by many great Hawaiian musicians, such as Peter Moon, Don Ho, and Moe Keale, who was his Uncle. He started playing music at age 11, along with his brother Skippy and his cousin Allen Thornton, due to his exposure to these performers. Iz also played in a band called, The Makaha Sons of Niʻihau, with his brother Skippy, and their band mates Louis Kauakahi, Sam Gray, and Jerome Koko. The band was an important part of the Hawaiian Renaissance. The addition of this song to his album Facing Future, released in 1993, was said to have been a last minute decision between himself and his producer Jon de Mello. However, it seems that it was a good decision, because Facing Future became Hawaii's first certified platinum album and Somewhere over the Rainbow went on to be released as a single, and his most popular song.
  4. You're quite welcome @Monkerstar, and thank you for the compliments, I try not to care what others say about me, but some kind words are nice to hear. In regards to the meditations, there are a lot of different ones you could try. I thought I'd give you some suggestion, simply because of the wide variety there is. Right away, I can come up with four different types off of the top of my head. Square Breathing: This one is quite simple, and the one I tend to do most of the time. To do it, you simply have to breath in for four seconds, hold 4, out 4, hold 4. This will help mainly with concentration, but the breathing does have it's own benefits. Once you start getting better at it you can simply turn the 4 seconds into long times - 6 seconds, 10 seconds, there are even people that go up to 20 seconds. As an added bonus, you can visualize a white square being drawn as you do so. Yoga Nidra: This is where instead of performing exercises, or focusing on breath, one focuses on their body.As you peform Yoga Nidra, you cycle you attention between different sections of the body. Each finger individually, all the fingers of a hand, the palm then back of the hand, the entire hand, up to the wrist, then forearm, elbow and etc. When doing this, you should try to put as much feeling as possible into the part. Silence of the mind: I'm not really sure what this one is actually called, this is just what I call it. Essentially this is where you focus on your thoughts. Each time you have a thought enter your mind, you softly acknowledge it, then send it on it's way, trying to maintain a quiet peace of mind. Guided Meditations: This last one is another that I enjoy doing frequently. Most of them involve heavy visualization and symbolism. They come in a great variety and with a great many uses as well. You can find a lot of good ones on YouTube. Try searching for Joe T - Hypnotic Labs, he has quality content.
  5. Sumner Kagen

    Sumner Kagen

  6. I understand that people you look up to and respect, such as your mentor, and perhaps peers of yours firmly believe (or at least tell you they do) in the climate crises, that the world will soon end because of it. But you must try to open your eyes to the truth.I do not enjoy seeing other people being taken advantage of, so I will try to explain this to you my friend. The wealthy (with a few exceptions) did not become wealthy through a stroke of luck, or because they inherited it. The vast majority of the rich made their wealth through intelligence, hard work, and persistence. If they were the types to make unwise investments, such as in beachfront property when said beachfront wouldn't exist in the next 20 or so years, then they wouldn't have that wealth in the first place, or if they were born into it, they wouldn't have it for long. You mean to tell me that people with millions to billions of dollars, as well as countless contacts and resources wouldn't be able to figure out if Climate Change was real? Brandon, buddy, these people didn't get to the top by being ignorant, they got to the top by being ruthless and cunning. If there was a threat to their wealth as great as climate change then they would do their upmost to fix it, otherwise that wealth would go *poof*, and nobody likes it when that happens. You're absolutely right here Brandon, everything the rich say/do isn't right. For example, all of the wealthy elites that are pushing the Climate Change agenda. You have to follow the money. Around 2006 Al Gore, the spearhead of the climate change hoax, said that within the decade, several things would happen because of Climate Change, which includes the Arctic melting, Polar Bears becoming endangered, the snow that covers Mountain Kilimanjaro disappearing and severe weather. However, if you take a look around the world, all of these things have failed to happen. Al Gore's large mansion consumes more electricity in a year, than the average american families home does in 21, making Al Gore a hypocrite. If he really believed in what he preached than wouldn't his lifestyle reflect it? You must look deeper than your mentors or peers, and don't be afraid to research into the opposing side, for even if they are wrong, you must understand your enemy in order to defeat him. Absolutely Brandon. Going through the schools directly is a great way to address the issue. However, that will not solve it completely. There is bureaucracy holding back the school systems. That must be cleared up for the schools to work to the best of their abilities.
  7. This time I've got something a little different for you guys. Instead of a normal song like usual, I've got something with no lyrics. This is a purely instrumental piece, and it's rather long coming in at just over an hour in length. turn up the volume, press play, and enjoy the beautiful guitar as I tell who just who Estas Tonne is. There isn't much information available on him. Born in 1975 in the USSR, Estas Tonne picked up an instrument for the first time at age eight, when he began studying classical music. Having played guitar for 7 years, he stopped in 1990 when his family moved to Israel, before picking it up again 11 years later when he moved to New York in 2001. Since then, Mr. Tonne has been spreading the joy of his music wherever he goes, which happens to be a lot of places, rarely living in one place for more than a year. Estas is truly a master of being one, a master of the 'I'. He has finished his path of spiritual enlightenment and is now on the road of his true purpose.
  8. Don't take what I say as fact, perform your own unbiased opinion into everything I say. Many people feel that they must stand up and fight for what is right, that if the common man fails to act then the world would crumble besides nothing short of divine intervention. However, let me ask you this. What's the point in having a trillion dollars, if you have no land in which to spend it because you failed to stop the world from ending? The reason that the wealthy elite are doing nothing to stop global warming is because there's nothing to stop. At the best, in the event of climate change, sea levels would rise 10 feet over the course of the next 40 years, and at the worse, hundreds. In the event of just a 10 foot increase, the entirety of Florida, and most of Europe, England and central america would be destroyed. With that in mind, do you think the banks would be investing in Florida, one of the fastest growing condominium on the planet, or approving those expensive 40 year loans for homes in London when the world would be over in 30-50 years? No, they wouldn't. But they are, and that's because Climate Change is a complete scam. It was set in motion by Vice President Gore. As for the education system, I agree, it's f**ked. Debt is steadily rising, and the quality of education is decreasing. Schools fail to teach students basic principles of life, they fail to teach things every child should know, such as everything as simple as a mortgage all the way to our basic human rights. The vast majority of college students couldn't tell you the bill of rights with a gun to their head. But there isn't much we can directly do in order to fix this. Instead we have to go through our representatives. Congress and the President. Things like signing petitions or writing letters will likely be useless. Our best hope is to remove the people that are currently in office, the people who, underneath them, the education system has only gotten worse, and instead replace them with people who will work together to fix the problems.
  9. @Monkerstar Alright buddy, let me see if we can't put our two noggins together and fix your problems. I'll offer some advice and suggestions, and I'd like for your input in return. That being your thoughts on what I say, any ideas you have yourself, and so on. You already have my discord, so feel free to send me a message on there if you'd like, a response in this thread, or a pm here on the forums. First off, I can say for a fact that you need to ease up on your schedule. You will need about 4 hours of rest/entertainment each day to avoid burning out and falling into a rut (trust me, you don't want that. I did it just back in August and it took me 2 months~ to get out of it and back into my groove, they suuuuck). Here I'll share my personal schedule in a spoiler, then I'll offer some suggestions on how you could tweak your own below it. Don't take anything I say here as gospel (except for that part about taking rest, it's very important). You should do your own research into everything and incorporate what you think will work for you (Just a warning, this is a really long post). Right! That's enough talking about myself for one week! Let me get into my perceptions about your schedule. Everything I say is purely my own opinion, don't take it as gospel and apply your own perspective and judgement into everything I say. First of all I want to say that everything you are doing is simply incredible, people like you are a rare breed, and I know you'll be successful in whatever you end up doing. The number one piece of advice I can give you, above anything else I've said in this post, is to figure out how to effectively manage your time. You could take a few days and record the timestamps of every time you start and stop doing something, and see how much wasted time you have (I don't think that's a big problem for you though). It is much better to spend only a half hour doing several different things a day, than doing a few things a day in large segments of time, the short bursts add up quickly. Sprints are much easier than marathons. Starting with the martial arts, they are a great thing to be doing. However, I would suggest that you drop both of those and instead do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu only, as it is overall a better art than the other two, and taking one class rather than two will give you more time. Next up, the creative writing. Don't stop doing if it is something you enjoy, but cut down on the amount of time you're spending doing it. Especially if you plan on doing composing as your career, you need to take a frank look at everything and cut back on what isn't as important. Personally, I would quit either the school choir, chamber choir, or the singing lessons (preferably 2 of the three). All three of these accomplish the same purpose, and if you don't plan on pursuing vocals as a career, and are just doing it because you enjoy it, then it doesn't need that much of your time. That's everything that stood out to me right away as far as your schedule goes. I would suggest that you sit down and take some time to figure out where you want to be a year from now, as well as five years from now, then every day read what you wrote to remind yourself of your goals, then cut out what isn't contributing towards it. You are going to have to make some sacrifices to achieve you goals, but that doesn't mean that what you sacrifice can't be resurrected in the future.
  10. Never give up, never surrender. There are times in life where we feel like the whole world will crumble around us, where we feel like giving up and just ending all the pain. There are times where we just can't take another step! But take that step you must, because you've gone too far to quit now. Because you've shed too much blood, sweat, and tears to turn around and go back home! You have to dig down, dig to the deepest parts of your soul and find the strength and find that courage to keep moving forward. You must find what you didn't even know you had so that you can keep fighting because you have to! Never surrender, and never give up. Everything you need, to have everything you want, lies within you! You just have to find it, to want it. Nothing can stop you unless you let it stop you. I can't tell you how many times the big bad bully that is life pushed me to my knees. How many times I wanted to quit it all and deny myself my dreams. But I didn't. I rose from the ground like a phoenix from the ashes and I fought that bully! I fought that bully with everything I had and when I lost I rose up and I fought it again. Every time that I demanded a rematch, the bully got a little bit weaker, and I got just a little bit stronger. Every time I push myself up from the floor that bully takes a step back and I get one step closer to that glorious finish line! I don't think my dreams will ever come true. I don't have hope that somewhere down the line I'll have everything I could want. I don't believe that my dreams are possible. I don't have any of that because I don't need it. Because I know that it will happen. Because I know I will achieve them. Because I know that they aren't dreams, they are reality! Because I never surrender.
  11. Welcome to the squad my friend!
  12. You should only think about what is best for yourself, not the beliefs or thoughts of others. As we go through our life journey, we encounter many obstacles to our true purpose, do not allow the fears or prejudices of other to interfere in your journey. In the same vein, do not allow others to tell you what you should believe in. You should take some quiet, contemplative moments to think thoroughly about your beliefs, and if they feel right in your heart. If you see fit, do extensive research into other beliefs, as well as your own, explore and dive deep. There's much more to life than meets the eye, much more beneath the surface.
  13. Got a new story for you guys, unfortunately I don't think the previous one (Myrdin Vatoris) will get finished, as the game it was for has fallen flat. But, this one is good, and the second chapter will be done either today or tomorrow for those that want to read it. Chapter 1 - Memories Past My flesh seared, my bones shattered, my wealth stolen, my pride snuffed out, and my sins atoned for, I lay now, ready for sacred rest. At the sight of the rising sun, a tear escapes my eye at the majesty of my lord and I speak the words one final time. My voice still hoarse from the many utterances before, I struggle not, for I know my lord understands them nonetheless. With my last breath, I pray for forgiveness. "Forgive me, my Lord, for I have sinned." ---- A large army lies in wait, fires burning and tents pitched. Men flutter about, some enjoying the night sky, others, a pint of ale, and others still a good rest. A whisper of fear spreads thinly through them, whispers of a nigh-unstoppable monster, spreading death and despair thoroughly and quickly to all who encounter it. Two people, apart from the other men, sit in a large tent, the space filled with clutter. They sit at a table covered with food, documents, and a large map. One rests in a set of filigreed plate mail, a sword of masterwork design, and shimmering with magical power at his hip. The other finds herself in a set of dark leather, a cloak clasped around her neck and casually flipping a sharp knife inscribed with runic symbols through the air. "That's enough chit-chat for now. Did you find the beast, Sabrina?" Calmly asked the armored figure, a full, dark beard and wavy hair outline a chiseled jawline and sky blue eyes which contain a dangerous glint. Sabrina tsks loudly, standing and remarking to her comrade, "You always were too impatient for your own good Arthur." She stands quickly and plunges the dagger into the map spread out on the table. "Yeah, I found it. A large cavern about four days march from the campsite. It seems that most of its forces are gone, most likely out raiding the nearby town." A smile spreads across Arthur's face at the news, and he quickly stands. "Excellent work Sabrina. It seems Lou smiles upon us this night. We will attack tomorrow, the rising sun at our backs. Inform Londrixus of this, then return. We will need all the help we can get to slay the Beast of Sandrix." ---- The sharp clack of my claws against stone fills the long staircase, the only light a glowing lantern hanging from my belt. The ever pervading darkness quickly fleeing away as I advance down the cold stone steps. Eventually, I arrive at the bottom and stare silently for a moment at the intricate design carved into the ancient stone door before me. Though faded, one can still make out the design. It depicts a large, powerful figure, commanding respect from all around it with it's might as it rends through a field of men, steel and spell nothing but gnats to it's great power. With an impatient grunt, I quickly open the door and step into the room, ready to obtain what was mine. Past the doorway lies a near barren room. The only decoration being dust from times long past and a lone pedestal standing solemnly in the center of the room, atop it, a shriveled black heart. Quickly dismissing the rest of the room, I make my way to the pedestal and slowly run a claw across the heart with trembling hands. Desperately, I pull out a sharp knife from my belt, remembering that the greater the power sought, the greater the sacrifice required. With a readying breath, I plunge the blade into my chest, piercing my heart, and just as quickly withdraw the knife. The pain immediately clouding my vision, I gasp for breath and steady my self on the pedestal. My time quickly running out, as my strength leaves me, I take up the shriveled organ and push it as deep as I could into the puncture in my chest. As the heart makes contact with my own, a powerful surge of magic tears through my body and soul, and I fall limply to the ground, my vision blackening and my mind-numbing.
  14. Ring-a-ding baby, guess who's back? Welcome to Sumner Kagen's not-quite daily song thread. In this post, I've got another song by Shawn James, this one is an original rather than a cover however. Released on "The Dark and Light" album this year, on the surface it appears to simply be about the Salem Witch Trials. However, in my opinion, good music will have a deeper meaning than what lies on the surface, and this song is no different. Never give up. That is the core meaning of this song. Think of all the famous inventors of our past. The Wright brothers for example, they were told over and over, for most of their life that their dream of creating a flying machine was impossible, that they were morons for wasting their lives on frivolous goals, wasted dreams. However, they kept going, despite the naysayers, and despite those that said it couldn't be done. They kept pushing and with grit and hope, they accomplished their dreams, they achieved the impossible dream. If someone says that something can't be done, it is not because it is impossible, rather, it is because they could not see them self's doing the same. So when someone attempts to crush your dreams, do not be angry at them, instead, be compassionate.
  15. Great work Hero! You should contribute to the Inktober contest here on the forums, with talent like yours I'm sure you could win something!
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