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  1. I forgot to post this, but Monday October 1 was my birthday


    I'm 16 and I have no plan for my 16th year

    1. Sunnilybright


      Sorry for being late but

      Happy belated birthday, KozTheWolf! 🎉🎂🎊

      May you have a wonderful life ahead of you. ^^

  2. Why can't we hunt birds? Because it's ill-eagle
  3. I only have one game in mind for now: VainGlory - Mobile
  4. It's been a while since Joe has posted a pun, he should be pun-ished. To whoever took my Microsoft Office, I will find you. You will have my Word.
  5. School's back! That means I'm back too


    I know I don't do a lot of things here but yea

  6. I finished my first page to my story, "Magic." Enjoy! https://www.deviantart.com/kozthewolf/art/Magic-Book-1-Prologue-Page-1-754189721?ga_submit_new=10%3A1531422232&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1 --> Tip for Writing: Don't use the same words in one or two paragraphs because it can confuse the reader a lot
  7. I know I said that I'll be back til September, but I just wanna show you guys my first page to my story called Magic


    I will also announce my first page in the "Starting a New Story?" topic in the Stories forum(that does not sound like me :v) Okay now, I have to go, Quackers~

    (It means goodbye and have a nice day)

    1. Sunnilybright


      I've read it and I can say that I hope you'll continue writing the story. Anyways, goodbye and have a great summer vacation. ^^

  8. I'm quite fond of white boards I find them re-marker-ble
  9. This is my last day here..

    I'll come back around September

    Have a great summer guys~

    1. Sunnilybright


      Alright Koz, seeya around and have a great summer. When you come back we'll be here.

  10. This forum looks empty so I tried to think of a topic to fill it up~~ English anime covers counts as fan covers, right? So to start this topic, my favorite English anime cover is called Startear from Sword Art Online II by AmaLee. I don't know if I can upload music into here but check it out~ This song is not my all time favorite,but it's really good. I also like the anime's music, so yea. Startear(AmaLee_Cover)_-_Sword_Art_Online_ll.mp3
  11. Who do you call a Kpop star that can blow everyone in one hit? Psy-tama
  12. One day.. I will change my profile picture and my cover photo

  13. To join in the pun train, I got one: What do you call an anime about Mexican pirates? Juan Piece I'm not good with puns
  14. 1. I would be a cat because I'm lazy(But what I want to be is a wolf :3) 2. I would in a car because car seat are comfortable to sleep on, depending on the position I'm in. And I like the little bumpy feeling on the road where the car takes me, plus that feeling makes me sleepy ~u~
  15. I told this one group chat about my crush and it was the wrong group chat.. that's awkward right? It sucks when you're in a lot of group chats
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