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  1. Vimini

    D+P: Super Team!

    Detective Detective's most loyal partner: Detective Pikachu!! I've had this idea since Detective Pikachu came out and it was being hyped, but I never got to it until much later. This is just a concept sketch right now, I hope to redraw this when I have time! Maybe include a proper background too u.u ddpikachu
  2. oiiiii who crossed out the most important part of my question T.T
  3. Hey Jorge and Ralph! jkjk I kid~ (I know your names are John and Romney) Anyway, hope you guys are doing phenomenal today! Happy May! So as you may know, the end of the school year is coming near, which means (the dreaded): finals and exams. (boooooo) So for us students, do you have any words of encouragement before we set out to those testing rooms? De-stressing techniques? Cheating tactics? (Viewers Discretion is advised) To fellow students: YOU WILL KICK BUTTTTTTTT!!! NO BUTTS NO CUTS NO COCONUTS. SEE Y'ALL ON THE FLIP SIDE!
  4. Day 18: Bottle uhh this quick sketch wasn't supposed to turn dark... but then it did happy spooktober?
  5. Hope this posts to the right place, oof Day 6: Drooling. This is my attempt at ink yEET
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