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  1. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Out of the loop

    @Spartn My friend, you are not out of the loop.it has been a bit of time as he progresses on the Criminals Idol series. If you watch Black Static and Swerve's streaming content he's on occasionally. Twitch.tv/bss_streaming And spends a good amount of time on the YouTube channel for Don't Worry Wednesday. https://m.youtube.com/user/BSASgroup Also he's here from time to time. But as you say life gets busy and so there has been a bit of time since his last full production video. But in the meantime we're building the community here. And when everything comes together, this is the first place it'll be known.
  2. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Birthday Party

    @madi I don't know who you are or where you are or how you are, but you have an wonderful brother who loves you and that's pretty great. Happy Birthday!
  3. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Sky Lanterns

    Happy Birthday Madi!
  4. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Count to 1000!

  5. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Count to 1000! Unlocked

  6. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Word Association

  7. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Is it Really a Happy Friday?

    There is a quick three step process for turning off the email notifications for your messages. Step 1: Highlight your username and select account settings. Step 2: Select Notification Seetings Step 3: Uncheck the receive an email when, for both the receive a message and added to a message.
  8. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Is it Really a Happy Friday?

    Perhaps someone added you to a large group message and you don't want to receive emails every time someone sends a message. How does one make it so that they don't always get emails?
  9. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Not a serious cover, but...

    Nice!!!! It's really tough to get multiple people singing together and without equipment it's going to sound funny, but I'm glad that you enjoy the Static P as much as me and are willing to just step out there and do it. And if you had fun, that's what counts 👍
  10. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Lay - Line between Crush and love?

    Yes, a crush is someone who you are infatuated with. You feel an attraction to, whether based on personality or looks. Love is far greater. You look out for the best of that person regardless of how much they hurt you, belittle you, or make your life hard. Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, it does not boast, it keeps no record of wrongdoing. Love is a decision. That isn't to say that love can't come from a crush or vice versa, but the defining line will be in the commitment. A crush has no set commitment, but love requires full commitment to the good of another, regardless of the benefit to you. I think that's the line I would use. Because love is far greater than a crush. Hope this helps. I wanted to be more direct on this one because I think it's important to set those boundaries. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
  11. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Princess - Lonely Meals

    Thanks for posting this Princess, and as of writing I know not whether Joe or Ryan were able to get to your question. And this issue is one that can get at the heart of who we are, for we were not made to be alone. Thusly when you are eating, you are doing one of the very basic human requirements without another of the basic human requirements. Unfortunately your answer is complicated in that you have a difficulty meeting others where they are, due to health issues. Because normally that would be my suggestion. My other suggestion would be to eat where people people are present. For instance in my dorm we always kept our doors open, but I'm going to guess they have regulations against a George Foreman in your room. Which leaves you two options. Go make friends who have the same difficulties as you and cook with them. Or sacrifice a warm meal for something you can take on the go to be with your friends. For it appears that your issue isn't with the food itself, but the lack of another's presence with said food. Alas, I live to far away in order to invite you to dine with us, however, I recommend reaching out to people who want to reach out to you. It is my guess based on your reaching out to others that you like to help people. So now might be a good time to let others help you. And I guarantee it is no trouble to them to get food out of the deal. But if you have real friends they want you to enjoy dinner. For I know there were those of us who would cook together if we knew one was eating alone. But that takes vulnerability, and asking people to join you, for the sole purpose of enjoying a meal with you. And it's not easy. Also you never know who you might meet. And that's quite exciting. Anyway, I hope you find the answers you're looking for through our suggestions. For we can provide advice, but your actions will change your life. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones
  12. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Phone Games

    Hey guys I just download RWBY Amity Arena and I want to crush you all at it. I mean.... play with you guys. And for those who don't know what it is, it's basically a RWBY Texturing of Clash Royale. Also I wondered what sweet games you guys were into. I'm on the go a lot so phone games make it easier for me to play with people
  13. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Inktober!!!!! Results!!!!!

    @Matlan Do IT!!!! JUST DO IT!!!
  14. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Music Production

    Nice well I'm glad you're still at it.
  15. slightlyaboveaveragejoe


    Zion!!! I think Noiz is an awesome name and I'm exercited about what you're doing please keep us posted. And yes I live The Heard. It's an awesome social club name