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  1. As a continuation of my last question, with my 'friend'... TLDR; My 'friend' is treating someone else like they treated me, with eagerness, and friendliness- and what i now realize is also them being very clingy- and now they're treating me with almost a sort of contempt. They aren't a bad person, just longing for a relationship, but I can't help but feel angry at being used and disposed of, just easily tossed aside without being consulted, and replaced by another person. I thought I was fairly good friends with them... It makes me feel physically sick, as this has happened to me many times before... I'm hurt, and I'm tired of being tossed aside after a false relationship. I want this time to be different. I want to believe in them, but... I don't know what to do... I can't yell at them- they're overly-sensitive to criticism- but I cant stop being upset, either.. This is the fifth time something like this has happened to me... I'm absolutely sick of it. A part of me wants to hate them, but another part of me still wants to be their friend... "Keep strong your unsuspecting heart.... all these vengeful thoughts only add to the madness...🎵"
  2. ScienceRocks

    My first electronic music

    I mean it in a good way, of course! lol. It sounds like the kind of thing that would play to some scene in a game or a show or something- it kinda feels intense, like i need to be in a hurry,, in some awesome, dramatic situation. That's what it makes me think of, anyways. I love it! I'm totally going to listen to this more when I play video games or something! (edit): Oh! that's what I was gonna say- it feels like something is about to come to a close, or an epic finale!
  3. ScienceRocks

    CDVNL Love

    It had been a while since I listened to "A Message To Pop Culture" and I had forgot how awesome it was! It really does have a great message to it- especially nowadays, it's more prevalent than ever for people to think for themselves, and not be controlled or influenced by the world that tries to manipulate them. What a great message to put into a song! Keep up the good work, Joe!
  4. ScienceRocks

    My first electronic music

    Woah, awesome song! For being a different style to what you normally do, you did an awesome job! It has a very... dramatic ambiance, I guess I would say? it sounds awesome! Keep it up! Also, you nailed that song title!
  5. This is a question that's more for a friend of mine, than myself. So, basically, i made a new friend online not too long ago, and they were really nice, but also very emotional, and easily upset (in a depressive way.) They have trouble confiding in friends, and don't talk about their problems very often, if at all. They were very nice and eager to talk to me for a while, but recently they almost completely stopped talking to me, save for the occasional comment. They do seem to be aware of their paranoia and mood swings, but when I asked if they have seen a psychologist, they refused to talk about it. Personally, I think it's more than just some simple paranoia. Rather, I believe they have Paranoid Personality Disorder, though I don't know if they know. They seem to have depression of some kind as well, and they tend to blame themselves for every little negative thing that they're involved in. I want to talk to them again, and I want to help them, too. I care about them, but I don't know what to do about a situation like this unless they tell me what they're thinking... I've tried messaging them several times, but they've always left me on read, with no response. I'm at a loss for what to do- Ironic, considering the fact i'm studying psychology, lol... any advice..?
  6. Quite frankly, I hate math with a passion i cannot express in 'child-friendly' words. To be more specific, I hate algebra. I've tried calculus in the past, and It just doesnt work, either, but right now... I've just started an algebra class for like the third time, and quite frankly, i'm absolutely sick of it. It gives me nothing to work with, and nothing to generate answers from, unlike statistics, which makes sense. This is probably the third time i've had to take this stupid class, and i'm already struggling with the very basics. AGAIN. I've had so much trouble in the past that i've developed some kind of PTSD regarding this stuff- i'm already annoyed when i sit down, and i can stay calm for a while, but once I get the problem on paper... I have no idea where to go from there, and I basically have an emotional meltdown because I can never get a straight answer from anything on how to do it. No matter how many times I tke it, or have it explained to me, it just doesn't work, yet it's REQUIRED to get a job in the psychology field (cause the domain of f(x)='You're crazy!' after all! Didn't you know that?! Man, it's so useful in this person-focused field!) I'm pretty sure I cant just go freelancer like you can with music, because this field is regulated.. Please. What should I do? I'm tired of trying and failing and being frustrated and stuck... But I have no choice, unless I want to get a different job... This is the kind of thing that sends me into a spiral of depression, yet i'm forced to suffer through it...
  7. ScienceRocks

    Inspired to create- any tips?

    So music isn't exactly my life's passion, however, I'm passionate about music and the songs I listen to, though I don't know much about the technicalities. I've played the violin before, so I know the basics, though it has been quite a while. I'm not sure if there is much about reading music that I don't know- aside from other instrument-specific things. A lot of the music terms and symbols seem to be fairly self-explanatory (though i may not know all the 'proper' names of them, lol.) When it comes to writing music, though... I've never done it before. I'm not exactly the most creative person, either, but Ryan has inspired me to want to at least try to make something. I feel like some of it is just common sense, in terms of how it sounds, but I don't know much else. So, do you guys have any tips for writing music? Be it lyrics, or the music itself? What are some things I can do to make it better, or some things I should avoid, for example? Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Shortened Version For Livestream: Simply put: I have a low emotional intelligence. When I get into something online, such as this, I often (to me, at least) seem to come off as writing an academic journal. I'm terrible with anything social, and i often don't know how to make 'small talk' or say things gently. I speak my mind as my thoughts come, even if they aren't fully finished yet. And even when I DO stop to think before I speak, I still tend to get it wrong. I can sound harsh, angry, condescending, or whatever else- when to me, i'm simply making a harmless observation or statement. To top it all off, I have a hard time understanding people's motivations and behaviors when dealing with me, as well as more subtle or complex social cues. And asking people directly rarely ever works, as they don't want to just say what they're thinking. I also often can't express my intentions or meanings without going through a roundabout- and often hurtful or offensive- series of comments. So, what can i do to fix this...??? I've severed many ties with people and friends, and hurt even more, all because of my poor social skills, and I can't seem to get it right. P.S.: Sorry, paraphrazing isn't my strong suit, lol. This is what I mean by 'roundabout' explanations.
  9. ScienceRocks

    Princess - Being Invisible

    Princess, I understand completely. I used to be timid and shy, and kept to myself, and I often felt like I didn't matter to anybody- like nobody ever noticed me. From what little i've talked to you, you do seem to be a somewhat quiet person, and that's not a bad thing by any means! I may be wrong, but you seem to talk most when you feel your input is needed, right? There's nothing wrong with being quiet, or kindof staying out of a large group of people. But, one thing I have learned is that if you want to matter to people, you do need to interact sometimes. Not all the time, and not always with everybody, but little interactions can often make a difference. Don't be afraid to ask questions, add input, or raise your voice, if you want to be heard! (Just make sure you don't sound angry XD) I used to stay quiet all the time, too. But you need to learn to speak up, even if only for a moment at a time. If a tree falls in a forest and people are around to hear it, they're going to hear it. But if the tree rustles gently in the wind? It gets drowned out by all the other trees doing the same thing. I definitely understand the feeling of not wanting to intrude on a conversation, and it can be easy to get ignored sometimes, or feel out of place. I've just gotten into the habit of asking "what's going on?" Whenever a conversation i'm interested in (but not actively involved in) gets to a brief pause- it's a good way to bring the focus onto you, and making sure you have info and input on the situation. (Again, just make sure you're loud enough to be heard! Dont be shy!) As for the fear and suffering part...? Well, some people are naturally good at hiding their feelings without even knowing it- and if you're a quiet person, which you seem to be, it can be hard for others to tell if something is bothering you, as being quiet normally and being quiet from pain aren't much different from one another. Again, don't be afraid to speak up, and be clear about what you want! Just try working on commanding more attention to yourself. Be louder, expressive, give your opinion, throw yourself into the middle of something, crack a joke, even if it's a failure- just make sure people *hear* you, and know that you want to be included. If you keep to yourself, people will assume that's what you want- to keep to yourself. If you put yourself out there for people, people will assume you're interested in whatever it is. This isnt something that will change by waiting and changing yourself. You have to take action sometimes- you HAVE to let people know what it is that you want! I've known many people that expressed concern about not being noticed, or being ignored, and they were always very quiet, never saying much, and never telling people they wanted to be noticed. They assumed that people would just... *know* what they wanted, and would get upset when nobody paid attention. If you don't speak, nobody can listen. If you don't speak, nobody will ever know what you want. So be brave, and speak up for yourself! I hope you can understand my points, here... It may be a bit of mess, and may seem kinda cold, but I'm saying this all in good faith, truly.
  10. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    Ah, it's entirely possible Kanesaki planned this, and didn't tell the Detective. Thus, DD's reaction would still apply, and both our theories could very well be correct! Again, the assumptions! I keep passing off everything as "oh, that makes sense!" or just taking everything at face-value, lol. Slowly but surely...!!! EDIT: DD may have realized Kanesaki's plan after he reacted, which is why he so quickly turned it around into a good thing- that is, "These girls' gave your alibi- they're on your side."
  11. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    Also, in "I'm sorry!" Someone- either the detective or Cole, says "Ugh, you've GOT to be kidding me." if it is the detective, that means that the meeting between Star Blush and Meteor wasn't planned, as you said. If it was Cole, your earlier theory about it being planned still makes sense. though, i believe it IS the detective saying it, as the detective is the main speaker throughout the entire song, save for kanesaki's apology.
  12. So, I have posted this elsewhere, but I would like to hear advice on the stream, if possible. So, i'm i college, and I got a girl's number for the first time on Tuesday. We haven't talked much, maybe once or twice, but she gave me her number with the line "uuuh, sure! I'm always down for some new friends!" So, i'm not sure how to feel about that... is that just because we haven't talked much? Or does she only see me as friend material, and I don't have a chance? I don't know what to do, or how to text her, or anything... She's really cute, and a hard worker, though.. i'm so confused and I don't know what to think, or what to do. I'm scared that I may be wasting my time and she only sees me as a potential friend...
  13. ScienceRocks

    First time relationship?!

    So, I know I already posted one topic, but something else came up recently as well.. that is to say- girls. So, i'm i college, and I got a girl's number for the first time on Tuesday. We haven't talked much, maybe once or twice, but she gave me her number with the line "uuuh, sure! I'm always down for some new friends!" So, i'm not sure how to feel about that... is that just because we haven't talked much? Or does she only see me as friend material, and I don't have a chance? I don't know what to do, or how to text her, or anything... She's really cute, and a hard worker, though.. i'm so confused and I don't know what to think, or what to do. I'm scared that I may be wasting my time and she only sees me as a potential friend...
  14. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    Ah! i had this same theory about maybe breaking into a bank for not for money, for supplies or something for the bomb, but I threw it out the window, as why would a bank- that holds money- have something like that? safety deposit boxes, duh! so my original theory is still valid and possible here! yay! Also, I believe 'Poor Man' is likely both, as 'man' as a gender could be misleading us. I don't know how long it would take for paper, or whatever the note was on, to fuse to wood, but I assumed (again with the dangerous assumptions!!!) that it would likely be long enough that whoever wrote it would be an adult. Not exactly the case- I don't know for certain how long it takes, so that conjecture is largely unreliable. EDIT: upon doing research, paper degrades rather quickly- from 2 weeks to 5 months depending on conditions.. it could have easily been placed there by one of the girls or groups...
  15. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    ah! yes! I knew there was a reason something about the witness' lead that didn't sit right, and kinda incriminated said witness, and you just stated it clearly! The bomb was already there, and they would be caught on camera if they tried to light it, so the witness is already lying! I KNEW the witness was super suspicious! That being said, we still don't know who the 'witness' is! There are so many small details that just don't quite match up, and so many misleading points! Motives, evidence, and testimonies just don't quite all line up with each other! though, I still believe that SBG is probably innocent, as being the only group that was unharmed, and 'coincidentally' standing farther away would clearly be suspicious, and would be avoided. Plus, if they were nowhere near the bags, what did the match have to do with anything? Was it a detail Meteor knew about, and planned ahead so that SBG would have an alibi- as they couldnt light a match light the bomb if they were far away? SBG being guilty still just doesn't sit quite right, either. It doesn't make sense. Though... looking at it from another perspective. it's possible a member of SBG that knew about the bomb, and led the group away so their friends wouldn't be hurt. If I was planning on putting someone near danger I was about to cause, my focus would be on keeping the people I care about safe, not the consequences of keeping them safe. Hm... Assumptions are a dangerous thing in detective work... It biased me towards thinking SBG was innocent... Also, we don't know Meteor's testimony was fake necessarily, as we still haven't gotten confirmation on what exactly they said- just that they gave SBG an alibi. We also don't know if they were the ones that heard, or lit the match, or told the detective. This may also make Meteor more suspicious however, as they may know info about the bombing that we don't- for example, if they were involved in some way, they would have more details to work with in coming up with an alibi for SBG. literally all we know about meteor is that they are fans of SBG, and they gave SBG an alibi of some kind. It's all so vague... hmm... so many routes and leads and confounds... I still feel like i'm missing something obvious... I couldn't really glean any kind of useful info from "A Poor Man's Briefcase" either, as it told the story of someone, and we don't know who they could be, just that they are likely older now, and had a connection with the mafia at one point. We don't even know how they got out of it- just that they 'walked right past' which.... is very strange. You wouldn't think the mafia would give up just because you ran away... so it's probably metaphorical? Other than that, all we gathered about any of the suspects was details about their personality, which isn't exactly helpful, at least for now. Nearly any important figures have gone unnamed, which means it could all be one person, one group, different people, different groups, unnamed characters, etc. NOTE: remember how I said assumptions are dangerous? This entire time, we've been assuming- or at least, I was- that SBG was the target, whether it's being framed, or bombed. and all almost all of my analyses have come from this POV, save for the one I mentioned above about a SBG member leading friends to safety.