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  1. ScienceRocks

    Princess - Being Invisible

    Princess, I understand completely. I used to be timid and shy, and kept to myself, and I often felt like I didn't matter to anybody- like nobody ever noticed me. From what little i've talked to you, you do seem to be a somewhat quiet person, and that's not a bad thing by any means! I may be wrong, but you seem to talk most when you feel your input is needed, right? There's nothing wrong with being quiet, or kindof staying out of a large group of people. But, one thing I have learned is that if you want to matter to people, you do need to interact sometimes. Not all the time, and not always with everybody, but little interactions can often make a difference. Don't be afraid to ask questions, add input, or raise your voice, if you want to be heard! (Just make sure you don't sound angry XD) I used to stay quiet all the time, too. But you need to learn to speak up, even if only for a moment at a time. If a tree falls in a forest and people are around to hear it, they're going to hear it. But if the tree rustles gently in the wind? It gets drowned out by all the other trees doing the same thing. I definitely understand the feeling of not wanting to intrude on a conversation, and it can be easy to get ignored sometimes, or feel out of place. I've just gotten into the habit of asking "what's going on?" Whenever a conversation i'm interested in (but not actively involved in) gets to a brief pause- it's a good way to bring the focus onto you, and making sure you have info and input on the situation. (Again, just make sure you're loud enough to be heard! Dont be shy!) As for the fear and suffering part...? Well, some people are naturally good at hiding their feelings without even knowing it- and if you're a quiet person, which you seem to be, it can be hard for others to tell if something is bothering you, as being quiet normally and being quiet from pain aren't much different from one another. Again, don't be afraid to speak up, and be clear about what you want! Just try working on commanding more attention to yourself. Be louder, expressive, give your opinion, throw yourself into the middle of something, crack a joke, even if it's a failure- just make sure people *hear* you, and know that you want to be included. If you keep to yourself, people will assume that's what you want- to keep to yourself. If you put yourself out there for people, people will assume you're interested in whatever it is. This isnt something that will change by waiting and changing yourself. You have to take action sometimes- you HAVE to let people know what it is that you want! I've known many people that expressed concern about not being noticed, or being ignored, and they were always very quiet, never saying much, and never telling people they wanted to be noticed. They assumed that people would just... *know* what they wanted, and would get upset when nobody paid attention. If you don't speak, nobody can listen. If you don't speak, nobody will ever know what you want. So be brave, and speak up for yourself! I hope you can understand my points, here... It may be a bit of mess, and may seem kinda cold, but I'm saying this all in good faith, truly.
  2. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    Ah, it's entirely possible Kanesaki planned this, and didn't tell the Detective. Thus, DD's reaction would still apply, and both our theories could very well be correct! Again, the assumptions! I keep passing off everything as "oh, that makes sense!" or just taking everything at face-value, lol. Slowly but surely...!!! EDIT: DD may have realized Kanesaki's plan after he reacted, which is why he so quickly turned it around into a good thing- that is, "These girls' gave your alibi- they're on your side."
  3. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    Also, in "I'm sorry!" Someone- either the detective or Cole, says "Ugh, you've GOT to be kidding me." if it is the detective, that means that the meeting between Star Blush and Meteor wasn't planned, as you said. If it was Cole, your earlier theory about it being planned still makes sense. though, i believe it IS the detective saying it, as the detective is the main speaker throughout the entire song, save for kanesaki's apology.
  4. So, I have posted this elsewhere, but I would like to hear advice on the stream, if possible. So, i'm i college, and I got a girl's number for the first time on Tuesday. We haven't talked much, maybe once or twice, but she gave me her number with the line "uuuh, sure! I'm always down for some new friends!" So, i'm not sure how to feel about that... is that just because we haven't talked much? Or does she only see me as friend material, and I don't have a chance? I don't know what to do, or how to text her, or anything... She's really cute, and a hard worker, though.. i'm so confused and I don't know what to think, or what to do. I'm scared that I may be wasting my time and she only sees me as a potential friend...
  5. ScienceRocks

    First time relationship?!

    So, I know I already posted one topic, but something else came up recently as well.. that is to say- girls. So, i'm i college, and I got a girl's number for the first time on Tuesday. We haven't talked much, maybe once or twice, but she gave me her number with the line "uuuh, sure! I'm always down for some new friends!" So, i'm not sure how to feel about that... is that just because we haven't talked much? Or does she only see me as friend material, and I don't have a chance? I don't know what to do, or how to text her, or anything... She's really cute, and a hard worker, though.. i'm so confused and I don't know what to think, or what to do. I'm scared that I may be wasting my time and she only sees me as a potential friend...
  6. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    Ah! i had this same theory about maybe breaking into a bank for not for money, for supplies or something for the bomb, but I threw it out the window, as why would a bank- that holds money- have something like that? safety deposit boxes, duh! so my original theory is still valid and possible here! yay! Also, I believe 'Poor Man' is likely both, as 'man' as a gender could be misleading us. I don't know how long it would take for paper, or whatever the note was on, to fuse to wood, but I assumed (again with the dangerous assumptions!!!) that it would likely be long enough that whoever wrote it would be an adult. Not exactly the case- I don't know for certain how long it takes, so that conjecture is largely unreliable. EDIT: upon doing research, paper degrades rather quickly- from 2 weeks to 5 months depending on conditions.. it could have easily been placed there by one of the girls or groups...
  7. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    ah! yes! I knew there was a reason something about the witness' lead that didn't sit right, and kinda incriminated said witness, and you just stated it clearly! The bomb was already there, and they would be caught on camera if they tried to light it, so the witness is already lying! I KNEW the witness was super suspicious! That being said, we still don't know who the 'witness' is! There are so many small details that just don't quite match up, and so many misleading points! Motives, evidence, and testimonies just don't quite all line up with each other! though, I still believe that SBG is probably innocent, as being the only group that was unharmed, and 'coincidentally' standing farther away would clearly be suspicious, and would be avoided. Plus, if they were nowhere near the bags, what did the match have to do with anything? Was it a detail Meteor knew about, and planned ahead so that SBG would have an alibi- as they couldnt light a match light the bomb if they were far away? SBG being guilty still just doesn't sit quite right, either. It doesn't make sense. Though... looking at it from another perspective. it's possible a member of SBG that knew about the bomb, and led the group away so their friends wouldn't be hurt. If I was planning on putting someone near danger I was about to cause, my focus would be on keeping the people I care about safe, not the consequences of keeping them safe. Hm... Assumptions are a dangerous thing in detective work... It biased me towards thinking SBG was innocent... Also, we don't know Meteor's testimony was fake necessarily, as we still haven't gotten confirmation on what exactly they said- just that they gave SBG an alibi. We also don't know if they were the ones that heard, or lit the match, or told the detective. This may also make Meteor more suspicious however, as they may know info about the bombing that we don't- for example, if they were involved in some way, they would have more details to work with in coming up with an alibi for SBG. literally all we know about meteor is that they are fans of SBG, and they gave SBG an alibi of some kind. It's all so vague... hmm... so many routes and leads and confounds... I still feel like i'm missing something obvious... I couldn't really glean any kind of useful info from "A Poor Man's Briefcase" either, as it told the story of someone, and we don't know who they could be, just that they are likely older now, and had a connection with the mafia at one point. We don't even know how they got out of it- just that they 'walked right past' which.... is very strange. You wouldn't think the mafia would give up just because you ran away... so it's probably metaphorical? Other than that, all we gathered about any of the suspects was details about their personality, which isn't exactly helpful, at least for now. Nearly any important figures have gone unnamed, which means it could all be one person, one group, different people, different groups, unnamed characters, etc. NOTE: remember how I said assumptions are dangerous? This entire time, we've been assuming- or at least, I was- that SBG was the target, whether it's being framed, or bombed. and all almost all of my analyses have come from this POV, save for the one I mentioned above about a SBG member leading friends to safety.
  8. ScienceRocks

    Working Hard and Focusing; Being Too Carefree?!

    Aww, thank you so much! You guys really are the best! The thing is, my work style is complicated... Much like with my work, I don't know where to begin, so you may have to sift through my little rant to glean any kind of important info... I tend to work on my own, sometimes with a bit of help, but I always work infinitely slower than other people- i'm always the last person out of class, my assignments are incomplete or late, I just don't work well on other people's schedules.... I usually work on my computer at home at the dinner table, alone when I can, though my parents eventually come home later. As I said, I have ADHD, (Well, i think it's just ADD now, but still) So even with my meds, it can be hard for me to sit down and understand what I need to do next. I have honestly tried many different things, and I still have trouble sometimes. If it's something like math (which I honestly couldn't care less about (as it infuriates me to no end- one tiny mistake ruins ALL of your work) I have trouble finding the desire to actually sit down and do anything. And when i DO end up doing something, I find myself wanting to get up and leave to play video games rather quickly (when i'm at home, that is). I just feel like I don't work well, and I couldn't care less about how I work. I never know where to start, and it's all so confusing. I just don't think in the same way other people do, and it's frustrating. I see people sit down at a computer with little instruction, like "write a paper about your experience with a place" and i never know where to start, i get stuck, and frustrated, and it's just a cycle that's nigh impossible to break out of, but if i'm given free reign, and i'm passionate about the topic- like psychology- I can go for days on end, writing about things because it's interesting. I believe you've also seen this in my response to the "Can you guess the bomber?" thread- It's interesting, intriguing, fun, and a logical challenge for me, comparing scenarios and figuring out what makes the most sense. Because i'm passionate about Ryan's music, and the mystery feels so obvious, yet the evidence and circumstance is so contradictory. It's fun, and i'm curious, and I actively want to know more. I was able to sit there thinking about the evidence for a fair amount of time, all in one sitting, and make progress on the topic almost nonstop! I'm not sure, but my problem isn't exactly a desire to be lazy, or not work- It's that I just don't know how to get past these frustrating roadblocks in my way of completing things- my head fogs up and I have trouble thinking straight, and there's so much I might need to look at, or do, I don't know what would be useful and what wouldn't- I just can't work past problems very easily. If I don't understand one part, or something gets me stuck, I just can't get the rest of whatever it is... All i know is that when something is interesting, and I genuinely care about it, I can do incredibly well. If I don't care about it, no matter how much I tell myself the consequences of not working, or why it's necessary, I just don't know where to begin or how to work. I need exact instructions, and even then, I get bored and annoyed and eventually frustrated just doing the same boring thing i'm told to do. I hate being behind, and I feel like my grades in school aren't reflecting my abilities because of it. Sorry for the wall of text- This is how I think; picking out details and the like isn't my thing...
  9. ScienceRocks

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    Well, first of all, it IS NOT The Star Blush Girls, as they DO actually have an alibi. if the entire group was standing far away, none of them could have lit the match that (presumably) was used to light the fuse of the bomb. [It is a possibility that the ones that lit the match are the ones that reported it, as they would have (obviously) known about it]. Though based on what the detective says in ‘Idol Bombing’: “Still we can't prove that it was them- the idols in question weren't near the rest. Two witnesses had heard a match, the witnesses lead, leads to my unrest." This, like the rest of Ryan's music, isn't just clever wordplay- it means he suspects the 'lead' he got from someone, as it doesn't sit quite right with him. (Because he never said it was a VICTIM that told him- it was a WITNESS. The only people besides the victims that could have heard something like a match would be the culprits. It is POSSIBLE it was their teacher that was the witness (not the culprit) but I don’t have enough evidence for that. [It could have been other Stage Staff, but they weren’t mentioned, so I doubt the witness would be someone we don’t know about- that would be dumb, lol]) It also proves what I said previously about Star Blush being innocent. Though, because there was video evidence 'nobody tampered with anyone's stuff' means that the bomb was in the bag of someone in Star Blush BEFORE they set them down backstage. But if nobody in Star Blush lit the match, it's likely that they are all innocent (or one of them is working with ANOTHER idol group, but that doesn't make sense- why would they put themselves in the spotlight to take the blame if it was to bomb other groups? The motive isn't there for Star Blush to do it. More proof they’re innocent!) And based on a clue Ryan gave us in the discord, (💣🎤💼🔄🍩) I have taken this to mean: "The bomb in a singer's bag was swapped with food' It is possible someone swapped out one of the girl's lunch beforehand, or gave them a gift, or a snack, or some other type of food or box disguising/hiding the bomb- because DD said it WAS in a Star Blush member’s backpack- “Only one group stood unharmed; the group whose baggage hid the bomb.” There’s also a line in ‘A Reason For Suffering’; “The bomb was hidden in their baggage, and the world wanted someone to blame.” Though, I would like to point out, as said in 'idol bombing'; "if someone slipped them the bomb was it them they tried to blow up?" Either way, their goal was to hurt Star Blush, and they succeeded. The way it happened just ended up hurting others as well. I presume the motive for bombing Star Blush was that they were “offered a gig that led to fame… We were voted to perform on the top ten idol stage.” When before, their music was mocked. I believe Meteor- the idol group in ‘I’m Sorry!’ that is a fan of Star Blush, and provided their alibi, is also innocent. Because if it was them, why would they provide an alibi for someone they were trying to hurt? Like DD says, “See this is my special move: I put myself in your shoes!” Though I believe one of the Idol groups-likely the culprit- has a connection to the police, as in DD, there is a hairclip on the ground, presumably a idol's accessory. There is also likely one bad cop as a result, as the money was hidden in one of the cops' cars, yet DD had to announce it, meaning none- or only one- of the cops knew the money was even there, meaning one of them was in on it. because of this, it was a distraction, as he said. I believe the idol's knew they could not just rob a bank and get away with it, so they had to buy time by distracting the cops. The group likely split up to take both banks. If you suspect someone, put yourself in their shoes, and reason it out. Assume people are fairly smart and wouldn’t want to incriminate themselves or put themselves in the spotlight, unless their actions were very brash and sudden, which the bombing clearly was not. The bombing was clearly premeditated (planned beforehand). I can't prove it was any specific group, because we do not know the names, or identities, or relationships of any of the groups, we can only speculate on the motive, the method, and the general identity of the culprits, that is, an Idol Group. Without any named suspects or relationships, and no info about any of the other groups, we can only rule out who DIDN'T do it. (At the time of posting this) EDIT: The teacher, Kanesaki, I believe, has an odd detail in his bio(Synopsis) in Episode 0. He's a "Part-Time Inventor"? What does that have to do with anything? That's a very, VERY odd detail to include. it is possible, with his knowledge, he may have been involved in building the bomb. Also, why was Meteor with them and.. Aka-Sensei, I believe? If Kanesaki was teaching Aka-Sensei, why the heck did Meteor come with them??? Also, they’re the only other Idol Group that has been mentioned so far. Other groups weren’t in episode 0, so unless Ryan is going to include Synopses for everybody new from here on out, he has this all planned with the current characters. It's all so complicated, and there just isn't enough evidence yet. Meteor was on the same top ten stage as The Star Blush Girls, based on their Synopsis, so if it was them, and they won all of their competitions so far, why would they bomb their own show? Even if they DID see SBG as a competitor, having 100% competition win rate just doesn't scream "desperate enough to bomb competition" to me. UPDATE: I believe the Detective was the one that put the briefcase in the abandoned building in "A Poor Man's Briefcase" as... well, what was the scenario? The group was finding clues to open a briefcase, while the note described the writer had a connection with the mafia. Out of everybody we've met, who has the most relation to these things? Definitely the detective- It's his job to find clues and evidence that lead to a solution, and he clearly wants to support SBG. There's also the line "I still remember taking showers in the bathrooms at school..." To me, the 'still' implies that it was a long time ago, and that combined with "at school" means it was done in the past, or the speaker used to do it. Considering the Detective is an adult, that may explain the 'still remember' part, as well as line up with the fact that he used to be in school. Also, I do still believe SBG is innocent, as the detective clearly knows things we don't, and supports their innocence, as spoken in "dream on". Even if Star Blush were intending to harm other idol groups, the motive still isn't quite there...
  10. So, i'm in college now, and taking two classes for psychology. i've always had ADHD, i'm pretty lazy, and laid back. When something happens, I dont really worry too much anymore. I'm easily distracted and bored, and I have a hard time motivating myself to actually do the small tasks needed to complete a project. Unless I'm REALLY passionate about something, I have so much trouble focusing and getting stuff done without exact instructions, despite knowing I can fail the class if I don't step up... My motivation to do things always comes in short bursts, and I can't ever focus and get anything completely done, like when writing a paper, doing math homework, or just studying. I don't feel pressured to get things done like I used to, and I'm really not all that worried about my grades, or being successful in class. I just dont care enough. Every little task just doesn't feel appealing or necessary to me anymore, despite knowing how important it is. How can I fix this dumb flaw of mine, and actually get anything done? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!~ ----- (NOTE: I don't expect this to be answered on a DWW or something right away, as other people likely have more pressing issues that they need help with. I just thought i'd get this out there for now, as i'm really struggling with it. <3~)