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  2. Hey everyone reading this small update on what happend well she is actually going to marry her own cousin but I shall be honest I don't mind I found out due to one of her friends she had been keeping me on a leash for the last 2 years from the 3 years we know each other and with that I mean she only kept contact because she knew I'd pay for her flight and such if it was needed she faked loads of stuff that she said at first she actually did like me but her greed got the better from her (wasn't even the first time from what I've heard and seen) and if she thought I wasn't usefull anymore she said herself she'd throw me to the side no problem when I heard this ofcourse I was heart broken but I learned from this thank you guys for your advice it helped me go on for the days needed before I heard this in the meantime I have been a bit stable again starting to eat again etc etc
  3. Yup been mostly learning for normal time attack to do a whole run but may or may not have broken my controller so that’s been put on a halt but since I’m just fairly active to respond to questions and know a lot about the game they had given me mod status so that’s really cool to be so active in something you love
  4. I mostly play stuff like Jrpg’s but I also like to play stuff like payday (over 970 hours in that game pc alone) but my all time favourite is Shadow of the colossus Haag that first when I was 8 still play it now and actually am a mod for the speedrun 2018 forum on speedrun . com
  5. So pretty much what for me has been going on is that I know this girl for 3 years now when she came to Amsterdam for a vacation and ever since then we have been in contact since we are both really shy it took us until 2 weeks ago to actually say to each other I love you now a little bit of backstory she is half Muslim and her mom passed away when she was 14 and I met her when she was 17 but since her dad was the Muslim side he made sure she was engaged but this was with someone she didn’t love and he didn’t love her. Lately she had problems with her dad and ones he found out I liked her and she liked me that was the drip he locked her into her room and booked tickets to Afghanistan at this time she still got a little bit of free time to take a breath outside and such (this was the only time she was able to contact me as well) her plan was to get away ones she had these times only he found out everything since then I haven’t been able to contact her anymore and a friend of her talked to the family who said they were packing for a family trip and we are guessing that the marriage is being forced now and it seems unlikely that we will have contact again I have been planning to go to Afghanistan to find her only I don’t know where they are taking her and if so how would I get her out of there I’m feeling so hopeless that I don’t know what to do anymore
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