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  1. So like I nearly had a breakdown and it’s only first period (Thursday morning) I’ve been running for my class’s homeroom rep for the past almost three now And I’ve lost each time barely making it to the adjunct rep The person who won said herself that she can’t make all of the meetings and that it overlaps with her activities and that she finds the meetings to be boring. And she’s been the rep for the past three years She’s not really doing anything to help the class or the school. And the adjunct rep won because she said she bake for the holidays I’ve put my time and effort and my emotions into my campaign Making points like more community outreach projects, a jeans day (we wear uniforms) and to make the school more environmentally friendly. But I guess they don’t care that But at this point it’s really taken a toll on my mental health and it hurts a lot I just want to help others and improve the school. To make their last two years memorable But once again, it’s left me mentally drained, nauseous, and depressed overall to the point where I just want to isolate myself from the class and never run again for another position in student council.
  2. I’m usually a pretty positive person so but I’m just not feeling it today. So practically I’ve been extremely stressed recently. At the moment, my stomach just want to reject anything I’ve eaten. It started with having to get an emergency gingivectomy and frenectomy, so my mouth is in pain and my gums will bleed every once in a while. After that I’ve been feeling really anxious in school because we have to get a FOURTH substitute teacher for my English class (I’ll explain that later) and I feel utterly unprepared for the final. I have three exams tomorrow and a concert in the afternoon. I can’t read sheet music well and I don’t know the last song (Can’t Buy Me Love Medley). My first AP exam is in 2 weeks from now. My best friend is moving away. And a medical condition I have just got worse (it affects my mental health, mood swings, physical growth, etc). People I know say I’m overworked. They’re is never a time I’m not doing something. I barely have time for myself. I physically and mentally can’t de-stress myself. I just don’t know what to do or how to. I have no hobbies or anything. And it’s really affecting my mental health. But I still want to keep up my schedule and help others. But it’s just hard to deal with.
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