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  1. if you cant answer this today i prolly wont be around for another streamsso just like negate it lol ive always kinda gotten over stressed over school and for stupid reasons. I put off doing all my work and have troubles paying attention in calss, i also dont rly consider many people my friends . Ive also been having issues taking peoples possitive advice in a nicve manner, i want to refuse it and tell them theyre wrong and i feel attacked whenever i get any critisism, i jsut constantly feel under pressure and have almost constant stress/tension headaches which is just blerg
  2. It has to be Kane, first of all, the detective is always there when he is and the detective knows the bomber already, second, he has red everywhere, so he's evil, third, he convieniently makes he star blush girls meet meteor, WHO HAD THERE ALIBI REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. If worst come to worst, I'm sure you can make some new friends in school, but what might help is if your religious you can always pray. Even if you are not religious, you can study harder next time and hope that you do better and finish your education. I hoped I managed to help you some, I'm not very good at this.
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