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  1. Writing is just like any other art form when it comes to getting better. While there are other ways to improove, the easiest and most effective is practice. Write a lot yourself, read a lot of other peoples' writing. Ask people to help review what you write. If you have a social media platform you like to use, that's a great place to start posting some of your stuff. I'm not sure if those were the issues you were talking about, but there you go
  2. A little over two years ago, I came out as non-binary. I've known for a really long time, and while I still don't know exactly what I want, my view of myself hasn't changed since deciding to come out. I know that certain people are safe to come out to, and others aren't, but I have a really hard time knowing who is safe and who is not. I don't know how much insight people have on this topic, but I really need help to figure out how to keep myself safe, and how long I'm willing to go on being misgendered (and by whom) How do you know who you can trust? How many times do you let them continue to use the wrong pronouns and name before you remind them? How do I tell if someone is doing that on purpose, or if it's a legitimate mistake? Further more, I have a really hard time correcting people. A lot of times, when I do I end up feeling bad because they apologize profusely, or they say something like "Back in my day, they/them was used for more than one person". I could use some help figuring out how to respond to that, too. Thank you so much for any help/advise that comes my way. Any and all of it is appreciated.
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