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  1. I think I would avoid putting stock into rankings on the videos. I think they are cool visual clues, but I don't think that you want to rely on them too much. While I agree that Morime is suspicious I wouldn't say that CTAPMB is from her perspective. It's more likely that she was just taking the message from the note seriously. Perhaps it would be advisable to relisten to the songs without the music. The vocals are written by the architect of the bombing himself. Perhaps the clues reside there?
  2. Yeah that's normal, but thanks for sharing your characters with us
  3. Chicken, knows the importance of planning. Nice!
  4. There's a reason you typically don't have good people go into politics. Because until it gets bad enough the pain isn't worth it. First off, CJ, can I call you CJ? You'll have to let me know. But you don't need to be depressed about something like a school election. As with any election, it's both equal parts popularity and performance. It matters very little what you know if you can't get people to want the same things. So if your classmates like their uniforms, don't want to do community outreach, and aren't worried about being environmentally sensitive, then your main points here aren't going to resonate with them. Truly it would be better for you to be friends with them and convince them that those things are important and that they take them into their adult lives than it would be that you win this election. So, let's talk about you. Specifically, that you are too focused on what others are thinking and doing, than about what you are doing. Don't worry about where everyone else is at. We are all on a journey and some journeys don't follow the same path as yours. This doesn't mean you get bothered by those things, it means that you still try and you give it your all, because that matters to you. You want to be a rep? Then give it your best shot, every time. Every day, strive to be that person, because if you do, you'll start to see those changes even without your class rep involved. Or encourage your currentrep to do those things. Instead of holding a grudge. Seek to advise her, to help her to fulfill those goals. You won't get any recognition this way, but the change you want to see will happen. So which are you more concerned with? Do you actually want to see those changes? Or do you just want a title? Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones
  5. Alright, let's do this theorizing. But before we get too far down the theory trail, let us establish that the detective has the answer, per the Ryan/Static P. The Detective only has one true talent that we know of, since he didn't fighthis assailant's. One special move, "I put myself in your shoes." And this ability is demonstrate, by "hearing the thoughts behind your words." With this in mind, we should consider what we have been told thus far and by whom. In this instance though I am going to focus on a particular character, Hareka. She is the one who chases down Cole, the opposite singer in Dream On, and the one we see havea moment with one of the Meteor girls. Specifically, Morime. (I'll edit this if needed after I go back and review later today.) What does she say or do that would lead to a guilty conscience. We have the specifics of Dream On and No One's in This Alone to point us in the right direction. From Dream on we have her match Cole with: Who am I? I need to be their light, but I'm scared. And from No One's in This Alone: No one's in this alone, I wanna do my partYou can't see it but they're fightin' for youEveryone of us is a weakling on our ownSo I'm learning, to trust, with you Why is she learning to trust again? Could it be that a friend of her's broke her confidence? Could it be that she said things to someone who took things too far? Cue Morime, one of the Meteor girls who is giving Star Blushes Alibi. She and Hareka have a moment atthe end of clues to a poor man's breifcase. I suspect that Hareka confided a secret in Morime that she ended up taking too far. As per my previous points, we will need to gather evidence related to how. How was one of our suspects able to come into possession of the dynamite. Also does anyone know what lighting a match sounds like. And sounds that are similar to it? The lead in Idol bombing comes from the quote "That sounds LIKE someone lighting a match." Not that someone did in fact light a match. Also we have a detectives discord for those who are interested in deeper investigation. I'll get the Lead Investigator to post that later.
  6. Good is not what the world needs, just people who are willing to step out in faith
  7. Hey guys, it's Joe again and I think this would be another great time to have an art contest. I like contests and such. But this time I want someone else to be the judge, so if you want to judge the art send me a message and I'll make sure you get to choose. To kick us off, here is a work I made last week. Add anything, old or new, but this is to encourage you to try something new reach outside your comfort zone. See you guys in July!
  8. Also, based on your likes, have you checked out Pyscho Pass. It's definitely one of those mind thriller types.
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