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  1. Mia_27

    Speech - Love

    That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Mia_27


    Hello everyone. I just joined, call me Mia if you'd like. I've been listening to Criminal Idol far too often, and I was wondering: what are your favorite songs? Mine is Idol Bombing.
  3. Mia_27

    Can you guess the bomber!?

    I personally think it's the teacher, the detective's friend. My reasoning is majorly based off two things. One: after the bombing, his wording is very careful. He says "I was there when it happened." That doesn't exactly prove his guilt, but neither does it prove his innocence. Two: he invited the detective to the competition. How better to get yourself out of the detective's search radar than to be the reason the detective ended up at the bombing? Surely the bomber wouldn't do that. Those are my reasons. Not really evidence, but more of a hunch.