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  1. Luckily, school is nearing the end, but I've still got a ways to go and quite a few more years of school that remain. Things have been going pretty well for me, thanks for asking. How's life for you guys? ~Chicken
  2. I feel like this chat's been pretty empty- oof. ~Chicken
  3. I understand your pain, as it is frequently the same pain as what I've felt. I wish you the best of luck overcoming it. Maybe you should try to talk to your doctor/a therapist to attempt to fix this? ~Chicken
  4. How's everyone's day going (nearly typed gay~ NOT what I meant). ~Chicken
  5. Thank you. ~Chicken
  6. Ha! That's so true and thanks for replying. ~Chicken
  7. Thank you. I do the same things with my alarms, though. Hope you're doing well (as well). ~Chicken
  8. What do you do if everything you do is judged or if your parents always tell you that it's not good enough? What do you do if you have to share the story of your eating disorder in front of your class? What do you do if your parents believe that you need to stay in the school band to get a scholarship even though you hate band? What do you do if you need to be perfect? What do you do if you've had one of the worst moments of your life but your parents believe that it's a lie? What do you do if nobody outside of your friend group talks to you? What do you do if none of your friends have classes with you? What do you do if you have testing tomorrow (and for the rest of the week) and you need perfect scores? What do you do to make the stress stop? ~Chicken
  9. I agree with the parents' thing because my parents always believe that I'm the only person causing trouble (I'm not) and they believe that my opinion does not matter, even when it comes to something that will be important in my life. My parents believe that I should stay in band in high school, while I would rather do chorus and have a study hall period. Now I have to deal with their actions and have a very tight schedule, minus gym and health (because that makes sense, clearly). I have to make sure that none of my siblings get in trouble, I can't get an F or I will lose all of my electronics until I'm in college, etc. I have had to hide behind so many masks and I know exactly how you feel, but for different reasons. Last night all of my memories from recovering from my trauma and eating disorder flooded into my head. ~Chicken
  10. I'm the same way, although sometimes they start up conversations with me. I don't think it's really something to be concerned about unless they seem to be ignoring or avoiding you because of this (which, by the way, would be pretty rude). To be honest, I could be completely wrong, so don't trust me 100% on this. ~Chicken
  11. I woke up to the sound of my alarm today... sadly, school has begun (again). Also, does anyone else hate it when you set a bunch of alarms to be prepared but then they just keep going off in the morning? ~Chicken
  12. No worries! Just got your DM! ~Chicken
  13. Just stay positive and be the best you that you can be. I know it's what a lot of people say, but it does help. A lot. ~Chicken
  14. Oh, for me, a "normal person" doesn't spend all day reading, playing video games, and avoiding social interactions. Those are some things I do, so I basically have social anxiety and I'm an introvert. They are pretty good animes, though. And thanks for the dm, although I didn't check for it yet. I'll go check the dm now. ~Chicken
  15. I wouldn't be a very good person to (ever) go to for relationship advice, but if I was in this situation, I would either feel like an idiot and let them continue ignoring me or I would ask them why they were mad at me. Since I'm inexperienced, though, I probably shouldn't be giving advice. Maybe try to bond over something? I know that if I like someone I either try to act normal or avoid them so I don't look like an idiot around them. ~Chicken
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