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  1. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Count to 1000!

  2. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Count to 1000! Unlocked

    712. Can't stop won't stop, but that's what the other count is for. This one is just to see how long it takes to get to the end even if errors are allowed.
  3. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Birthday Party

    @Drachi Happy Birthday. I don't know what time it is there, but I hope you're having a a great birthday!
  4. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Out of Breath

    @Aqilless You use such vivid imagery, in your issues. But the abstractions make it difficult to understand. Though that might be the purpose. Perhaps if you cut the strings that were being played with. If you cut the weight dragging you to the bottom you can swim, but otherwise your efforts are fruitless flailing. Or perhaps you even need someone to cut the rope for you. If everyone is playing a game of fouls, perhaps you should find those who are playing a game of soccer. Then you won't have to worry about injuries, the game will be more fun, and last longer. Just because the game you started is bad doesn't mean that you have to keep playing. It's something I wished I learned a long time ago. While you should do your best to not give up on others, there comes a point at which you just become a part of that game, and then you are not helping anyone. Not even yourself. You have an amazing life ahead of you. Just don't tie yourself to somewhere that you can't see it from. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
  5. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Count to 1000! Unlocked

  6. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Wishes for the Worst

    granted, but its two older guys playing the banjo, I wish I was the very best, like no one ever was.
  7. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Count to 1000!

  8. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Amira - Reporting Sexual Harrasment

    @amira Well, you've done it, no hope left now. Is that what you're expecting? Perhaps not, but you probably don't want us to be for you when you do somethings as well. Perhaps you feel bad about it because you were enjoying the time you had but didn't know how to stop it, and this was the only way you knew how. I'm not here to sugar coat things and while I often give advice kindly, I think that is neither what you are looking for, nor do you want. If you feel bad, chances are it's because you did something wrong. And if you want to make a wrong right, you have to be honest. Really honest. The honesty that might cost you your job, but considering that you might be leaving anyway that might be a good thing. If he's actually harassing you, that's a different story, but based on your previous comments on stream it appeared that it was a mutual thing. And while I highly recommend solving problems between the two of you first, before bringing others in, I can't control your actions. So if he hasn't done anything wrong, let management know, be honest about whatever made you feel uncomfortable. Be honest about the things that are hurting right now, because they won't go away just by moving, trust me I've tried. And in the end people have a better perception of you, and you will have a better perception of yourself. No matter what you do, there is forgiveness, no matter how much trouble there is in the world, forgiveness will overcome. So, apologize, if you've done wrong acknowledge it, and if you haven't done wrong let the other person know. I've been known to over think and it's late so excuse me if I'm out of line, but I think you matter and I hope one day you will look back at this as a day you leaned a great lesson. Love, Joseph Bohan
  9. Hoi-

    1. slightlyaboveaveragejoe


      Heyo! I didn't even know you could post on people's walls! 

      How goes it?

  10. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Meet and Greet

    Sunnily!!! You don't have to keep up with everyone all the time we're just glad you are here cause you are awesome! Also this Music Brainz sounds awesome. I'm sure Amree and Static appreciate it. And I'm sorry if we ran you off for some reason, but you are here now and we will do our best.
  11. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Webpage Guidelines are Fair

    @J.Curtis You missed Rule 4- Don't be opossum. And yet here you are being an awesome possum.
  12. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Stories of Life

    Oh sorry, i forgot to explain, I just worked as a Zamboni driver during a college hockey game.
  13. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Joe's Pun of the Day

    How can I make my stance more Fetching?
  14. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Path of Exile

    Also a little bit easier to learn the controls. ( Also a free game
  15. slightlyaboveaveragejoe

    Wishes for the Worst

    Granted, but it's just a recap episode. I wish for just one more fish.