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    thanks for all the welcome i gave my friend the snail for Christmas and he loved it! the snail's been named Squishy and being well taken care of.
  2. Tyto11


    i appreciate the welcome! my friend's been wanting a pet snail for some time but there aren't any in his local area. i helped him do quite a lot of research on how to care for them when he first realized it was a possibility, so i'm fairly confident it'll be well-cared for.
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    i swear i've done one of these before but i just can't find it- it was way back in february. anyhow, hi! i came here from static-p's youtube channel, and i guess i forgot about this until i got an email notification from a topic i followed? it's bustling a lot more now, i'm excited to see what the community's like and what happened while i was gone. some stuff about me; i like music, i'm taking care of a snail for a friend (a surprise Christmas gift. if he doesn't want it i can keep on taking care of him 'til spring, and then i'll let him loose into the wild where he came from. the snail, not the friend), i'm trying and failing to grow basil from seed, and i'm bi
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