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  1. Hey guys so this is sort of a rant and I just need to get this off of my chest. I am sorry if this is so long. Recently I had my senior capstone review. I had to give my artist statement and show them the work I have been doing. One art piece in particular that I have more work to do on, is my favorite! The colors are bright and it feels tropical and so happy. But the one thing the professors said was that it seemed to be an outlire because there were some harsher lines in the art work than my other ones. My artist statement is about how flowers can be connected with emotions besides their color. People pass by flowers not really giving them too much attention and just say "Oh there's a pretty flower" and that's it, there is no feeling no emotion towards them. They said that it didn't seem exactly like watercolor and I honestly don't think that is a bad thing. They want the emotion from it but they want me to keep the watercolor look to it? Some of the flowers I did needed the watercolor look in order to portrait the emotion, the feeling I get from the flower. The way to show happiness, pure joy, and just feeling of warmth, is to not have as much watery look to it, I have already worked on the leaves a bit to look somewhat watery. I enjoyed painting these flowers but now, the more the professors nag about the smallest things that don't need attention to, is starting to wear me down. I have bit my tongue multiple times to keep me from giving a sassy remark. They are critiquing the work as professionals, but I am tired of hearing the same things. They make it seem that I didn't mean to make harsher lines in a couple of my works, but I did it on purpose for a reason. That is one of the things that I am worried about. The other thing is trying to create the frames for my artwork and so far I have 8 pieces of artwork finished but none framed. I have a couple more art pieces in the process. However, every time I ask my dad about the barn wood and making them, all he can say is "yeah we'll get to it, I have to go to your brother's basketball game". Or "can you watch Brother S and take Brother N to work and pick him up please?" The thing is I need to get going on this now because March 26 is when the senior exhibition goes up! I don't have much time left! Not only that but after telling my teacher Greg about using recycled barn wood he goes and says "Make sure that it doesn't outshine the artwork." or something like that. So now I have to worry about that! I don't even know what the wood looks like yet because my dad hasn't taken me out with the trailer to get the wood. Anyways thank you for reading this I really needed to get this off of my chest! Thank you and God Bless you~! -Kendra-
  2. A friend of mine on my discord hasn't been on in a while and I had thought that perhaps she was just busy with school and focusing on her studies. Well recently she messaged me and had me talk to her privately. She had attempted suicide and I was the first one she trusted to tell me about what she had tried to do. I had sat there in shock for moment and didn't have any words to say and when she repeated again, I had told her I heard her and I just let her talk. Apparently she had been dealing with problems with some really bad friends along with her ex and family members. She felt like she had no where else to turn to. I started tearing up when she had told me that she was glad she had failed and glad that she was alive. I had told her that I was glad she was alive too and that if I was there I would hug her but then punch her arm and hug her again. I told her to never do that again because I cared too much too loose another friend. She told me that if I saw her online to message her or talk to her and I plan on doing that. I am now worried for her, she says she is getting help and that will be a reason she won't be on Discord that much, but to messaged her when she is on. I am praying for her and that she gets better. I am just worried that I won't be able to do much for her. We may not live in the same state but she is like my little sister and it hurts to think she tried to take her life. She says she regrets not telling us what had been happening, but I understand why she kept it to herself. She didn't want us to be worried for her but this has made me worry for her more. Anyways, thank you for reading this, I needed to get this off my chest. -Kendra-
  3. The winter painted records is for the Frosty Frolic in my town. It's where small business and crafters sell their work. The Patriotic watercolor painting is for my friend's parents since her dad is in the Navy and their house recently burnt down. Also I need ideas for the painted records for the frost frolic.
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  5. Hello it has been awhile and a lot has happened.I hope you are all doing well! The Fling Thing went well and I sold $300 worth of art work and I will be going to the Frosty Frolic, which is like the Fling Thing but more Christmas themed. AJ and I have disbanded, we are not using the term broken up because we are still close friends. But this has been weighing on both of our minds since we found out about my dad not liking interracial couples and last night we talked about it and we agreed that we didn't know when we would meet and that anything could happen in between the time we are dating and when we meet. So we decided we will just be friends and a lot of our friends are a bit disappointed but they understand, after all we were shipped together by a lot of them before we started dating. I am currently in the community choir so that is why I haven't been on recently on Wednesdays because it starts at 7 and ends at about 9. I am really excited to tell you that I have a couple of solo parts in the program! If possible I will have my mom record it and I can edit it to where you only see me, as to respect other people's privacy or just somehow download just the audio, which ever works better. The concert is called "The Night of Our Father's Love" and I am happy about it and the concert is on December 8th, so it is getting really close. I am feeling a lot better about myself and where my life is going and I have God and my family and friends to thank for that. Anyways on my YouTube channel I have reached 313 subscribers and I am ecstatic! However, if you haven't heard about COPPA and the thing that is happening with YouTube, I am concerned about how this would affect my channel, because my channel is technically not meant for kids. I mean I don't really know any kid to listen to a women talking to herself as a character who is technically talking to the person listening to them. (ASMR Voice Acting videos) I was going to start filming myself painting with water color and kind of give a lesson, like Bob Ross, but with what is happening I don't think I want to do it, because in the thing it says that "any arts and crafts is considered appealing to children or is child friendly". I am praying to God about this and I am thinking of moving a lot of my stuff to like reddit or even twitch or some other platform just so I don't feel so pressured about what is happening on YouTube. I honestly am not sure and I would like your opinions on this. Thank you. -Kendra- Update- The concert went great, got a lot of compliments. One lady came up to me and my friend Haly while we were talking and told Haly she did well on her flute solo and then she turned to me pointed at me and said "You! You can sing!" I honestly was shocked by this but happy. Also, a dear friend of mine sadly passed away on December 4, 2019. If you could please pray for her and her family, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  6. I am excited to say that I have a new boyfriend. I broke up with Kaleb a few months back, after sorting out my feelings and it was mutual, he promised that he would try to be a good friend to me if I ever needed to talk. To give some back story, I met AJ on Discord and we clicked instantly and began to just tease each other and joke around and have fun. Everyone in the discord immediately shipped us together because we were apparently 'flirting' which both AJ and I don't think we ever did. About seven days ago, AJ and I both came clean about our feelings for each other. The person who made the first move was me and part of the reason I did it was because I had gone to see the live action "Lion King" and when the song "Can you feel the love tonight" came on, I immediately thought of AJ and I. I told everyone on Discord we are now boyfriend and girlfriend and surprise, surprise almost everyone said "Well it's about time!" Everyone had come to the conclusion that sooner or later we would end up dating. A couple days after we started dating I began debating if I should tell Kaleb. Because I had told him that if we ever did meet in person that maybe, just maybe we might be able to date again if the feelings are still there. In the end I did tell him and I felt a bit guilty because it just seemed he became sad and I understand why but it makes me feel bad. The one thing he said was "As long as he makes you happy, I am happy". It made me feel better but at the same time I still felt a bit guilty. I think I made the right decision though in telling him even if I still feel a bit bad. However, I can say with confidence that looking back at why me and Kaleb began to date rather than when AJ and I started to date is different. Kaleb and I started to date because we were both single and we kind of had feelings for each other and our feelings grew through the years we were together even though we were far apart. As time went on we both started to talk less than when we first began to date. Looking back now I think the only reason we really did date was because we thought we could make each other happy and that there would be no one else for us, which is not a good frame of mind now that I look at it. With AJ we understand each other, he is able to tell me no or he doesn't give in so easily and will tease me back. He will allow me to be in control for a while but will step in and help or take over if he sees that I need some encouragement. Down side to this relationship is once again it is long distance and he is even farther than Kaleb. He lives in Barbados, which is over 3,000 miles from where I live. I am not really sure if this is even a question or rather me just telling someone what is happening, because once again I am not telling my family about me being in a relationship since they don't think a relationship like this would work. I have faith that we can make this work, with God's help and some hard work. AJ plans on becoming a nurse and he plans to eventually study abroad in America near where I live once he has the basic classes taken care of in his home country. I am sorry this is so long, there is so much more I would like to say but I think you guys have read enough of this to understand. Thank you again, God Bless you both! -Kendra- P.s Something knew just came up that completely and utterly change many things. I just found out that my dad is prejudice against interracial couples. And this hurts because part of it is he is my dad and I want him to approve of who I am with. My mom has talked to him about how that isn't what God wants and that he wants us to love and care for others, then again it also has to deal with how he was raised. My mom's main concern is that he is from a different country and would like him to be part of the US before we start dating. I understand her point of view and AJ and I are taking things very slowly. We are just concentrating on one thing at a time. But who knows the future can change.
  7. It has been a hot minute and I am sorry if this is really long, I have had so much happening these past couple of months. First off I have had commissions for painting and I am hoping to get my business rolling with the frosty frolic and the fling thing that our town holds for small businesses. Second I have had to go to family reunions and I will be heading to a wedding for my cousin on Saturday. Third, I have been working to try and get my bank account back up and thankfully I have it up just enough that it should cover my gas purchases for this school year. As I will be commuting back and forth so that I will not have to pay extra money for a dorm room, considering that last year I stayed in the apartments and the apartments are shut down for renovations. It would be hard for me to go from having all that space and my own kitchen to a small room with no kitchen and a lot more restrictions. Now on to my main concern I have. My concern is that I won't do well in the frosty frolic or the fling thing and then I will be loosing money from the rent of the booth. I would move to a slightly bigger city because I know selling art in a bigger city tends to do better, but I don't like being in a place where buildings are so close to each other and there are hardly any trees or green landscape. I can handle being in the city where my college is but, there is so much stuff happening there, I just couldn't live there, especially with all the noise and sirens. My main problem for me is that I don't have the money, I won't have the money to live on my own until I have most of my student debt paid off and rent is really high, and I don't just want to find a cheap apartment in a not so good neighborhood. My friend Haly has offered me to move in with her, I would love to, however I don't think it is such a good idea with how often I am making a mess with my art. I have things spread out everywhere and in a small apartment that might not be such a good idea. And knowing my friend she likes to keep things clean and in place and it wouldn't be fair to her to live with that. If we could rent a house where there are multiple rooms then, yes I would be okay with that, because then I can have a room that is just for my art and my business and she can have her own space for her office! I am thinking that I should make a business card so that if I were to travel some place out of state and I have my art book with me, then maybe I could expand my business. I know I will need to create a website so that others have the opportunity to see and be able to purchase my art, but at this point I think I just need to focus on finishing my last year of college and being sure I pass my classes. I know this is a lot and I am sorry if I was jumping all over the place. I kind of have been keeping a lot in and have a lot to say. I will probably make another post. Thanks again, God bless you guys. -Kendra-
  8. Recently I have been selling a lot of art work. I have a bunch of records that I am painting because they are either scratched or broken. Well I have 8 commissions, 3 of which are big paintings each done with different paints and 5 records. I am happy that I am making money this way, but I also have my summer job working at a restaurant and I also have my YouTube channel which I am working on. So with all this I am up late at night painting and I haven't been making my videos like I want to. The next day I am very tired but I get up and get back to painting before I head in to work. I will be getting a break this week but I still have a lot of paintings that I still have to get done. I want to get back into making my videos but I don't want to force myself and then my stuff end up not being that good. What should I do to not push myself so far? Am I making sense? Anyways thanks for reading this. -Kendra-
  9. As you know I have a boyfriend that I really do love with all my heart, but recently I have been feeling a different kind of love for him. I don't necessarily love him in the romantic way any more, but more so in a friend kind of love. When I first started to date him I was head over heels for him and I loved him doting on me and telling me how much he loves me. However now that I am older and I am busy with other things and have made many new friends, I have grown to realize who I actually am. I enjoy being with other friends and talking and being creative and helping others, but I also realize that I am a person who loves human contact and being able to hug them and hold hands and so much more. It is hard having a long distance relationship and I have come to realize I have exited what some people call the "honeymoon" phase. To be honest I feel like we aren't even boyfriend and girlfriend and I think that is partly my fault because I haven't told anyone in my family we are boyfriend and girlfriend and I also kept introducing Kaleb as my friend, to the point where I think we are just friends, really good friends to be exact. However I believe this would be good for us to grow our friendship and then perhaps when we meet in person we can begin to date again. I have talked to Kaleb and he is okay with this as well. However I am concerned that I might meet someone else and want to date them. I am not really sure on anything with relationships when it comes to me, but when it comes to other people I am able to give them good advice and everything works out for them with their relationship. What should I do if I meet someone else and we end up liking each other but I am still not sure if I am ready to be in a relationship? Sorry this was so long. -Kendra-
  10. I recently went on Omegle to try and see if I could meet a Youtuber named Pinkstylist, well instead of him I met a grade a jerk that shot down myself confidence. They called me tranny trash and said that I was born a guy and should just admit it because I have a jawline like a guys apparently and my body build looks like that of a guys and that I have no curves and that really hurt because I have been trying to lose weight. I haven't been very confident in how I look and I have friends that have helped me to feel good about myself again. But this guy brought me down again, I am sure this person is going through a bunch of stuff for them to say things like this and I will pray for them. I really just need help to try and bring that self confidence back up and figure out a way to not let people bring me down like this again. Any suggestions? Thanks once more. -Kendra-
  11. Today I was on discord and was talking to my friend Jarrel. He works as an audio technician and has his own youtube channel. He started to talk about how he got a new microphone that he plans to use eventually. I told him congratulations and that I couldn't wait to get a new microphone. The microphone I have now works well and is okay for a beginner microphone, but there are a few problems with it. One I can't have headphones plugged into my computer to listen to myself as I am recording myself. Two, my microphone makes me sound like I am underwater at times and even with all the editing I do with my computer, it isn't as great of quality as I would like. Anyways I told him that I am currently trying to save money because I need to build my savings account back up after this year of college kind of has drained me. He then proceeds to ask me what my budget was for a microphone and I told him $50. The only way I would probably get one that is like $100 would take me a little while longer. Well to my utter shock he went and bought me a microphone for $168.00 on Amazon!! I told him that he didn't have to do that and he replied "I know but I want you to succeed and this is a gift so you don't have to pay me back" I told him that it is hard for me to accept a gift like that that is soo expensive! He told me it was fine because he recently got a bonus and he is getting his pay check this week. I told him that I will pay him back some how, and he said "no you don't". I want to pay him back because this gift is too much! I know Jarrel really well and he will not take money from me. He just wants me to succeed and I will do my best as to not let him down, but I have to pay him back somehow other than my videos and me succeeding in that. We made a fake document on Word, saying that we have adopted each other and that he is my older brother and I am his little sister! He is a really good "big brother" but I want to pay him back and I don't really know another way to, we live in different states and I don't really know when I will actually get to see him in person. It is hard for me to accept a gift that expensive from someone I care about because I am used to having to work for things for myself or getting something that is less expensive or used. I don't think my paintings are enough to pay him back. What should I do? I feel like I might have already given myself an answer but I probably am not seeing it. Sorry for how long this was. If you are confused about anything just let me know and I will explain the best I can~! -Kendra-
  12. I understand completely. I am wanting to meet my boyfriend who lives in Georgia! And I am currently living with my parents who have no clue we are dating but know that we know each other. They worry about me and being online and my dad keeps telling me not to give out where I live and what not. I understand why your parents are worried, but you are old enough to make your own decisions, they might not like them now, but they need to get to know them better. If I were you I would sit down with your parents and tell them how you feel. I haven't done it yet with my parents because there is never a right time. But I think you should talk to them and tell them how you feel! Meet up with your friend and have your parents actually meet them and get to know them so that they can see what you see in your friend. I don't know if this helps, but I hope it does! Don't worry though, everything will work out in the end.
  13. Hey guys I hope you all are well. I am feeling happy and this is because I recently found out that I had three great great uncles and aunts that became priests and nuns. They all lived in Dun Bummel Netherlands, in this way I feel like I feel a bit closer to God and my family history. Also our out door cat Mama Kitty had five kittens and we can't wait for when they are older so that we can name them.I will be taking online courses this summer so that next fall I can graduate and be done with school for now! The last question I had was how I was feeling depressed and undeserving of love and well recently I have been telling myself I am loved and that I love myself. It lifts my spirits up when I think about that and what you guys have told me. Anyways that is a bit of an update on me. Now this question isn't that serious like my last questions. So in two weeks I will be done with school for the semester and my final for water color is an artist choice and I am struggling to figure out what I should do for it. I could do a still life, abstract, landscape, or illustration and I do love to paint flowers but I am not so sure of what I should do. I have posted some of my work in here below so you can see. I need to figure out what to do! I want to know now so that I am not rushing what to do and so my art doesn't become crappy and that is not something I want to do. What do you think I should do? -Kendra M Wokal-
  14. First off I want to thank you guys once more! I am so happy to have met you! You guys have given me so much that I needed hear. Anyways, this week has been hard for me. I have been depressed and crying and feel like I don't deserved to be loved. That I don't deserve to have what I have! My friends have made me laugh and smile to make me try and forget it. But it keeps coming back and I have prayed to God. Every time I pray, I cry. And every time someone tells me that they love me, that I am so kind, caring and loving and that they really love me, I cry! I cant help but cry because I feel like I don't deserve those words. I think it is probably my anxiety for classes, the worry that I have let everyone down with my decisions for what I am doing for my major and that I am failing myself. I feel tired everyday now and I don't know what to do. I feel weak for crying but I know I am strong, that is what my friends tell me. I don't know, please help. Thank you. -Kendra-
  15. As soon as my cough is gone and I am better, I am going to be recording and posting my new series called "A Siren's Tale". But sadly I am nervous that people wont like it, even though I have many people working on it that are just as enthusiastic about it as I am. I am putting my heart and soul into it! My Yandere videos have been doing good, but I don't want to do those anymore, because they put me into a bad frame of mind. I have many ideas for this and I am so excited and I hope you guys could tell me what I can do. I think you might have talked about something similar to this before but I just am feeling so proud of the work that I am putting into this video! What advice do you have to give me? -Kendra- update: My cough is basically gone, but now I am in a funk where I want to record and finish but I don't want to force myself to record because I want this audio to be good quality. I feel like those that are working on it with me are being let down even though they understand. The last three days I have been having anxiety over almost everything and been depressed and crying, so I haven't recorded everything. I have decided to not go forward with being a teacher, since it is causing me so much anxiety just thinking about being a teacher. I will just graduate with a bachelor degree in art and if I feel up for it later on, go for my education degree. I feel like I have let everyone I know down though, especially those that gave me the money to use for the praxis. I wish I could be me again.
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