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  1. Thank you so much <3 I am sorry for just arriving. Yesterday is the start of our school days. Soooo yeah. But I will still be posting my art so make sure to come by sometimes~
  2. I am done with Keiko as Meiko. Next will be Aoke as Miku Hatsune.
  3. I have posted few of my very first SBG fanarts in an awkwardly typed title in the Fan Arts sections, "My... Fanarts...?" so if you have time and of course I-I'm not forcing you or anything... check it out!! >~<)
  4. Thank you so much <3 I'll make sure to post more Aoke drawings for @Sena too~
  5. @Ray, if you say so then I'll try to, its my summer vacation but I have no wifi (we are poor u-u xD) so same as you uwu) @Mardi, my very intention was to share those fanarts but the remarks all these people gave me made me so inspired to draw more. Thanks so much, everyone. :3 <3
  6. Thanks, y'all are so nice to me ;w;) I'll keep doing my best! Count on me! *Δ*)9
  7. I know this is a very late introduction, but I'd do so anyways. Hi, I am known as Einjiru Kurosaki in the internet world, and I am a digital artist aiming to get better and better and use that talent to inspire others to draw. I am an anime lover and my current favorites are My Hero Academia, Love Live, and many more. I am a proud Filipino and is only 14 years old, turning 15 to June 13. Thanks for having me here, and I will be so happy to share my Criminal Idol fanarts to you, guys. I am also a big, big, big fan of Static-P, and that is one of the main reasons I got the bravery to show up here, cuz in reality, I actually don't talk much to people unless they talk to me first. Also, I write stories in Wattpad, and I have been planning to make a fanfic for Criminal Idol. Okay- I am getting a bit too talkative- so- yeah, let's end it here- Also, dont let my shyness deceive you. I am a very childish and energetic person. >_>)" Also, also, here are drawings of my best grills that I made-
  8. I was planning to make the SBG idols cosplaying some of the Vocaloid characters, and here is Keiko as Meiko Sakine. Excuse me if it's only a sketch- I-I was busy playing ML-
  9. OMGGGGGGG IM SO HAPPY I GOT NOTICED <3 Since I have no wifi, I cant get online so... Sorry for the late reply TTΔTT) IM SO HAPPY I GOT NOTICEDDDDDDD!!! <3
  10. Thanks, everyone.. You don't know how much help these compliments are since I always am losing hope when it comes to my arts, I've been drawing for a long time and I only got few.. people.. who appreciated those, so I am really really happy you do! Love lots! TTΔTT) <3
  11. It took me at about 1-2 hours each. Keiko has her hair colored now... Thanks for the compliment, everyone! TTΔTT) <3
  12. This is my first time posting here... Forgive me if I make mistakes QAQ) B-But... I-I wanna share my fanarts here...
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