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  1. Thank you so much @Sumner Kagen that really means a lot ^^; I'm glad the shading made up for the lack of detail XD I'll definitely continue to draw !
  2. I used to do a lot of drawing (but not a lot of human figures and certainly not a lot of faces) so I wanted to see if I could still draw, so I tried a cute picture of Cole and Hareka sat on a bench outside Kanesaki's cabin. They 100% like each other.
  3. I wrote this to the a brief - write a piece in the style of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring... I tried ^^; Stravinsky_composition.mp3
  4. This is something short I put together for a friend of mine - I wrote it as a character theme for Nanbaka's Tanabata Seitarou Star_boy.wav
  5. It's been a while since my last Static P cover (Detective Detective) but I've finally got into it! I made this one on my own and I'm every bit as proud of it. Here is my cover and just the instrumental if anyone wants it ^^ Sugar_popped_sunshine_cover.wav Sugar_popped_sunshine_instrumental.wav
  6. I wrote this orchestral instrumental to represent the Star Blush Girls's response to the idol bombing - Terror, shock, confusion, contemplation and finally hope. Reaction.mp3
  7. Idk why but this sent twice and I don't know how to get rid of this lol
  8. Hey Joe! I was at a rock festival (well it was a music festival but the rock was the most awesome bit) and I suddenly remembered your music - and that it's totally awesome ! You're absolutely underrated and everyone wants to hear more of your music, put some more stuff on YouTube! I would happily buy it. Also, as @Sunnilybright asked, is there an instrumental version of this song ? I'd love to do a cover of it. Thanks ^^
  9. I don't have a lot of experience in orchestral composition but this is just for strings so I hope you enjoy it! String_piece.mp3
  10. @ScienceRocks Dramatic? Nice, I'll take it. Still trying to figure out how music works so thanks ^^
  11. @slightlyaboveaveragejoe Obviously I need to advertise myself more ;D I appreciate it, very proud of this
  12. I've been using Logic Pro to write all the music I've uploaded here so far and I've just picked up Ableton. This is very different in style to the rest of my music but I'm trying to do something in as many styles as I can. Note this song is called "Vsauce Michael broke my heart in England" because I had no idea what to call it so I used a random song name generator. Please enjoy! Vsauce Michael broke my heart in England.wav
  13. Thanks Artist22! I'm gald you're enjoying it - I'm still doing music and I might be uploading again soon
  14. I performed the main part in my school play (Dewey Finn School of Rock) and it was totally awesome but that's the problem because I have really bad sentimentality issues, I'm going to experience a really nasty low after it's over. I'll miss all my friends in the cast and band. I'll even miss the late nights from after-school rehearsals. I'm posting this on Wednesday evening (technically Thursday morning) after the first of three performances it's starting to dawn on me how I won't be able to cope when it's over. This is the most intensive group project I've ever done with anyone and I'm really worried about what place I'll be in on Saturday. how do I cope with this?
  15. I've been working on this for my music A level and knew I had to upload it here. I am very proud of it myself, and though this is not the complete version, it has multiple segments completed (or almost.) I am an enormous fan of this kind of instrumental music and I've taken a lot of inspiration both from composers like Howard Shore and John Williams and yeboi Static P. (It's called pirate song 4 because it's the 4th draft) Enjoy Jonno_-_pirate_song_4.mp3
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