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    Celebratory dancing - visualize never losing
  2. Dear Cinnamon, my imaginary friend, I've got a fair share of stories to tell,poems to write and coat in caramel. This, to an extent, another one. Another globe, another telescope. But, Cinn, truly, I wish you well, with a stamp and "signed by" pressed on envelopes. When you're sitting in a trainbehind the graphite notepad plains, driving towards something, perhaps reality, I hope you don't depend on me. But when you're stuck within your snowy lodge, I'll keep the night watch, and keep you warm, enough. Dear whoever opened this, carrier pigeons in aerospace;dear my letter messengers:truly, I wish you all the best,just find this note a fitting nest.But if you don't know where to take it, please, just leave it by the fireplace. Cinnamon, I hope you know, the snow melts my heart till it's aglow, and though it's not yet snowed in here, I don't want January to come this year. Still, I look up at the stars, and miss those canary yellow scarves. I find myself driving a train. Was I just daydreaming again? Life's a double-sided coin, one side real, the other fiction. Really, they both go just as deep, although they drive on different rails. But between flashes of microsleep, mine always seems to land on tails. I look out of my light-up cove, and see a vibrant waterfall. The bioluminescent glow, is above all, enchanting at nightfall. And though snow sure is magical, the reflecting, bouncing lightraysturns the night into the day. Is that then why, and how, outside my window now, is not a snowfall, instead a waterfall? In my bedroom I awoke. I see star stickers up on my wall. I turn on the fairy lightsand write myself a telescope. I fold up all the blacks and whitesand put it in an envelope. I await to hand on this letter. To the reader, to the messenger. I dream of my pen pal, Cinnamon, and wait for the next chapter to begin. Signed and now delivered, With a "to you"in the middle. -Matt
  3. Was just wondering what your guys' suggestions are for finding online friends. I'm not usually one to go out looking for some but lately I've felt like I wanted a close friend or two to chat to sometimes. Ofc irl friends work too, there's just more people online. -Matt
  4. Hey all! So, school started quite recently, and lately I've realized just how competitive I am with others. For a little context, I've been focusing more on preparing myself for the future ever since August or so. I've been disciplining myself to draw and be productive more regularly. That was going okay enough, so at the end of summer I felt pretty good about myself. That means that when school started though, me juggling that other stuff makes doing schoolwork a lot harder. I still study, there's just much more confusion and panic during lessons of trying to understand the subject well now (particularly in history and chemistry). And that makes me feel like I'm falling behind, which my brain doesn't like. My competitive drive kicks in and my mind tells me "Come on, you're supposed to be better than them". I don't know, it's just difficult to not want to outdo other people on math knowledge and stuff like that, even though I know I'm probably not gonna use a lot of it in the future - definitely not history or chemistry (I'm in a pretty nerdy class of a pretty nerdy school too, so that doesn't help). So at the end of the day, I'm either left feeling left behind and doubting myself, or having to focus on improving on more stuff every day. -Matt
  5. Just something I drew after my trip to Italy a little while back. The perspective's all over the place but it came out nice. There's also a photo which I drew it after, though it's really blurry because I took it while walking
  6. So yeah it's my birthday today but sadly I won't be in the DWW today, since I'm on a little trip with my family and I'm not sure my parents are content with me waking up at 3am (don't worry, my sleep schedule is actually fine, I keep it under control) Also if Ryan is back tell him I loved Bad News! (Not sure if Ryan's back but hey, greetings to Bro Man Kyle otherwise!) So yeah, not really a topic but I was a bit late on adding my bday to the calendar and I've been called out for not telling people soon enough before Good luck on the other topics and problems, hope they get solved! Matt/Cwilk
  7. Light Pollution Buildings drowning ever lower The plane takes off to hover over the renewed streets and lights below We pass through cold blue nights and other views I hear stars appear through the window glass Pale fuzzy dots and colored headlights disperse Shooting stars centering universes My headphone cord on my boarding pass My imaginary friends are sitting on the wing Passing years and waving miles take me through black skies Are there any other nyctophiles? > cosmic stairs and stars take me here upstairs, in lowercase in the comet observatory in silence i make out some droplets falling clear and crystal air surrounds me it's all so tranquil reversing back a bit i think are there any other introverts? and if so, could they message me? < Can I stand up from the discomfort and awkward rhymes? Break the unsound rhythm of these airlines? Is the seatbelt sign turned off, Or are the lights and dings just stars flickering? I look down to the aforementioned streets and lights There are street lights and houses glowing bright The globe blinks with a million flares So intricate and brilliant Taken aback by sheer stardust and the nightly life below us Who cares if the lights and buildings drown out the stars If ours light the sky up better yet? With a better pallette and distribution If it leaves architects breathless Who would care for light pollution? The lanterns set my heart ablaze How would I even paraphrase Something so amazing as this? Are there any other luminists? > A paper room with paper hearts Paper birds that huddle up Paper airplanes and imaginary time zones Paperback storybooks Sketchbooks thrown around the place Every other line trying desperately to write out and start a melody The stories I'll tell, the stories I've told My radio show with my microphone Playing back old cassettes For the people I yet haven't met I highlight the memories I'm afraid to forget To my imaginary paper friends I write love letters every now and then Are there any other storytellers? For now though, I set this place ablaze The smoke settling uncovers a window I see an airplane passing by tranquilly woven into the blue cold night And I feel warm inside Because stars don't really flicker, do they? -Matt/Cwilk
  8. Very nice to meet you! We definitely have some similarities, I love writing, am obsesssed with the idea of fictional worlds, and I'm also a Cancer!
  9. I have a joke about unemployment but it never works Also I invented a new word: Plagiarism
  10. I write another poem in the midst of midnight And the clicks of light outside rewinds the time To the signed and lined notebooks of mine The rhymes I tried so hard for back then Tomorrow I'll find the peace again Maybe write a poem midday this time And again wave to the airplanes' climb I'll visit the cabin that I saw one day Nostalgia and sandalwood that are locked away Tomorrow, when you're alone again Close your curtains and candle the lights Make some hot chocolate And while you miss the flights of whatever you were doing Enjoy the noon and the clock's ticks and tunes Enjoy a little Christmas in June The summer's nostalgic future awaits Everyone focuses on the red of Christmas so the green is overlooked anyway In the lane, the snow's not glistening But by huddling up and dwindling down the distancing sun and its tranquil twinkling Will keep you warm, enough Tomorrow, I'll move upstairs again I'll radio you the poems I write And while you kiss the sights of whatever you're doing I'll enjoy my hot chocolate and Christmas in June
  11. It was all done in an image manipulation program. I altered a screenshot of the interface. As for specifically what I did, I created the image below for the background, and implemented the rest straight on the demonstration above. I could create suitable PNGs for the logo with the gradient and the bars on the top. The rest is color manipulating, which may be problematic for some elements, though I haven't seen the actual code. Heck, you guys have the upper hand on coding knowledge so really I don't even know how hard it is to implement anything. As for the colors, I made most elements bluer (I can help out with what color for each element exactly), and I made all fonts darker except the text on the top transparent bars, which I made white. That's pretty much all. Feel free to ask about something or DM me.
  12. What ever happened to time? Seriously, I have so many memories of me just napping days away and spending 4 hours straight just fantasizing up stories. Most mornings I'd think "Man, I wonder what I'm gonna do today". Now I feel like it's "I wonder how much I'll get done today" with a much more negative tone to it most of the time. And I know a more productive mindset leads to more success and is just a part of growing up. But I'm escalating it all too far. I loathe every day, hour, sometimes even minute that I'm not doing something productive. Just last summer and fall I had a healthy enough schedule and I had enough time. I don't know, maybe it's just school and I'll get time back this summer. I hope that's the case, but I do want to get so much more done this year, so my wanted productivity is also higher. All advice and virtual hugs are welcome. Signed, Matt/Cwilk
  13. Now I'm not one to complain on the current bss.studio website, because it's great. But I'd be lying if I said the design of it all doesn't feel a little bland to me sometimes. Maybe it's the artist/designer inside of me, but I feel like it could look a bit better and more calming. If you're all interested in this, I'll be more than happy to continue with this project and get in touch with Jesse or someone to actually make these changes a reality. That being said, I'm 100% okay with not applying the changes. And in that case, just enjoy a fan-revamp of BSS! I also included the new BSS-logo because that's the part I'm most proud of. Matt/Cwilk
  14. Just an update:
    I changed my name here and made a new account on YouTube.
    I'm now just Cwilk (I used to be EnderBoy 7 on YT)

    Hopefully this'll clear some confusion on who I am where. You're all free to call me whatever you want though.

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