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  1. I'm buzzing a lot right now because I got an idea for one with Detective and an OC I think it would be interesting to see him have a mental spar with. I just wanted to scream about that honestly. Anyone have any headcanons about Detective? They can be totally useless if you want~just ideas you have about the character! I always find that fun to think about.
  2. Hello! I'm Bravocube and I myself am a content creator and predominantly an author. Recently I'm pursuing making more original content and a bit of fandom to and trying to monetize that. Other then that though, I love writing, roleplaying, anime, supernatural stuff, wiccan stuff, drag culture, indie stuff and a lot of other things! I am of Italian descent, but never left the States or anything. I'm a Cancer, and I'm gonna be 20 soon. I've enjoyed my time very much on the Static P Discord server and I wanted to join here as well! A lot of you seem to enjoy my writing and my presence so here I am! Maybe there are potential new friends here as well!
  3. My comeback video to youtube! Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!
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