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  1. Here's pixel Aoke! I hope you like it~ ⭐ Matt/Cwilk
  2. Here's the third and final poem of last year. After this I quit writing for a little bit, as this was just something I tried out to see how well I could do, and I got tired of doing it. The poems from here on out are from this year. I have to say though, getting the next poem out will take a little extra time, as I actually have a visual art piece to go along with it as well! Anyway, here's "Ribbons". "Ribbons" I've always liked the word "Ribbon". Don't know why though... I just seem to like the way it's written. Alright, let's take the word "snow". It feels fluffy, no? Like "wind" seems to blow, "vine" seems to grow and "fireflies" seem to glow? Ribbons are more, though. Ribbons can not be seen, and ribbons can never be overused. "But what do the ribbons mean?" Heh, I guess I'll give you some clues: The more I showcase one of them, the more it gets trampled upon. And the more I shelter them, the faster they're gone. I love my ribbons, though. Whatever happens, I'll shelter them from snow. I'll hold them tight when wind blows. Whatever happens, I'll let them grow, and I'll introduce them to glow. I'll dedicate a poem for them I'll turn them into a metaphor. Huh, what should I turn them into? I've always liked the word "Ribbon". Don't know why, though... Commentary: This was what I thought to be my last poem, so I went out with a bang by writing about something really personal. I liked how the word "ribbon" felt kind of red and shiny, and the more I thought of it, the more I liked the abstract images I got in my head when I thought of the word. It was an indescribable, abstract, but wonderful word. So in my head, I coined the term "ribbon" for my passions that have some indescribable quality to it. In this particular poem, it's a lot easier to just view it as "passion" though. You can also see how even a year ago I was scared that sharing stuff will lead to that thing being ruined, and the "ribbon" quality lost in them. I might've been overly paranoid, but this is still relevant to my life. Now, criticism! Yeah, I used to have some awkward lines and rhymes back in the day. Paragraph four has the most of these weird lines. Apart from that, it's alright! I like the structure more than that of "The Storyteller", and it's about as good as "Past". A good enough note to end on before a hiatus. Matt/Cwilk
  3. Ok, here we go "The Storyteller" I'm surrounded by glass bottles, here on the shelf The more one's hurt, the more they crack oneself. I live a good life - I've barely been scraped On the bottom shelf I've never escaped. As I have lived, I've come to realise, that the fact the others break and leak is what makes them have purpose. I understand that I am still filled and that makes me empty. I have never been scraped, thus I can't give anything away. I'm here on the bottom shelf, writing a poem and I look at the blank paper with fear. I cannot escape. As I lower my head I think and suddenly dip my pen in some ink. As I have lived, I've started to know: as a bottle, I can overflow! I can fill other smaller bottles, bigger ones too. Yes! That's exactly what I'm going to do! I can take other bottles to far away lands or put them directly into danger's hands. I quickly grab myself a paper pile I look at the blank paper and smile. Commentary: First, why this poem came to life is because I originally wrote this for a poetry discord server, where I constantly saw others post poems about their sad times and depression and confliction and whatnot. At that time, I really wasn't sad or confused about anything, and so I wasn't sure what to write a poem about. Then I got the idea of writing a poem about just that. Saying how now I can focus on making others feel emotions instead of expressing my own. Now, my thoughts about the quality of this: honestly, it feels quite awkward at times. I hate the line that starts with "and suddenly", 'cause saying that is completely unnecessary and cliché. It obviously wanted three more syllables to the line. Also the first line of the last paragraph is very cliché too. Another thing is that the second paragraph's lack of rhymes is supposed to catch the reader off-guard and make the lines feel less excited as the other ones, but now it just seems like an unsatisfying flop. I still like the metaphor of glass bottles and overflowing, but over-all, one of my least favorite poems (Don't worry, the poems I'm more proud of will come soon, just going in the order that they were written). Matt/Cwilk
  4. Thank you! I was actually preparing posting the next one while I got your notification haha
  5. I'm gonna make them all (probably), with Aoke next. I haven't finished any besides this though
  6. Since everyone on the last live stream encouraged me to share pretty much everything I have, I figured I'd give you all the poems I've written (only 7 thus far, but I took a year-long break after the first three, and started writing again lately). I'll also provide some background information about what the poems mean, which gets pretty personal in some cases. So yeah, I'm gonna post every day starting from today (fitting as it's World Poetry day today :p). This first one is called "Past" I exist here, silently. In my dim room, surrounded by desaturated floor tiles. Surrounded by darkness and unorganized files. If I'd listen closely, I would hear the past. The past where the brightness still lasts. The past where I'm surrounded by the comforting light. Surrounded by the sweet cyan sky and the crisp white. There I existed, quietly. Waiting for the darkness. Waiting for the floor tiles to turn colorless. But I exist here, silently. I breathe in and listen closely Commentary: So, this poem had a more philosophical motive behind it. It really isn't personal, but it speaks about how things always seem brighter in retrospection. With the lines "Waiting for the darkness" etc, it points out the stupidity of being stuck in the past or just saying "oh things were so much better in the good ol' days", and also doing nothing to make the present feel more enjoyable. This poem was the very first poem I ever composed, and I'm not a huge fan of the wording of it all. As my first poem, I wanted to stuff all kinds of stuff in it that really didn't compliment the over-all picture. The line of "unorganized files" obviously just wants a rhyme for the first line :P. There's also a reference to a song very very very personal to me, "Four Years Gone" by Sleepaways. I'll go more in depth of that in a later post and poem, but in there was a line "And if you listen closely, you could hear the past". Sure, the personal touch was nice, but it felt shoehorned into this poem. Over-all, it's a good first poem, but with a bit of a shabby structure. Let me know what you think! I'll post another one tomorrow, called "The Storyteller". Matt/Cwilk
  7. Interesting ending definitely, I liked the story a lot!
  8. Here's a cutesy Hareka from Star Blush Girls! I'll probably eventually make one for all members of SBG. Since Hareka is my favorite, I started with her ⭐ Matt/Cwilk
  9. This is something I'm struggling with too. Sadly, practice is just the best way to improve. I know it's frustrating that improving seems to go more slowly to us, but if you are practicing drawing more bodies and stuff you're not great at, you'll get there eventually
  10. Huh, that's pretty intriguing. Very cool to see someone sharing their writing work, maybe I should write something too besides just poems. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Hell yeah I'd like to hear them! Very interesting to see the worlds twirling around in others' minds ;D Matt/Cwilk
  12. Oh yeah, I'm definitely familiar with feeling vulnerable when I have to express my true emotions to someone. I won't pretend like I know anything for sure, but from what I've experienced, you probably won't come to a philosophical epiphany that will turn your life around - that's what I was after while I was at a low point of my life. So don't feel bad about not being able to fix your problems - it's pretty much impossible to with any sort of ease. Sometimes your day can just be turned around by eating, sleeping or just waiting for a better mood. Here's a treat of a video, it personally helped me. Didn't turn my life around, but definitely made me feel more relaxed about it all Also, I'm not sure if you're the same Strawberry that asked for advice on starting with art, so here's my suggestion for that: just start doing it and don't worry about anything. Compare yourself to only yourself in the past, and don't feel any obligation to make art in a certain way - your enjoyment out of doing it should be your no. 1 priority. Personally, I've gone through a lot as an artist, and there are a lot of crushing aspects about it. You might procrastinate and feel awful about that, you might feel uncontrollable envy because of other artists and be angry at how you can't express your world of thoughts that well, and a multitude of other things. In the end, if you really have an urge to create art, you'll push through. And if you don't, that's OK too (maybe better even). Time will grant you moments you don't feel so down, and those moments are worth the world. Sincerely, Matt/Cwilk
  13. There's like one train around where I live, but I never use it just cause I don't need or have the time to, I'd like to go on it more than, like, twice a year, but hey, what can you do :/. Cutting in on the anime discussion, though, maybe y'all could tell me some of your favorites. Though I love fictional worlds, you'd be surprised by how little books I read and anime I watch. I've seen Your Lie in April, Your Name, Gamers! and a couple other ones
  14. Not sure what topic to put this in, but I was just playing around with other fonts to use in the title screen (the current one is good, I was just bored; I'm not making this post to say you need to fix it, 'cause you don't. This is just something fun you might want to see) But in case you do use something, they're all copyright-free! Here's a list of all the fonts respectively in the picture (I even added a cute background ^-^) 1. Segoe Script (current) 2. Mathilde 3. Lovely Eunike Hans 4. HVD Comic Serif Pro 5. Sacramento 6. Kingthings Serifique Ultra Light
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