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  1. Corporeal

    Music Production

    Everyone can mix Neon-S, mixing is just adjusting the volume of tracks so that everything sounds good. for instance "my drums are too loud so I'll turn them down to let the piano come through." Mastering is the part where you turn into Golem, hunched over your keyboard muttering to yourself until you lose your sanity.
  2. Corporeal

    Music Production

    I see, that makes a lot of sense. thanks for clarifying that AustinJS!
  3. Corporeal

    Music Production

    Anyone know anything about mastering a track? When I search for information on it's just people giving step by step instructions but they never explain what it is they're trying to do. "Add a compressor" they say, but why and what does it do? (I have a general idea of what it does FYI)