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  1. Sorry for the late reply lol, i don't use this site all that much. The i honestly suck but i can see myself constantly getting better, and I just enjoy hanging out with bros so I'd say it's been fantastic so far!
  2. a while back i posted asking about how to look for social interaction, since I realized I needed it to stop myself from going to seriously dark places, but as a home schooler, I had no experience and it was super hard to find anything in my small town that I was interested in. Some people suggested I go to a con, which I was open to but they were way too expensive and I don't have a license. Turns out I was just being an idiot with basically all of my points. First, about three months ago I was invited by a friend I've known my whole life to come over and play smash bros with some of his friends he met from tournaments. After an awesome night of meeting people who were so much better than me, i asked to hitch a ride with my friend to the tournament the next day, and it completely changed everything about my approach to interaction. There were only 20-ish people there, but I met so many new people who had at least one or two common interests, I had to go back again. Since then I've been riding with my friend to every tournament I possibly can, and it's given me a hobby that I can actually be pretty proud of, and something I can see definite improvement in, just like getting stronger at the gym or something. Because of these tournaments, I even got to go to the biggest anime con in my state, and it was honestly the best experience I've had in almost 5 years. Just having the comfortable feeling of being able to simply walk up and say "hey man that's a sick cosplay, how'd you like the latest episode of XXXXXX?" and knowing there's an extremely low chance they will actually think I'm insane or something validated every last second i sat in my room thinking "god I want to talk to people". The real kicker to all of this is that through going to my local tournaments and meeting so many locals, I'm starting to realize just how stupid my idea of this small town not having anything interesting actually was. there is so much depth and so many wacky too insane to be a lie stories in this small fishing town, and even if I still don't care about a lot of it, it's given me a way to relate to more people, and have even more fantastic conversations. I guess the whole point of this is just to say thank you, I probably would have never thought of using most of the opportunities that presented themselves to me if i hadn't asked y'all for help. And to anyone who actually thinks there's nothing interesting going on around them, getting a new perspective seriously helps.
  3. I'm a home schooler who has absolutely no incentive to go outside except for a couple of days a week, but I also have maybe two people I would call good friends, and one of those will be getting a job soon and I won't see him regularly anymore. I am on many discord servers, but one of the few where I actually relate to people generally calls me retarded and tells me to shut up. I am retarded and I probably should shut up more, but it isn't particularly encouraging. I live in a very small town without much going on that interests me, and I don't relate to many people here because they are almost always super focused on sports, while really the only sport I enjoy is smash bros. I started going to the gym, so I'm physically fit and healthy, and I haven't been depressed in a while, but I haven't found anything to replace actually hanging out with people face to face. Generally, if I relate to someone it's over games, anime, or depression, and none of those things are really worth building a relationship on. I'm not a social person, and social functions seriously drain me, even though I really do enjoy them. All I want to do is travel, because the best time of my life was when I went to mexico and met a bunch of people who were totally different from me but also at the same time exactly like me, but my parents are super grounded and hate being gone for even a day, and they never try something they aren't sure of. I just can't get out of the house in any meaningful way, and the isolation is driving me up the wall.
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