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  1. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    When everything falls apart

    Q: What to do in a situation, when real life issues press against you too hard, a major part of words headed towards you feel like insults or salt to the wound, and you feel like you're no longer on your own side? You know, when everything crumbles part by part, and you can't do anything but blame, insult, hurt yourself, cry and comfort yourself with short-lived lies, which, once broken down, make you feel even worse...? If I could throw that out anonymously...?
  2. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    That Family Member

    This is why i think it's difficult to forgive my family - "it" is my brother. i hate 'it'. i have saved 'it' from going to the hospital and maybe dieing, but because i saved 'it' from that i nearly died and instead of 'it' going to save me 'it' just looked at me. I remember 'its' face. i hate that 'it' has been hitting me ever since i remember and 'it' nearly never got in trouble. ('it' now has asked for forgiveness but 'it' still hit me but not daily). i can't forgive 'it' if you have noticed i call him 'it' instead of 'him'. i can't look at 'it' as a human. In my opinion 'it' is a monster. 'It' recently was in trouble but, the only thing is, I was disappointed because i have gotten worse than what 'it' did to me. -Anonymous
  3. When i was younger i remember most things i was told, like every bully's words and every time i got hurt by them. My mom and dad never hit me and i barely got in trouble but sometimes i wish they did one of those things more when i did something wrong. So, in turn, I took everything to heart every time they yelled at me. i don't steal, i don't talk about my feelings, i don't fight back, and i don't say when i'm hurting. i'm afraid of my dad because he yelled at me more and sounded more angry. i try to forget but i can't. Every time i do something wrong i cry, like if i add to much sauce, i cry, if i fail at sports, i cry, if i get lower than A in something, i cry. i can't look at him without thinking he is gonna yell at me even now and he never yells at me. -Anonymous
  4. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Family Issues

    Family issues. A long time ago we were a happy family but then my dad lost his job and something happened to him because of that. He has not had a job for years (he recently found one) but when he lost his job we did not have much money left. We moved because of school issues. My mom and dad divorced short after but thats not the bad thing. My mom can't get a job so the government pays her. We have just enough money to get through the month. We asked my dad for money so much and my mom does not appreciate it. i'm scared of losing everything and my dad has a drinking issue and his girlfriend has one too. it scares me sometimes. i hate it but its not my life its his - but when i visit him i hope he does not drink. He is a good dad and my mom they just have issues.
  5. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Idol Bombing (Cover)

    THIS!!! Everyone needs to DL this .wav and listen to this. It's really really good! I'm very impressed!! The way she puts so much thought into every line and how she wants to sing it is great. Many different tones and attitudes. Just amazing.
  6. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    My place in the world

    I know this sounds to movie ish but I want to know my inner self I want to know what I can do in peoples lives I want to know my place in the world and how to use it in the world can you answer these? - Crimson-JD
  7. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Wrong Emotions?? - Anonymous

    i'm gonna do a bonus one because how nice you all are but it's shorter. i start randomly crying when i do something bad but when someone who i loved dies i don't. i think i'm a monster for this i put on a fake face so they don't see me not crying From Anonymous
  8. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Aisu Kurimu

    Version 1.0.0


    And old song I made with a good friend of mine, named Gin. 😃


  9. i regret everything i say i flipped a coin if i was gonna do this message. every time i think i feel sick every time i give my opinion if i say bai first or last i regret it. if i do something bad i feel like everyone hates me. if i say something and no one responds i think i did something and i will regret it. i feel selfish for messaging someone even when they say i did nothing bad i think i did i hate it i want to be alone if i do From Anonymous
  10. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Criminal Idol Covers

    Oh my gosh, Milky! That is SO GOOD!! WOW! I'm so honored that you did a cover of one of my songs. haha. This is really really impressive. I enjoyed this very much and is one of those covers that I want to play multiple times. I love hearing your voice so keep singing! ❤️
  11. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Sugar Popped Sunshine (Instrumental)

    Version 1.0.0


    Sorry about the wait. Thank you to Princess for noticing this file was never uploaded.


  12. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Cheerful Calm

    Version 1.0.0


    An upbeat lighthearted song to chill with while you do your thang~


  13. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】


    Yay! It's rainy! Welcome back! =D
  14. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    My... Fanarts...?

    YAY!! @Einjiru Kurosaki is back!! =D I'm so excited to see more! You are such a talented artist. I look at your art and think "Darn it.. i want to hire this person because their art is beautiful... i wish I had money". Also, what's up with the 無視するな (don't disreguard) repeated, in different fonts, at the top of your one image? lol Break-down for those who are interested: 無 (un-/non-/lack) 視 (Look/examine/oversee) するな (to not/do not)
  15. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

    Logo font

    You amaze me. @Sunnilybright