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  1. Mirror mirror on the wall Please come save me when I fall All my problems you can see You can see what’s really me When I partake of this poison fair Embrace me up into your care Save me from my eternal sleep My waking thoughts you then can keep Bring me to a whole new place Away from these problems which I do face In your magic mirror land I feel I’ll have the strength to stand No fairies and demons to haunt me so No evil witches to put on a show A Princess with a happy ending And not the kind that involves a ring A Princess free from care and strife A Princess free to live her life Mirror mirror on the wall Please come take me away from it all
  2. Hahaha you’re fine! Don’t worry about it
  3. Yes it really is my first cover. The file says that because of the app I was using. I was messing around with it so that was the second file. Does that make sense?
  4. Sooo... I’ve never done a cover before. If it’s bad I apologize, I haven’t been very motivated recently so I was kind of really lazy with my voice, vocal technique, etc. Also, my voice is quite a bit dead so yeah. I also apologize for parts where it might be hard to hear my voice, you must realize this was all done on my phone because that’s all I had. Anyways, let me know what you think! My_Song_2.m4a
  5. Don’t Mourn Monday Don’t Try Tuesday Don’t Worry Wednesday Don’t Think Thursday (Lay how dare you steal it! Just kidding I’m not the angry type. For all I know maybe I stole it without knowing) Don’t Fret Friday Don’t be Sad Saturday Don’t Sigh Sunday
  6. On Monday morning I found out that my dad has been having an affair. Not only that, he wanted to stay with his girlfriend. Obviously my mom was heart broken. However I just smiled through it and focused on the phrase, “I have to be okay.” Monday evening she asked him to move out. However, yesterday his girlfriend broke up with him. My mom said he could come back but he came back angry. He hasn’t treated her well over the years and he told her it was her fault he cheated. I’m conflicted and confused unsure of how to feel so instead I focus on, “I have to be okay” I feel like I have to be okay no matter how I truly feel. I have to be okay for myself, those around me, and my family. I feel almost guilty because I don’t seem to feel much most of the time but I wonder if that’s due to shock, denial, confusion, and trying to force myself to be okay. I worry about my mom. I’m scared that he’s just going to hurt her even more than he already has. She herself has said that she’s, “second place.” He came back because his girlfriend broke up with him. Yet my mom wants to make things work all the same. I love my dad which conflicts me more. It’s hard to believe this is happening. I don’t want to lose him, but I also don’t want my mom to be in pain. Not to mention how I haven’t even cried over this... it’s strange. I don’t know, any advice?
  7. “I’m fine, I’m fine!” She says with a smile Oh that lie is deeper than a mile How could she possibly find through this Not phased, not dazed, no smile to miss I’m shattered, falling, lost and confused A broken doll, thrown away, unused The time is ticking in my heart Yet the clock has yet to start My world has quickly come to an end Yet a smile I’ll still send I’m okay, I have to be For if I’m not, than am I me? Everything’s falling, crashing down I have to stay afloat, I can’t drown My family needs me to be okay So my true feelings I will not say Hiding behind a wall of chains Happiness, she continually feigns
  8. I’m okay now. I just was discouraged due to my voice yesterday. I wasn’t able to sing like I normally do and I kept comparing it to others. I have an alto voice and don’t have a good high range. When I go into my head voice I have a really breathe sound because for whatever reason I sing with too much air when I’m in my head voice. That’s the only way I can hit high notes but I hate my head voice due to constantly being told how horrible it was and how I was singing wrong because it’s too airy. Yesterday for whatever reason my low range wasn’t very good so I was discouraged about that. I started thinking I my voice lacks emotion and expression. I normally don’t think like that but I think because of the stress and pressure of accompanying, I kind of just snapped.
  9. Yeah I’m good. Just kind of had a rough day but it’s okay. I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow. I normally am, I just have times when for whatever reason I seem to lose my normal positivity and end up criticizing myself harshly instead
  10. A feather floating gently down Falling into a puddle to drown A little girl trapped in her mind An endless cycle with no escape to find Constantly criticizing, comparing, judging Her heart she’s tightly clutching Silently deciding that she can’t sing Wonder what potential she can bring Why was she chosen, what did he see? For I’m just me A silly girl with an unstable voice Maybe he made a wrong choice Was it all a big mistake? And yet it was good for her sake Still she’s left alone with her thoughts Constantly throwing away her shots She can’t do anything, she’s stripped of confidence She’s falling into a whole, trapped in a fence What good can I do, why do I try? I wish I had wings to spread and fly But lost are the wings that I once had So I’ll keep spiraling downward, broken and sad
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