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  1. Sparrow is here Sometimes i feel as if constructive criticism is Destructive criticism. What do i do? Sparrow is gone
  2. Sparrow is here I've been having this strange feeling that I need to make some friends but never have the courage to do that. How would i do that? Impatience can be a hassle sometimes. I've been waiting for my mentee program I'm also super bummed about my winter field trip to (keeping my privacy) It got cancelled yesterday because of medical concerns Feel free to ask questions. Sparrow is gone
  3. Sparrow is here its really hard for me to know my emotions. this is getting hard to write so bear with me Emotions for me is like, a cookie jar on top of the fridge that you cant reach when you were little I dont know what to do So I guess the point im trying to ask is , How do I know emotions? -Sparrow is Gone-
  4. Sparrow is here The issue I'm having this week is my constant fear of being useless. Sometimes I wish I could change my personality traits. i accidentally bumped into one of my friends in gym and he fell over, One of the teachers told me "No more, -insert my name here-". For the rest of the day I felt sick. It doesn't make sense on how I feel so bad when somebody tells me I'm doing something wrong. P.S I have started my mentoring program, I go once a month to talk to a mentor in a group. Sparrow is gone
  5. Sparrow is here The last time i posted in dww was a few weeks ago. Everything is going well but anxiety is starting to take over. I usually take to writing but homework is taking way to long to get the writing in It also doesnt help that I'm not getting enough sleep. P.S I signed up for this mentoring program. its starting next week. So that may help -Sparrow Is Gone
  6. I'd like to thank you for the first chapter. Im working really hard on this and its fun to see how you guys like it. If you have ANY critique than please tell me. lets get into the story A TRUE SPARROW CHAPTER 2 Mike wasn't worried about Emma's absence. She must have a stomach bug, Mike thought. After school he went to Emma's house. Mike knocks on Emma's door. Emma answers the door. "Hey Mike. Why are you here?" Emma asked. Mike was about to speak but Emma quickly said "I have the flu. wouldn't want you to get it haha." Emma said. "Get well!" Mike replied. Mike went on back home. The next day Emma came in for school. "Hey mike, I got a pet bird!" Emma said . "Nice! what kind of bird is it?" Mike questioned. "I got a sparrow, but I haven't named her yet." Emma said in a disappointing tone. "I want to see him, could i come over tonight?" Mike asked. "Yeah you can, come after school. If I dont answer the door come inside." Mike goes to Emma's house after school. He knocks on Emma's door. Nobody answers the door. "Im coming in." Mike said trying to get somebodies attention. Mike walks into Emma's house. "Emma! where are you?" Mike said as he was looking around. The sparrow was in her living room. The sparrow was in a bird cage. "Do you know where Emma is? Mike asked in a hurry. "chirp chirp chirp" the sparrow chirped. Mike opens the bird cage and the sparrow flies out of the cage. Mike follows the sparrow to Emma laying on the floor. "Emma!" Mike screamed. Mike runs over to Emma. "Wake up Wake up!" Mike yells at Emma. Mike calls the ambulance. Mike faints from shock. Over at the cabin. "Grandpa, Why is this story so strange?" Said the little girl. "It was a story I wrote when I was young." The old man said.
  7. Before you read, I dont know if this is the right place to put this but just tell me if so. Hope you enjoy! As the sun beggins to set, a family is in their cabin near the lake. "Dad? remember that story you told me when i was young?" A young girl asks an older looking man. " You mean the story of the sparrow?" The little girls father asks. "yeah!"Alright. The older man grabs the book out of his bookbag. "I was the one that wrote this long ago" the older man says. He blows off the dust and it reveals a book with pages that have aged for so long they have turned yellow. With a scratch mark that looks to be a scratch a bird made. As if a bird was trying to take it, or try to destroy it. It all started with a boy in his early teens. The year is 1988. "Shoot! im late again." the kid says in a hurry. The boy is a 7th grader in middle school. his name is Mike. As mike quickly runs to school he wants to get a snack "since im already late might as well get a snack". Mike walks straight into a gas station right next to his house. He takes a few bags of chips, pays and leaves. "crap i nearly spent all my lunch money, welp gotta get some juices or something." Mike gets there right on time because some busses were late. Phew, he sighed in relief. "Alright everyone lets go outside because its nice out." Mike goes outside with his homeroom class. Most people played sports, some people played in the grass, but mike he was someone who didnt have any friends. But that day mike was confronted by a girl. She was in the same homeroom class, She was known as the "popular kid" in the class. Her name was Emma. She asked "Why are you alone? You wanna play catch?" Mike was confused about why she was talking to him. "No thanks, thanks for the offer though" Mike said nervously. "I know you want to! come on." Emma grabbed mikes wrist and pulls him to the field. "Emma, why are you being nice to me?" Emma looked suprised. "Why not, besides i saw you were alone so i decided to talk to you!" She was just looking to make somebodies day. The school day ended and mike is heading home. Emma runs up to mike in a hurry, "Wanna be friends?" Emma asks while panting. "Yeah" Mike says happily. Mike walks into his home "Mom! im home." He yells at the doorway. Mike walks up to his bedroom, does his homework and went to sleep. The next day came, as mike woke up he went straight to school. "I gotta do attendance" said his teacher. "Emma?" Emma was not at school that day. Back at the cabin. "Wheres the sparrow part of this story"? The little girl asked. "Just wait for it"
  8. Sparrow is here School just started for me do this may be the last post I'll make on here for a while. Anyway. My story writing is getting better but I'm still not confidint to put my writing out there. I also have anxiety about school and other stuff. And I'm gonna dedicate the rest of this post to a thank you. I just have to thank you guys. This stream has pushed me through my tough times. I found this stream after one of my summer acticities. And I've watched every stream since. I just gotta thank you. Sparrow is gone
  9. I usually find myself as a non-emotional person. But recently I've been wanting to be way more sensitive. And what I've been doing has helped, but I don't know if I should keep going with it. I still won't cry when seeing a sad movie or something like that. I have been feeling anxious because school is starting up again in like 32 days, so maybe that is where its coming from. To calm myself down I'm trying to write a story. But I don't feel like my drafts are good, so I don't finish and start a new one. I just don't feel the motivation to do anything productive anymore. -Sparrow is gone P.S: does anyone bite
  10. Recently i've been feeling really bad how i moved a few years ago. It was a last second decision so I could not say goodbye to my friends. My parents don't want to bring me all the way back because its a few cities away. I have no way to contact them. So ive been trying to make new friends in my new area. Not many people accept me for who I am. So i sit inside and talk to people on the discord and other discords. I do go outside every once and a while but nobody talks to me outside of school. Oof i just realized that i forgot to add i go to school. Not many people talk to me but people dont consider me as a "friend". I go by the name Sparrow because i read online that it brings a sense of community. i kinda ironic because im always inside but i like the name. I am very sorry if this story is inconsistent but this has taken about an hour to write and im super tired of writing so ill just end it here. PS: im sorry that i missed the past to DWW's i either missed it or i came in too late - Sparrow Is Gone
  11. My great grandpa died when i was 4. that was about 10 years ago. but i cant stop thinking about him even 10 years after he died because i was with him when he died. Its probably because im going through adolescence but i cant stop thinking about him. plus that was my first memory. so i came to dont worry Wednesday to calm down and its been good for me. but my parents want to desperately forget it, but i cant because when i think back i think too far back. anyways this might not be as important as other peoples posts but im just putting this out here. -Sparrow is here
  12. Nori, he works for the people who run the show. so he could sercretly pop in a bomb
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