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  1. oh boy, this is a tough one! I have very little experience in "matters of the heart" but it's plane to see that this interaction is uncomfortable to you. Just remember that you are under no obligation to be in an uncomfortable spot and that you don't owe this person anything. Personally I think they are being inappropriate and should not have come on so strong it always puts people on edge.
  2. That's a really tough question. When I was depressed a year and a half ago everyone around me could instantly tell that I wasn't acting myself. Granted, I didn't receive any useful help so it's not like it mattered either way. I get that you're not a really emotionally expressive person but I'd say just pick whichever friend or family member you're closest to and lay it on the line. It doesn't have to be a really heavy conversation, just be like: "I've been having a tough time lately" and when asked try to express why that is. But the most important thing is if you need help to not be afraid to get it (talking about medical aid for a very serious condition.) It can be helpful to talk to an unbiased third party like a teacher or doctor about such issues as well. I was fortunate enough that I eventually recovered on my own. Sorry for rambling. TLDR: don't be afraid to open up to those around you when you need support. And don't be afraid to talk to a teacher councilor or doctor if you think you're experiencing depression.
  3. Sudden change and the fear of pain (emotional is this case) are fears that all of humanity share. I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through a tough time recently, and a lack of stability in your living situation certainly complicates things. But just know that life is always changing and in a state of flux, one day everything that's happening will be nothing but a memory. You'll get through it. Everyone goes through unpleasant circumstances and even though it might seem that they handle it better than you think you could, on the inside they're freaking out as much as anyone else. I'm reminded of a quote from my favorite book "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towels, "One must master one's circumstances, or be mastered by them." For some time I didn't know what that meant until I realized that one must focus on the immediate practicality's of living in your circumstance. For instance, I live in my parents basement at the moment, but to foster a greater sense of independence I purchased a coffee pot. I no longer needed to rely on my parents coffee pot. It's just something small but it was one of many little things that helped restore a sense of agency to my life. Anyway I hope this helps, and I hope things get better for you.
  4. Everyone can mix Neon-S, mixing is just adjusting the volume of tracks so that everything sounds good. for instance "my drums are too loud so I'll turn them down to let the piano come through." Mastering is the part where you turn into Golem, hunched over your keyboard muttering to yourself until you lose your sanity.
  5. I see, that makes a lot of sense. thanks for clarifying that AustinJS!
  6. Anyone know anything about mastering a track? When I search for information on it's just people giving step by step instructions but they never explain what it is they're trying to do. "Add a compressor" they say, but why and what does it do? (I have a general idea of what it does FYI)
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