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  1. Please read the following amazing writings by our fellow Community Members and pick your favorite. Hailey Day 11 Legend.docx Hailey Day 11 Snow.docx Harmony Day 12 Dragon .docx Liam Day 1 Rings.docx Liam Day 2 Mindless.docx Liam Day 3 Bait.docx Man Left Behind Day 21 Treasure .docx
  2. See the below Images for voting they are in the same order as the poll.
  3. Anna_P_Day_12_Dragon.MOVAnna_P_Day_13_Ash.MOVAnna_P_Day_16_Exploration.MOVAnna_P_Day_22_Ghost.MOV Anna_P_Day_1_Ring.mp3 Anna P Day 2 Mindless.mp3 Anna_P_Day_3_Bait.mp3 Anna_P_Day_4_Freeze.mp3 Anna_P_Day_5_Build.mp3 Anna P Day 6 Husky.mp3 Anna_P_Day_7_Enchanted.mp3 Anna P Day 15 Legend.mp3 Anna_P_Day_18_Misfit.mp3 Anna_P_Day_23_Ancient.mp3 Monkerstar_Day_15_Legend.mp3 Monkerstar_Day_31_Ripe.mp3 Hey Guys you can find all the submissions here.
  4. Hey Guys! Here's the poll. Let us know your favorites!
  5. Guys! This are amazing! I am so grateful for each one of you who is posting and I'm sorry that I haven't had time to go through them all, but rest assured I will. A bit of a note, there is coming maintenance this weekend. Please continue to create your art and works, and post them when the server comes back on line. The fact that they are not posted on the right day will not be penalized for these next few days for that reason. Keep up the good work!
  6. @Jahotsafits Drop them in here for now, last year it got crazy with having multiple threads for a bit so let's see what happens and hopefully more people participate!!
  7. Hey guys, we're approaching the time of year that I am really excited for. Inktober!!! Which means it's time for another contest. If you remember last year Inktober is a daily prompt for art submissions. But I like to put a twist on that. Artists can be anyone who creates. Writers, Musicians, and of course, artists. Last year we had multiple winners for a member ship here on BSS.Studio, but I figure we should spice it up a little bit. We've procured many an item from the Kickstarter, so how about we Kickstart this contest. The first place prizes will be as follows Music: A Criminal Idol CD to jam out with in the car, on a plane, during a heist (neither I nor BSS condones theft)... plus a month of silver membership Artists: The Criminal Idol Art Book, full of detail, mystery, intrigue, and... Art! Plus a month of silver membership Writers: A Detective Detective Plushie, never again will you have to tell stories to the air, now you have a soft figure to tell... and a month of silver membership to show off. Second place in all divisions will receive a silver membership. Here is the prompt list This year is slightly different in that I will have a couple of other people help me decide the victors. So put your best foot forward. We're going to see what you in store. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Good Luck!
  8. It's interesting the amount of things that we try to soon our own. Whether we're faced with something simple like house work or something monumental like completing a project. We often look at what we have in front of us and get discouraged because "I can't do that." But this is exactly the place you need to be. Because you weren't supposed to do that thing on your own. That's one of the greatest lessons to learn in this life. To rely on other people and let them help you when you need it. This fosters trust, communication, and hope in ways that you may never have thought possible. We are all partners in the business of life. There's no reason for us to keep going on like we're in business alone. What are you working on right now? No matter how big or how small, toss it down in the comments and let's take it on as a team. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
  9. Good enough I guess! Did you hear about the guy who wanted to set a world record for destroying vases? I hear it went smashingly.
  10. Just send a support ticket @Joe 【CDVNL】
  11. @Sumner KagenKagen It is a pleasure to hear from you, alas I feel that we may never reach a point in which we believe in ourselves with all of our heart. And I think that's probably for the best. The fact that you don't believe you can do things fosters greater trust in the people around you. And builds your reliance on One who is greater. To that effect I shall message you about our new Operation:Are You Ready .
  12. I have both and have played both, but I'm away this weekend. A shooter player then?
  13. @Felrein002 best of luck! You've got this! This could be the moment that makes all the difference for you. Let us know how it goes. See you around! Keep us posted with updates.
  14. Also, she's about to remove her Twitter to focus on school, but here's her official art one https://mobile.twitter.com/star_and_rain
  15. Hey guys don't judge me, but I used to be one of the card gamers. Were any of you into card games? Are you into card games?
  16. I really like your use of imagery. Both in terms of technology and light.
  17. Hey guys, I just wanted to start this off by saying we're all gamers so feel free to share game invites and free to play games here so that we can all play together.
  18. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about my stream on Tuesday. Its a time to talk about life. We start with a base topic and then it transition to whatever is going on with chat. Feel free to stop in. We try for 9pm EST every Tuesday. I also am trying to stream on Thursdays and Saturdays 8-10. Hope to see you around.<3
  19. A place for CDVNL to post news and updates when he gets to that point.
  20. If you haven't already here's a discord link for the detectiving. https://discord.gg/kVUWuk5
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