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  1. That's weird. It's like Youtube's views/likes thing.
  2. Am I the only one who notices that it says that 6 people voted, but there's only 4 total votes?
  3. I like Clues To a Poor Man's Briefcase, Dream On!, and When the Darkness Comes in that order.
  4. I think this line should be "Homeless ain't nothin' child".
  5. I think I know what's in the briefcase. "Memories" or at least something related. It fulfills the first few points of the riddle. They are a symbol of unity, friendship, and shared lives. Mistakes in your past can be brought back as memories. That fits the next few points. "Take as many as you need" says that there has to multiple of the object, so "Memories" seems fitting.
  6. I think it's "We still bathe twice a month" instead of "We still pay twice a month".
  7. In the latest episode, there is mention of rings being flashed. We only see both hands fully of Cole, Hareka, and Aoke. I think that's an important note. Everyone else either has their hands in their pockets or wears gloves. Or they just keep their hands in an odd position to avoid showing. Just throwing it out there.
  8. I've noticed that there's mention of "Rings", but we only see Cole, Hareka, and Aoke's full hands at the same time. This is either intentional or a red herring.
  9. 1. Try to keep everything family friendly. 2. Avoid swearing, cussing, NSFW stuff, etc. 3. Avoid drama with other people. We have private messages for a reason. 4. Refrain from spamming. 5. Don't troll people. There's no need for that kind of behavior in a fanclub for Static. 6. Have fun. That's the purpose of this club anyways.
  10. Nice to meet you. I'm Blackeyefatlip, but you can call me Blackeye.
  11. I'm just gonna start this, I guess.
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