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  1. yes o3o, just be careful cause lots of people out there can have duel personality from online vs irl all my boyfriends where people i dated online and 2/3 ive met irl, current one is american soooooooooooooo money to visit will take a while^^;
  2. I dont have a deviant art anymore but i do have a new website if you guys wanna check it out :0 https://blackswann9.wixsite.com/rodraws
    i love how every song is so different and yet each of them are so catchy and special and fun to listen to<3
  3. Ro

    comissions openX3

    thank you i feel bad the website never pinged me about this messegeXD i check on it time to time cause ive been so busy with inktober lol
  4. im absolutely in love with this!!!
  5. the struggle to keep up with inktober and making videos of each art is reaaaaaaaaaaaalXD
  6. and i am a fan of your work X3
  7. Ro

    rogue fanart

    sure you can PM me if you want :3 sorry for late responce ive been sick for the past couple of days^^;
  8. Ro

    rogue fanart

    alot of patienceXD lots of layersXD
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