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  1. Neon-S

    Music Production

    i've gone through two, i think. i just started work on another one, more time killer than anything
  2. Neon-S

    Neon-S Tracks

    aye, it did have an awkward start. i do wish that i put a bit of chords in the drop portions, but oh well
  3. Neon-S

    I'm not good with hello titles.

    hello! I'm Twig! You're slightly insane, very active shark jumper. nice of you to join us!
  4. Neon-S

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    I mean, the genius teacher is the one with the most means and skill to pull it off. however, he almost seems too obvious for a detective story...
  5. Neon-S

    My... Fanarts...?

    Wowza. you made me use a capital letter, impressive.
  6. Neon-S


    fair enough. i myself have thought on that before
  7. Neon-S

    Count to 1000!

  8. Welcome! It was starting to get lonely here!
  9. Neon-S

    Welcome to Our Lair, errr, Forum

    @Lolapop Welcome! Why don't you pop into a chat or two? Hang out a bit, have fun!
  10. Neon-S

    Welcome to Our Lair, errr, Forum

    @zadeb1 Welcome to our little slice of lunacy! Chat, hang out, just enjoy your stay!
  11. Neon-S

    Count to 1000!

  12. Neon-S

    Neon-S Tracks

    This song had an Identity Crisis as I made it. I'm still not sure what I'd call it!
  13. Neon-S

    Music Production

    The song's finished, it'll be uploaded later today
  14. Neon-S

    Neon-S Tracks

    Thanks! i enjoy making them. i'll be posting a new one later today
  15. Neon-S

    Neon-S Tracks

    abnormality isn't random, but it is hectic, where as twilight is an older track with an 8-bit sound to it. i'm working on another track right now, but it really doesn't know what it wants to be. have another track of mine in the mean time, a track called Dusk.