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  1. Sandslight

    Who am i

    Welcome here and I hope you'll enjoy your time around. Video Games used to be a big deal since it's a source of fun plus it may be better with others. Check out the gaming threads if you would like to, you may find someone to play with if you're looking for a partner or just to goof around. Have a very nice day
  2. Sandslight

    Ello everyone

    Hello and welcome on the forum. Keep your excitement, might help you later with your things. You have some great hobbies and if I can say, nice to hear sewing is one of them. Odd stories are awesome, I would like to read or listen to a few later when you're in that mood. Enjoy your time and have wonderful days.
  3. Sandslight

    Your Name

    Personally, I don't really being called on my actual name except at official places. That's kind of a long story why this is happening but ppl got used to it so I did. As nickname, I use many.... If I remember right I have like 16 names in general. I'm not impersonating others and trying to be myself inside and outside of my names. At least a person will be still a person behind names right? The one I use here have kind of 2 reading. Sands Light and Sand Slight. Two basic words just smashed together without a normal meaning together right? Since all ppl have two sides and the good comes with the bad and the opposite, I had to find a balanced version of it.. And so there we go. Sands Light supposed to be a positive and Sand Slight supposed to be a negative 'reading' of it. It's also fun who finds which first for the first reading. This name is a memory for an old who lived in the mountains years before. I used to deliver food and help him since my young ages and I did this for 14 years. Plus after all I have a respect related reason why I wouldn't call anyone on her or his real name online. I mean i do but only if I'm being asked to do so. I think a name of a person is a respectful aspect of someone which may be shared with other people as well but that version of it is his or her name after all. If she / he decides to share it, then it will be shared but even if that person shared it with me in private, I wouldn't call it out loud in the public since it's something that person shared with me privately and not a thing for public places online.
  4. Sandslight

    Introducing myself >///<

    Hello and welcome on the forum! No need to be very shy, I don't know cannibals around. I'm not one myself either! Trust me! Jazz is it? Pretty cool. No doubt that you'll be more than welcome here. I look forward to your posts and keep that in mind, we're not here to eat you! I agree, music is a wonderful thing itself. Books are great too if you want to spend your time in peace and have an awesome story in mind to think about. Stay strong, keep it up.
  5. Sandslight

    A soft person joins the battle!

    Welcome! Yes pretty much, the Library is a very calm and nice place to stay at. Bunnies are nice I even had one as a pet. Have a great time around !
  6. Sandslight

    HOI!!!! 😜

    And so 'here you are', aren't you? Very well then, welcome here on the forum and I hope I'll see you around. Please enjoy your staying and have wonderful days.
  7. Sandslight

    I am back

    Welcome and I'm glad of your return. Have wonderful days and I'm looking forward to those weekly speeches. You'll have at least 1 reader for sure.
  8. Sandslight

    Co-operative/competitive Games

    @slightlyaboveaveragejoe oh very well then, sure we can play together some times!
  9. Sandslight

    Co-operative/competitive Games

    @slightlyaboveaveragejoe yes I have it on steam for PC. You mentioned it in in your list of Xbox one. I thought you're a console player and I wasn't sure if we can invite each other to play together. If I'm wrong then sorry for the misunderstanding.
  10. Sandslight

    Co-operative/competitive Games

    Sure thing but I don't know if there's an option for cross-platform groups. There's a cross-platform matchmaking but I never played with anyone in a group from other platforms.
  11. Sandslight


    Good news then good luck with making your friend and the snail happy
  12. Sandslight


    Hello and welcome here. I hope you'll enjoy your time around. Snails can be awesome if they want to. Hope your friend will be happy about that little guy and will keep it in good hands.
  13. Sandslight

    Co-operative/competitive Games

    Warframe - Aye-aye, [almost] MR19 here. Golf it! - Never played it but I have it. Seems fun. Path of Exile - Nah 100% Orange Juice - Have it and it's fun for some reason Town of Salem - Nah PUBG - I don't have it Overwatch - Nah Heroes of the Storm - Since beta but.. Nah Hearthstone- Nah Rise of nations - I don't have it CIV 4 - I don't have it Rocket League - On PC, any time with anyone. Some other cooperative/competitive games for PC (and the ones I have) PAYDAY 2 Don't Starve Together Ticket to Ride
  14. Sandslight


    Welcome here, I hope you'll enjoy your time around.
  15. Sandslight

    h o y h o y

    Hello there, welcome here. I look forward to your posts in the future if you planned to ( I hope you did ) Sooooo... Hey!