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  1. Thalia

    Criminal Idol MAP

    Not if you know where to get it from
  2. Thalia

    Shirt Design Poll

    I did,I found it kinda unfair to vote since I entered.
  3. Thalia

    Shirt Design Poll

    Aaah!Good luck everyone!
  4. Thalia


    Can you please keep the posts in English?
  5. I think my Static-P favorites are Dream on and A Reason for our suffering. All of them are very catchy though! Other than this,I mostly listen to musicals (Hamilton,21 Chump Street,Be More Chill (I'm super basic I know)),Tøp,Melanie Martinez and Anthony Ramos. It's a strange set of artists,but I can't help myself
  6. Thalia

    Shirt Contest!

    Is the poll going to be on this site,and are everyone's votes going to be public? Good luck to everyone,and have a great month
  7. I have a hunch that it might be Nori,he seems a bit suspicious...
  8. Thalia

    Criminal Idol MAP

    I have a small YouTube channel where I post small animations and speedpaints,and I wanted to host a MAP (Multi Animator Project). You will be able to have up to 2 parts per song,(one part is 6 seconds). I want to animate all of Criminal Idol,but each song will be a different video. Here's the question; if I were to actually make this,would you join?
  9. Thalia

    giraffe static

    I have a small lil bunny plush,it's a black cylinder of fur and flUFFINESS
  10. Thalia

    Shirt Contest!

    May I share some criticism? First off,I wanted to say that the clothes look amazing!The colors,the shading,everything!I think that you might've put a bit too many folds on the shirt,in places that clothes don't really fold.It's hard though,so I really can't blame you.I struggle a lot as well,just look at my submission! The anatomy is quite good,but the fingers look a bit off.They seem like they're struggling to hold on to the waist and magnifying glass.On everything else,I think it's very good for a chibi style. I think the biggest problem is with the expression.His mouth is a weak smile while his eyes look a bit sad.The eyes in general seem way too digital and detailed in comparison to the body.His hair is quite well thought out but I think it's better If you just do a blob of hair (if that makes any sense).It fits a lot more with the chibi style. I also think that the background doesn't really work.The saturated outline clashes with the earthly browns and blacks of the character,and I think it makes it seem a lot less professional.I'd recommend having a blob of colour,pastel or dark,but try to stay away from highly saturated colors,with an outline that matches with the picture.If your blob is a dark color,you can also use white. All and all, I think it's a very nice picture!I'm not a professional artist or anything like that,but I hope I helped you!I'm sorry if I said anything rude or hateful,I seriously want to see others improve and even if I don't use all of these tips,I have them stored in my brain for other artists.I'm like a walking criticism machine. And please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes,English is not my first language and I suck at everything ;0;
  11. Wow. As others said before me,you're really brave to just talk about it.I've been feeling similarly lately.I wish you the best of luck and strength,I believe you can get through this!
  12. Thalia

    Shirt Contest!

    Was that aimed at me?Thanks anyway!
  13. Thalia

    Shirt Contest!

    Phew!I hope I got it done by time..It's a lil'star blush Cole!
  14. Woah.Amazing!Tell the writers that that really lift some random person's spirits!
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