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  1. Next music video you have to smash a phone. The other current addiction of society.
  2. Just means more people need to subscribe to twitch so more can be made!
  3. OMG I got Mysterium for Christmas and still haven't been able to get it to the table which makes me so sad because I know it's an awesome game.
  4. To be technical about it, Colorful World isn't even Static's song. He just hosted it on his channel.
    My favorite part of this track has to be the percussive elements. Uniquely done and gives the track a very Zen feel when combined with the eastern instrumentation. The vocals mirroring the melodic lines were also a unique and very Static-P touch which worked wonderfully and I think I liked it even more when you went more freestyle with the vocals towards the end. It is a tune which is mesmerizing and calming at the same time, which is what I assume you were going for with the whole wonder idea. Definitely something you could put on as a background track and loop for hours. The only thing I would say as a constructive criticism is that as it added more layers of sound it got a bit cacophonous and felt a bit too busy. In particular, the distorted bass line in the background that came in and out seemed to clash with the feel of the track. The more stripped down it got, the more I enjoyed it. Overall a great add to the Static-P library! P.S. Also, fantastic art as always!
  5. I am a huuuge board game nerd. Love them and have a pretty nice collection building that is admittedly mostly still party style games but I'm working on it. Party games are easier to buy for me just because they're usually cheaper and also are easy to get to the table with anyone including non-board game people. Catan is still probably my favorite. I've played it the most and it's easy to get to the table because of how well known it is. Codenames is probably my favorite party game at the moment. Favorite Co-op game is either Forbidden Island (haven't gotten a chance to play pandemic yet *sad*) although Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is up there too, just way harder to get to the table. A game I just discovered recently that I am enthralled with is Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space. Super fun and tense and the multiple maps makes it super easy to have a different and unique experience over the course of multiple playthroughs. Also, controversial opinion but not really a fan of Munchkin at all. Admittedly only witnessed it played and never played myself but it just seems like a game that is just the bargaining part of Catan and that can often be the most frustrating part depending on who you're playing with. So maybe if I played with the right people I could enjoy it.
  6. Cheddar

    Count to 1000!

    Static P stole my idea, just sayin'. 46
  7. Cheddar

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    500! Half way there!
  8. Cheddar

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    466 Are we actually doing this thing?
  9. Granted, but you drop him down the sink while transporting him to clean out his tank. I wish I was hungry.
  10. Cheddar

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    Is it just me or do some of the edits in this thread come from people posting the wrong number and correcting themselves? Have we cheated our way here? 364
  11. Cheddar

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    255. Do a huge party where you use your new knowledge to make drinks for all your friends once you graduate bartending school. My buddy did that and it was the best party I had been to in a long time
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