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  1. The current mystery

    That is one way to think of it. I thought of it more as he figured out the radius of the bomb from the damage to the building.
  2. The current mystery

    What gunpowder? I don't recall anything about that. Can you enlighten me please?
  3. The current mystery

    I'd like to think so. I'm terrible at Clue by the way.
  4. The current mystery

    I was thinking something similar to that. There were two others in Reason For Suffering during the Idol bombing. They left after the bombing and they could've been left ambiguous to lead us off track. Another random thought is that perhaps in I'm Sorry, when the teacher came to the cabin with Meteor and their teacher, he was going to talk with them about what happened and how to deal with it the consequences if the Detective found out. He must have seen the Detective was close to discovering something crucial or something. (Headcanon much?)
  5. Sugar Popped Sunshine

    Catchy and motivating(I couldn't help dance :3)
  6. The current mystery

    To add to the knowledge we have so far, in the new song Dream On!, Detective Detective seems certain that the Star Blush girls did it(More or less indirectly stated by avoiding the question from Cole and Cole's responses to the Detective.) while Cole is determined to believe that they didn't do it. I thought we could use that.
  7. The current mystery

    I'd like to bring the possibility that it could be more than one person to the table. Besides the picture of the singular person at the beginning of "When the Darkness Comes", we only have words from the characters. That could be a "red herring" if you will to lead us off of the majority of a coalition. Some criminals have accomplices to help them get away with their deeds. I just want to throw that out there to add to the fray. If I'm wrong, please correct me.
  8. Something doesn't add up...

    It would make sense that they'd try to throw people off. Someone really needs to make a version of clue based on this so we might be able to play with him. I'd think that would be a cool way to reveal it when the time comes.
  9. Origami giraffe

    With or without epic battle armor?
  10. Haiku kingdom

    The haiku king waits The world unturned from itself The stories last long
  11. can I have a life

    Here's a life for ya.
  12. Good Music

    This thread shall last forever!
  13. Origami giraffe

    Epic battle giraffes! ASSEMBLE!!!!!!
  14. Silly Bees Knees

    The world stood askew The clock waited for long days The haiku gave up Wrong place?
  15. Oh Hey!

    System abuse I heard?