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  1. Artist22

    Abstract art

    This is an abstract piece that I created. If looked at in different ways the perspective changes.
  2. Artist22

    Spring can be cold

    This was beautiful! I love it! It makes me feel so calm!
  3. Artist22

    Space OIl painting

    This was my final for oil painting. The planets each have a word in Japanese characters. Family, Drawing, Music, Friends, Love, Joy, Happiness are all that is said, and on the gateway, it says the way. It took me two weeks to paint this. I am very proud of it.
  4. Artist22

    Water Color Detective

    I recently got a new set of water colors and wanted to try them out and decided to draw a new favorite character and paint him! This is my first time I have painted a person with water color and outline with an ink pen.
  5. Artist22

    Idol Bombing (Cover)

    This was amazing!~ You have a great voice! I will download this once I have room on my computer!