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  1. I am a husband and father of two. I mostly work 6 to 7 days a week and have little time to myself anymore. When I do get to spend some time on my own stuffs, I am a writer primarily. Used to watch a lot of anime and did a little bit of illustration when I was younger.
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    I can't seem to think of anything comical or witty for an introduction or title, so; incoming explanation as to the affection for the music that brought me here! No idea what act of god had brought the Tsundere song "It's not like I like you" to my Youtube feed, but arrive it did. After listening to that for a day non-stop, I did what any other mildly *Cough* interested person would do. I looked up and followed the links to the singers! Wee!! Then I saw the drama album in bloom and gave a listen. Likely a mistake since I'm on a jazz kick from the scat from the previous day. Now I am here for more. Let us enjoy each other's company.
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