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  1. so i have a problem: i had/have this really good friend for like 4 years and just recently he got a gf and he has kinda just pushed me aside like we almost never does stuff together anymore and im kinda feeling bad about it and i don't really know what to do (sorry if this isn't a good enough problem for DWW)
  2. no. i'm sorry for what i know i have never been able to find a way to just make the sad feeling disappear. the feeling has passed by fast but never instantly and sometimes when i think about it (even though it had stopped bothering me) i still get sad to time to time about it. and all that i know is possible to do about is just to forget and move on (if you at some point find a better way please let me know i will be glad to hear it out )
  3. (i hope this will help :) ) Hey man the same happend for me not long ago but i didn't have anyone to talk to about it so i just waited a bit and eventually found a new series but it was really hard for me too i couldn't even get out of bed at some point. some of my friends just thought i was joking when i tried to talk to them about it. so the way i tried handling with it was by finding a hobby, or watching a new series (the bad thing about this one is that you can get even more sad later on) i also looked up when the next season of the series i watched would come out and i found that there was coming another season 1 year later and that kinda gave me hope :) so if i was you i would just try to find something that can replace that joy of watching that series :)
  4. hi. so i was trying to buy the silver member role but it came with a message saying "Operation timed out after 30001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received" i tried a couple of tries with no luck and i just looked at my paypal it has taken the money 3 times for silver but i haven't gotten the rank (i don't expect to get my money back i just wanted to say that there is so problem in the transaction :////)
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