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  1. general updates

    Hi Hi new update time! After summer semester, I had around 2 weeks of break before the regular fall semester starting again. School will always be busy, but I will never stop drawing regardless! Anyways, in terms of visuals, the next video will be something really fresh! (I won't say much but I'm 99.999999% you will love it) I've just started working on the artworks for the next video, it might take a while but just note that the next song+video is already in progress ~ -best creature rain-chan out
  2. rainy art sneak peek

    lol actually funny story I used to be very unpopular even though I tried to gather a following too, (I still am, but a bit better now) I really have to thank Static for everything, without him, I wouldn't be here right now Also I never monetized haha, I heard for every 1k views, you get around 1-2$, so I don't think it is worth it for my channel
  3. rainy art sneak peek

    this is a good point I don't mean college guarantee success, just the percentage of success increases. Also, to be fair, it also depends on what you study, how reputable your school is, job market, etc I also think a degree today means nothing to employers since the value for degree is inflated. Pursuing passion is great, but sometimes people don't have the luxury to pursue their passion for a living. Many people are simply scared of the uncertain future, I don't blame them. I'm just speaking at a realistic perspective. However, I don't think people should ever stop doing what makes them happy, even if it's just a hobby, you never know what might happen in the future, what kinds of golden opportunity may arise.
  4. rainy art sneak peek

    haha I post a few times a year for sure ^^
  5. rainy art sneak peek

    haha yes, I'm rethinking my career path these days The original plan was to spend another 3 years getting the CPA licence after graduating uni Depending on how it goes, I might just finish my degree and start doing art full time instead
  6. rainy art sneak peek

    @Zion Mesa I would probably spend a lot of time learning and making artsy things other than drawing, I also like piano/music/cinematography (those kinds of things) yes, I definitely not passionate about accounting, I don't hate it either. People have to do things they don't like sometimes, and the degree is just one of those things that I have to do. Either that or med school, I don't have the patience to finish med school.
  7. rainy art sneak peek

    yes I get you, the formula for success is not only one path I suppose most people choose college just because it stably leads to that middle class life Tho I personally think the most important thing is your attitude, with a good attitude, you can thrive in any environment
  8. rainy art sneak peek

    oh, yea I don't think you'd need to go to school for writing either writing is a cool skill (that I don't possess haha) these kinds of things require skill and luck hopefully you can succeed in the future ^^ sometimes going to school and taking weird classes can really expand your horizon, but I suppose the internet does the same thing~
  9. rainy art sneak peek

    oh welp question answered a step too early @Zion Mesa @Dacuddlywolf haha its up to you I don't particularly like or dislike my major, I just chose it because it sounds easy to finish and there is a decent amount of job opportunities I'm sure studying something you like can be fun
  10. rainy art sneak peek

    nice, are you in uni/college as well?
  11. rainy art sneak peek

    I'm 20 this year majoring in accounting ^^
  12. rainy art sneak peek

    all artists start from nothing and build up through practicing ^^ don't give up if you want to draw better
  13. rainy art sneak peek

    Hi, I've been drawing digital art for around 5 years don't worry, I was pretty much in the lame stage until only a few years ago and nope, I'm just a normal university student
  14. rainy art sneak peek

    hareka x4
  15. rainy art sneak peek

    almost done but actually the final ver looks a bit different don't want to spoil so you can look at the sketch