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  1. Oof, alright, so I haven't been on in a while. I'll post three chapters right now because that's how many I should've posted (including today's chapter). Chapter Four I undressed, turning the shower on. I made sure that the water was scalding hot before getting in. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be alone anymore. I decided to sing a bit in the shower. I bobbed my head a bit to the imaginary beat. After I turned the shower off, turning the knob and shivering a bit when I opened the curtain and the steam rushed out from around me. I tied my hair up in a towel and put on some comfortable fleece pajamas. After I dried my hair, I decided that I wanted my best friend to come over. I opened my phone and began to dial her number. I heard her voice on the other end of the line when she picked up. She was arguing with a client. Chapter Five “Sir, I believe that this was delivered to your home in perfect condition,” she said, her tone calm. I knew that she wanted to yell at him, but she had to keep her cool. “No, it was not! I opened the package and it was ripped and everything. I want a full refund or a brand new mattress!” the client yelled. “I’m sorry sir, but it seems that you received this months ago. The return policy cannot work after two weeks have gone by.” “Fine, then, I’ll have to speak to your manager.” Deliah sighed. “Sorry about that, Anita. Anyways, what’s up?” “Well, I was wondering if you could stay over tonight. I just don’t feel safe alone right now.” I replied, trembling slightly. “Sorry Anita, I have to work all night. I could come over tomorrow morning, though. Is that okay?” I nodded, forgetting that I was on the phone. “Yes, that’s fine. Thanks, Deliah.” “No problem. Hey, you have to pay~!” The phone beeped, signaling that she had hung up. Chapter Six I went to my bed and laid there for a few minutes, making sure I was alone. Once I was sure, I turned off the bedside lamp and closed my eyes. A few moments later, I felt a *** in my elbow and mumbled incoherently. The pricking continued until I could no longer stand it. I opened my eyes and turned my body the other way. I then scratched my elbow and went back to sleep. Rubbing my eyes a few hours later, I woke to the same dark room as always. But something was off. “Why do you look so afraid? You got an A, Miss Briggs.” I heard from behind me. My body froze in terror. I then felt the sharp end of a cold needle pressed into my spine. *Still one more chapter of this. Hopefully I'll post it tomorrow, but based on how busy I was this weekend, there are no promises.*
  2. It is very philisophical, as you said, but I like it! Nice job!
  3. Alright, time for chapter three! Chapter Three I decided to go home and grade my papers from there. It was the best option since I was going to head home anyways. I walked out of my classroom into the dark hallway. For some reason, all the other teachers had already left. It was strange since they all normally stayed longer than I did. I walked into the empty parking lot, fumbling as I took out my keys. Opening my car door, I found that there was a pile of papers in my seat along with a few red pens. What was going on? Swearing, I put the papers and pens in the passenger seat along with my folders. There was hardly anybody on the road. Well, actually, the roads were completely deserted. I found this unusual since it was nearly five. This would normally be rush hour. The streetlamps weren’t turning on, nor were my headlights. My brakes barely worked. Passing my neighbors, I noted that their houses were all dark and seemingly deserted as well. Once I arrived home and locked the door behind me, I took the papers and began reading them. I almost fell to the ground in surprise. My knees locked and my heart pounded. Each paper had the same letter written on it. ‘A’ was written in red ink, jagged and rushed. The papers were all blank except for the ‘A’. I blinked and the papers were all completely blank. I had imagined it. The papers shook in my hand as I laughed nervously. I looked back down and screamed. The papers had ‘Perfect!’ written on them now. Each and every one was written in red ink. The same jagged, rushed handwriting. My breathing was quick and the air felt thick. That could not be real. It was gone the moment I looked again. “I’m going to bed,” I muttered to myself, my heart pounding so hard that I could feel it.
  4. And here's chapter two! I just figured out how to completely fix this, wahoo! Chapter Two After the students got on their buses, I begin to get my plans ready for tomorrow. Opening my folder for my first period, I see that a few of my papers are missing. I begin searching the other folders in an attempt to find the homework papers. Maybe I had dropped them somewhere when I came to school today. That must be it. I decided to search the ground and end up knocking down the folder, the papers flying across the floor. As I pick them up, I find one of the missing homework sheets. Then another. I continue picking them up as I find more and more papers that I don’t remember seeing before. In my confusion, I drop a pen. It was a red pen and it rolled under my desk. I forgot about it almost immediately as I file papers back into their folders. I find all of the missing homework. I laugh at my mistake as I read through them and begin marking them. Standing up to get my bag and laptop, I notice my red pen on the ground. Bending down to pick it up, I see more pens. They’re all red. Every last one. There were dozens of red pens, all strewn across the classroom floor. I had sworn that it was clean just a moment ago, but I was distracted by the missing homework assignments. Picking up all the pens, I noticed the time. Over an hour had passed. That wasn’t possible. I had only graded papers for a few moments and I had spent the rest of the time cleaning up.
  5. Alright, let's get started with Papers. There are seven chapters, so this will take exactly a week to come out. Chapter One I beamed as I handed out the graded tests at the end of the class period. “You all did very well, students.” Many smiled along with me. Only a few rolled their eyes at my cheerfulness. “Each of you got at least a B. That’s one of the best tests yet!” Doodling, one student did not have a reaction to getting their test back. Of course, he was my best student yet. He never got less than perfect on each and every paper. Sometimes I would wonder if he should be moved up to the next grade. “Miss Briggs, why are you so happy today?” a student asked from up front. It was Daniel, the student I had mentioned before. “Well, I’m just very proud of you all. You have all grown so much since you first walked into my classroom.” Some of my students, David, Noah, and James, mocked me in the back of the classroom, but I ignored them. Since they did so well, I would let it slide this time. The bell rang, marking the end of the day. “You’re all free to pack up now. Don’t forget to put your Chromebooks away!” The students rushed out of the classroom hurriedly, pushing past one another to leave. The only student left was Daniel. He stood up and walked out of the room, knowing he still had three minutes to pack his things. I laugh a bit at the chaos outside of my room. *Again, I am unsure of why my computer keeps doing this. Apologies!*
  6. The final chapter of Watching is upon us. Chapter 4 Akira sat up in panic, breathing heavily. “Akira, are you okay?” Mr. Ita asked, feeling her forehead. She didn’t speak, only mumble, but what she mumbled was something only heard in nightmares. “It… It’s after me. It’s after me.” Akira began breathing rapidly. “Akira, calm down. You just fainted. Nothing’s after you.” Ayumi whispered. The End And that's all there is of Watching. Let me know what your thoughts are about it! Next up will be the story Papers. That will be posted tomorrow.
  7. My absolute favorite would have to be the Seven Deadly Sins (I hope the next season comes out soon).
  8. Alright~ I have decided that I will post one chapter (until I run out of the two stories that I have completed) each day. Chapter 3 How could it have found her? She was so careful, so careful. She began to shake uncontrollably. The sharp sound of knives rubbing together began to get louder. It grew ever closer as her breathing got louder. Louder. She could no longer stay still, waiting. A scream echoed through the abandoned neighborhood as Akira Saito, gripped with fear, ran into the woods with her last bit of strength. Something followed closely in the shadows, watching. Waiting. This was the end. “お別れを言う,小さな女の子.” “Goodbye, little girl,” it whispered, running the knife across her cheeks. It was cold and sharp as it rubbed against her skin. “Please… please, no…” Akira cried. It chuckled. “Oh, yes. A fighter, I see?” “Please.” “It’s too late.” It grinned at her, it’s mouth curving maliciously. It. Stabbed. Her. She couldn’t breathe anymore. Gasping, choking. “Sleep well,” it chuckled. *AHA I fixed the text!* There is one more chapter of this story that I will post before moving on to the next one.
  9. And cutting back in on the anoime discussion, I have a lot of favorites. I will list them, so forewarning... I've watched way too many that I love. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Ouran High Host Club, The Lost Song, The Devil is a Part-Timer, SAO, GGO, Little Witch Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April, Death Note, Hi-Score Girl, Kakegurui (still unsure if I liked this or was weirded out. It's going on the list anyways!), Vampire Knight, Fate Stay Night, Violet Evergarden, Durarara, Back Street Girls, Siruis the Jaeger, Sword Gai, and (what I'm currently watching) Hunter X Hunter. Yes, I do have a problem.
  10. I just downloaded a bunch of mods for the Sims and began playing... I think I broke my sims. They are forever dripping wet, no matter if I change their clothes or not.
  11. Sorry for not posting anything else yesterday~ I passed out after going to a family party. Anyways, here's the second chapter. Chapter 2 She cautiously opened the door of her home, afraid of being scolded. “I’m home,” she said in a whisper. She got no reply. “Mom?” She heard a clatter from the kitchen. “Are you okay, mom?” She still got no reply. Chills crept up her spine. “Mom? Stop scaring me.” She walked into the kitchen and screamed. There was her mother. On. The. Ground. She lay in a puddle of blood, her hair matted. Her eyes lay open, in a place of fear and shock. They wouldn’t close. Her clothes were bloody and ripped. Her skin pale. “Mom,” she cried. She heard a creak from the staircase as she tried to stop the blood from coming. She froze in terror as she heard yet another creak. She covered her mouth as her breathing increased. “姿を現す,小さな女の子.” she heard from the doorway. I won’t come out, she thought as she looked at her mother once more. Akira began to creep slowly out through the other side of the kitchen. She saw a figure walk in and dove under the table. She sat, ready to run, as it paced around the kitchen. Peeking out from under the table, she gasped. Its head twisted backward, facing opposite of its body, showing a twisted smile to her. She shrieked. Jumping out from under the table, she ran from the room. Its footsteps followed. As she glanced over her shoulder, a knife flew past her cheek, slicing into her cheek. She turned and fled through the door of the bathroom, quickly locking it behind her. She moved to the window, desperately trying to open it. As she did so, the door began to crack as knives were repeatedly stabbed into it. Akira grabbed the windowsill and swung her body over it, gasping for air as she flew downwards. She fell on her back, groaning as it cracked. She had to get up. She had to. Akira stood, staggering at first. She looked for any sign of her neighbors. There was none. The car was gone, the lights off. Her street was deserted. Had it done this? She laid in a bush for a moment, relieving her back. “姿を現す,小さな女の子. 姿を現す.” I can’t give up, Akira thought. Even if it finds me now, I can’t give up. A rustle came from the bush as silent tears shook her body. A sharp, metallic sound. It found her. *Yes, this story does move pretty quickly. I'm working on fixing that in my other story.*
  12. Your Lie In April is amazing, but it made me cry for a long while. (I had school the next day and I was watching it when I should've been sleeping. Bad ideas with Chicken) I'm currently watching Hunter X Hunter~ it's weird but good. I started it yesterday and I'm already on the sixth episode. (Also bad ideas with Chicken.)
  13. Alright, I will post the one that I have fully finished first, in chapters. I will post one chapter now and will attempt to post them one every day/ couple of hours. This one is called Watching. Prologue A scream echoed through the abandoned neighborhood as Akira Saito, gripped with fear, ran into the woods with her last bit of strength. Something followed closely in the shadows, watching. Waiting. Chapter One “I know, I know,” Akira mumbled, rolling her eyes. Ayumi Ito’s eyes danced with silent laughter as Mr. Funai scolded Akira. “You have to use 私は, not 私に. What you said was ‘Me like to ride my bike.’ Does that make sense, Akira?” “Yes, Mr. Funai,” Akira said, her eyes on the ground. “My mom’s gonna kill me for failing!” groaned Akira after the class had ended and they were walking out of the building. “As your best (and only) friend, I’m telling you to stop freaking out.” Ayumi laughed, kicking her in the shin. Akira yelped in pain as she jumped around, trying to grab her shin. “What was that for?” Akira asked sulkily, rubbing her shin. Ayumi shrugged smugly. “C’mon, let’s head back to your house today.” Ayumi pleaded. “No. I told you, my mom’s going to kill me. Let’s go to your house.” Akira grabbed her by the sleeve and started dragging her towards the street. “Akira, you jerk,” Ayumi mumbled, exasperated. Well, I don’t think you’d want to come to my house if you knew how my mom gets when she’s angry, Akira thought. “Dad, I’m home,” Ayumi called as she opened the door. He rushed out of a nearby room, looking like he just woke up. “Oh, hello Akira.” Mr. Ito laughed. “Hello, Mr. Ito,” she answered. “Dad, we have to work on our Japanese project so we’ll be upstairs.” Mr. Ito nodded and retreated back into his office. “C’mon Akira!” Ayumi giggled as she raced upstairs. “Last one there is a rotten egg!” “No fair!” Akira yelled as she sprinted after Ayumi. Once Ayumi reached the top of the stairs, she paused, gasping for breath. I can take this chance to beat her, Akira thought, pushing herself ever quicker. As she passed Ayumi, her head pounded. Once. Twice. She fell to the ground in pain, pressing her hands against her temples with all her strength. “Akira?” she heard as her vision dotted over, her head going fuzzy. “Akira!” she heard again as she regained consciousness. Akira opened her eyes, blinking at the bright light. “Akira, are you okay?” Mr. Ita asked, feeling her forehead. She didn’t speak, only mumble, but what she mumbled was something only heard in nightmares. “It… It’s after me. It’s after me.” Akira began breathing rapidly. “Akira, calm down. You just fainted. Nothing’s after you.” Ayumi whispered. “I want to go home,” she spoke frantically. Ayumi grabbed her arm and pulled her into a standing position. “Can you stand?” Akira nodded. Ayumi walked Akira out of the house. “I swear, I saw something when I passed out. Why don’t you believe me?” “Akira, that’s crazy. We were the only ones even there.” Akira sighed. “I guess that makes sense. I must’ve dreamt it.” The next chapter will be out soon (I have four). (Ignore the problem with the font, it is being stubborn.)
  14. I have written a few short stories and I was wondering if anyone wanted to hear them? I know this is probably totally random, but I think that it's a good place to get some feedback (probably). Let me know if you'd like me to post them on here. I'll give you the two I have written so far. Watching and Papers. They're both horror stories, in a way. Anyways, I'm going to continue writing now!
  15. @slightlyaboveaveragejoe I agree, though it's pretty exciting if you think about it in the way of "I'll never run out of anime to watch".
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