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  1. Perhaps, but I know a few lazy geniuses. Being the smartest in the room let's you realize you don't get anything more out of being a engineer or rocket scientist. In fact perhaps the most good you can do is to pass that intellect on to others. And it doesn't take a genius to know that if you don't have a job, you don't eat. Perhaps the reason for his working?
  2. @ChickenhaylNice, that's a lot of anime! Which one is your absolute favorite though?
  3. @ChickenhaylLol Anime has a tendency to do that. I watch all the way up to the fairy tail Zero in a month i think. It was something crazy like 10 + episodes a day.
  4. @Listori Yep, Your Lie in April is an amazing Anime 10/10. Also, yeah, we're out in the country, so no trains here, just cars and trucks, and snow. @Cwilk [EnderBoy 7] Your Name is fantastic, I love Makoto Shinkai's animation and art, and the whole movie was amazingly done. Violet Evergarden is still my favorite. I also Recommend Angel Beats and Stein's Gate. Those definitely are my top anime.
  5. Leaderboard update: @slightlyaboveaveragejoe with 15 @Chickenhayl with 14 @Listori with 8 @Cwilk [EnderBoy 7] with 7 We're halfway through, which means it time to kick it into high gear. You could legitimately be only 15 posts away from 1st place. That's 15 short stories. That's 15 incredible poems. That's 15 amazing works of art. That's 15 lines in a Roleplay. That's 15 posts about posts. When I'm not at work I'm going to create another thread for us to share even more cool stuff. Make sure you're sticking around. See you soon!
  6. Thanks for helping us to better understand who you are. Generally problems become easier to deal with when they are considered your problems and not an online persona. I would like you to consider, what it is that you find joy in? Often we use the internet not for joy or happiness, but as an escape. An escape from our reality that often times seems to hard to bear. A reality that is difficult, harsh, and relentless. But what if the key to making your life better is not where you are looking for happiness? What if it's on the other side of your issues and troubles? Because frankly, your are not delusional or insane. If only because you can write those words intelligently. You are a person with skills and talents and abilities. They are things you can use to over come your trials and make a new day. Make a game out of it, see how many lives you can improve, see how many friends you can help, see what kind of difference you can make. You don't need the Internet. If anything the internet is probably holding you back from being amazing. You aren't weak, you aren't helpless, you are just in need of help. And that's what the people who are here do. We help. We can't take away your pain, and sometimes life does hurt, but that doesn't mean you give up. It means you show life who is the boss. It means you make that pain worth it. For every ounce of pain you feel, you spread joy. You carry on because you want to make a difference, you carry on because you want to show pain who's boss, you carry on because you can take this and make it something that you'll remember forever. You've got this. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
  7. @Listori You get to take a train! That's awesome, we don't really have anything like that out here. @Cwilk [EnderBoy 7] Nice, Dream on my friend. Wonder is such an underappreciated skill as it were. @Chickenhayl There are a lot of good shows out there, though at this stage, there are more than I think I could ever watch
  8. Sad day. Can you try a different browser on the same computer?
  9. Interesting... There are some things that are childish that should be looked at as immature, but having a sense of wonder is not one of those things. Have you seen Violet Evergarden? It's Chicken and my profile pic, but it's a great anime about the stories that we share, and how we express our emotions through writing.
  10. If it's your particular, you may want to delete the cookies and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes that helps resolve website issues.
  11. @Chickenhayl okey dokey. Best of luck. And enjoy study period. That could be a great time to research something that interests you or to work on some of your talents. You don't need to do homework with that time.
  12. @Listorii think it's awesome to think about things that way and I hope that you keep that mentality for a long time. Maybe you could even write your own stories @Chickenhayl not really where I thought his would go, but I've never been good at looking into the future. I'm going to start with a joke at your expense, but have you tried cooking? Cause you're a pan. I don't know your parents so the specifics aren't there to me, but make sure you know what you are telling them. And that you know what you are telling yourself. Because with this statement right here you are identifying yourself with a single attribute, which I highly advise against. If you wanted more specific I recommend a private message, not because I don't want you to share here. I think you should, but the nuances of these talks can be difficult to convey in a forum.
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