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  1. Ro

    comissions openX3

    latest speed art <3
  2. Ro

    Adventurer Animatic

    as long as statics music inspires me you will
  3. Ro

    Adventurer Animatic

    thank you<3
  4. Ro

    Adventurer Animatic

    Adventurer Animatic-RoDraws
  5. Ro

    Play Any Musical Instruments?

    i started to play the ukulele and i got myself some calluses nowXD
  6. Ro

    Shirt Design Poll

    Thank you<3
  7. Ro

    Criminal Idol MAP

    i actualy got mine for free with no trial.no idea how i did itXD
  8. Ro

    giraffe static

  9. Ro

    Shirt Contest!

    omg that is amazingXDXD i love this so muchXDXDXD
  10. Ro

    giraffe static

    heeee=3= i love yer face too XP
  11. Ro

    giraffe static

    ........................................i need more yellow fabric in order for this to be realXD
  12. Ro

    Shirt Contest!

    here it is anyways, tweaked it anyways, will maybe do new design in the future if i have time
  13. Ro

    Shirt Contest!

    could i hypothericaly use the artwork i did for the animated videos i did for static? cause i mean............i dont care if you guys use my artXD