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  1. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    The Next Level

    I might date myself here, but it's probably worth it. What do you dream of? What's the next step in your life? What place are you headed to next? A lot of us look at getting to the next level as the Pinnacle. As an achievement to be excited about. And rightly so, for there are many achievements in reaching the next level. But if you've ever played the classic arcade games you know that the next level tends to look a lot like the one you are on now. The same with more difficulty and effort involved. And while that may not sound like a success it can very much a great achievement. This is meant to be an encouragement. You are going to have success and it's going to look a lot like where you are right now. And that's a good thing.it means you can enjoy life as it is. For the amazing things you are already doing right now. Like playing videogames, you get to enjoy those levels and trying to beat your high score. Games like Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga, we're all amazing because you would try to beat high scores on levels that were similar to what you had already played. The same is life. You try to do better and better at the same things but grow. And do better each time. So get going, get to that next level, but enjoy the level you're working on now. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
  2. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Ro, Ro, Ro, Your Boat!

    Hey Friends, just wanted to make sure we make mention of our good friend Ro Draws. She's a fantastic artist who makes some wonderful videos. Go to her youtube and check her out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rozanimation/featured Go patreonize her at: https://www.patreon.com/RoDraws Yes, this is a shameless plug. No, I wasn't asked to do this. Yes, you should click all of the links. No, you shouldn't ever leave bss.studio. Yes, you should visit other web pages. No, you shouldn't ever close this internet tab. See you guys/gals out there. The below was from the last contest I ran. All right belong to her. But I wanted you to see the amazingness.
  3. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Abstract art

    Woah, nice!
  4. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Inspired to create- any tips?

    You can always try to just start by playing. Play something that sounds good to you. I feel like that would be the basis.and then you just write what you play. Or something like that I can barely read music
  5. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Joe's Pun of the Day

    Did you know that lemons are scaredy cats? Yep, they're yellow.
  6. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Sci-Fi RP Character sheets (Optional?)

    Name: Joseph Stevens Age and Gender : 35/ Male Race: Human Role/Job: Pilot Personality: Reserved, Calculated, Cold Appearance: White, Male, Blonde Hair 1/2 inch long, Blue Eyes, 5 Ft 10 in. Past: Joe had always dreamed of being a pilot, but he quickly found that to not be as exciting as he thought. And his time at the Academy left him without a clear set of emotional responses. So he buried them, because he had to. If he had know what it would lead to he wouldn't have taken this job as an interstellar pilot. Like that?
  7. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Can I quote you on that?

    “I am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait.” ― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity How many hours, and days, and weeks, and months have you been waiting? Maybe the wait is a good thing. It never feels like it in the moment. But it always ends that way.
  8. Question again. I'm falling behind. I really want to answer the questions that everyone has because I care for all of these wonderful people, but I also need to eat and sleep and pay for bills. So long story short, how do I make it happen, or should I even?
  9. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Introducing myself >///<

    Sounds good how is 2019 so far?
  10. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

    Arrgh, ye scallywags. In my never end quest to defeat you all at video, I encourage you to join me in the battle of the high seas. In Puzzle Pirates, a puzzling MMO of adventure, shipcraft, and piracy. Anyway, the names capnjoseph on the Meridan Ocean if ye be searching for an adventure.
  11. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Sci-Fi RP

    A RC Class Freighter hurls through intergalactic space. The engines cut out and the ship drifts silently through the darkness. All of the power diverted to life support to keep those on board alive.
  12. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Slice of Life RP

    The noon bell rings across the school yard. Signaling the start of lunch for all of the students. I was already taking lunch, though. There's a good hiding spot near along the wall that I usually spend my time at. I meandered out into the rush of students filtering out of the main entrance, blending in seamlessly.
  13. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Rock Formations

    Sometimes Rocks are incredibly powerful and can make a huge impact. Sometime, rocks stand alone. Some Rocks pile on and make something better.
  14. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Introducing myself >///<

    @Katie Hi Katie! Welcome to out fun little community. This is place for wonderful people like yourself to share their talents, encourage others, and make new friends. When we run back around to summertime you'll have to show us some of those awesome musics. @Rayused to get a group of us together for a music chat, which was a lot of fun, even when I was just learning to play. Keep Being Awesome Possum!