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  1. Also I forgot to click notify me of replies so if you reply please do it on this one XD
  2. Hi! (It's yeboi) Always happy to do collaborative creative projects! I spend a lot of time doing music and I'm going to study it at university next year, focusing on composition! I write a lot of music in my free time including Static P covers~ I also sing. Happy to be of service o7
  3. Thanks Hero! I posted the link to it on the "Can you guess the Detective?" thread and I think there's not much left for me to add... Given how close the end of Criminal Idol S1 is, I've lost a bit of motivation on it but I'm still proud of it ^^
  4. Inktober day 31 - ripe Okay I've had 7 hours since my last shenanigans trying to figure out anything to do with the word ripe and I've got nothing. Why ripe, Joe? Anyway I think I've talked enough about the prompt word so here I've drawn something in a fantasy(ish?) style - Detective Detective looking more like royalty than a detective and Cole as a travelling minstrel.
  5. Inktober day 31 - Ripe As Inktober approaches its end I'm uploading a strophic instrumental I wrote - I almost exclusively write for orchestra on Cubase but I've strayed back to Ableton briefly to try to write something rocky/poppy. Ripe because - get this - as a composer I'm at a ripe age for learning as many new styles as possible! Eh? Eh? Look I have no idea what this has got to do with ripe but it took a long time and I won't be stopped by the irrelevance of the word ripe. Just pretend the song is called ripe or something. Enjoy ^^ Puppet_Strings.mp3
  6. Okay, here goes. Detective Monkerstar bursts onto the scene - and carrying a folder, no less! What's in the folder I hear you ask? Well you're welcome to take a look... https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AIRHxfqzz27UG-3tKahI8XYcmE7SpbePEP0TW28GL3g/edit?usp=sharing While unfinished, I wanted to give this to all of you before the last songs are released on Criminal Idol to help bring us together and straighten things out. This has taken a long time - my only hope is that for people interested in solving the case but don't have the time to meticulously look through the whole album, I can give you the details and a lot of trivia. By no means does this have all of the clues in it, but I hope it helps. Good luck Detectives!
  7. Wow, thank you for all this, I never expected this. It's amazing to think that I'm a rare person who will be successful - I'm aware that I have recently developed a very unhealthy perfectionist attitude and struggles to see the positives in my efforts. - Starting with working out, Monday - Kickboxing, Tuesday - Tae Kwon Do, Wednesday - Kickboxing, Saturday - Gym and Tae Kwon Do so It's almost regular ^^; I don't intend on dropping Kickboxing because I'll be grading for my blackbelt soon but I have considered the possibility of dropping Tae Kwon Do and/or my gym membership. - I think it would be reasonable to cut down on creative writing, I could live with that - Regarding meditation I did yoga for a few weeks but didn't really get along with it well so I stopped. I might give meditation another try as I often find myself in a mindspace where I'm doing nothing at all but not relaxed - I think the school choir/chamber choir is a smaller commitment than some of the others on the list, but I've decided to cancel my singing pop/rock singing exam - I have already done a musical theatre exam so I don't really need both. I'm astonished with your discipline and routine - the specific exercises you do, your meditation and breathing exercises are honestly not something I would have considered. While we're on it, I definitely need to learn to cook before university ^^: I couldn't help but notice how busy you've been on the BSS server recently... It's honestly amazing. Keep it up!
  8. I'm currently doing my A levels at school (fyi that's years 12-13 in England so ages 16-18) and I'm studying maths, music and drama. I originally studied further maths but it was too much and I fell behind so I dropped it. Same with EPQ (Extended project qualification, we were going to do some research and publish a paper but it was too much for me.) Anyway I'm studying 3 A levels but I'm also spending a lot of time composing as that's what I want to pursue at university, I'm doing Kickboxing classes and Tae Kwon Do classes, I go to the gym on Saturdays and church on Sundays, I mow our lawn on weekends, I'm going to start taking driving lessons soon, I do singing lessons, I'm in the school choir and chamber choir, the school play, I'm learning Japanese on Duolingo, I do a lot of creative writing, I'm trying to compile my Detective portfolio and I'm trying to submit a few things for Inktober but I've disappointed myself and it looks like I'll only be able to do one or two. I'm also overdue on my portfolio for my A level drama and school wants my personal statement in for university references soon. I leave for school at 7 and get home at 5 and I feel like I simply don't have enough time or brain power to achieve everything I wish I could. People say I should drop some things but I feel like all of these things are extremely important to me and I couldn't just stop doing any of them. Did I mention a social life would be nice? Sorry if it seems like I'm bragging, reading this through I realise it could look like that and sorry if this is a generic question or if it's something you yourself have to deal with. What do I do?
  9. Hero... Awesome art ^^ Is it okay if I use one of these in a Detective document?
  10. @ecmystery That's actually brilliant... I had a very similar idea I've been working on but mine is very different and not as cool looking XD
  11. Inktober day 18 - Misfit I know I'm more of a musician than an artist but I draw a tiny bit (keyword tiny). I decided to focus on Cole from Criminal Idol, how he's both generally a social misfit but also a misfit in the idol group. Don't fall asleep in the clubroom
  12. It's Monkerstar! Inktober day 15, legend! I originally wrote this short instrumental as a theme for Tanabata Seitarou from Nanbaka (see my profile picture :D) but I've totally rewritten in with new software and new sound libraries and a massively extended string section to be more mysterious and exciting, perhaps representing something that has fallen deep into the fleeting visage of legend? Star_Boy.mp3
  13. Thank you so much @Sumner Kagen that really means a lot ^^; I'm glad the shading made up for the lack of detail XD I'll definitely continue to draw !
  14. I used to do a lot of drawing (but not a lot of human figures and certainly not a lot of faces) so I wanted to see if I could still draw, so I tried a cute picture of Cole and Hareka sat on a bench outside Kanesaki's cabin. They 100% like each other.
  15. I wrote this to the a brief - write a piece in the style of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring... I tried ^^; Stravinsky_composition.mp3
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