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  1. I'm afraid of my family

    I agree wholeheartedly with this. But you should do what you wanna do with your life because it is yours. You shouldn't have to follow their dreams for you. You are your own person with your own future and them trying to force you to do it and threaten you isn't right.
  2. Take a rest, already!

    I have the hardest time taking it easy and resting. I love free time but at the same time I hate too much so I always try to keep busy. Although mostly at work. So its hard for me to be able to step back and relax. I do try here and there but it doesn't always work.
  3. Job Issues

    Thank you! I guess I'll have to see if things get better and how much I can handle.
  4. Myth (The Fall of Anthraph)

    I love this and I like that some one else likes writing myths as well.
  5. Job Issues

    What sucks the most is I am the most counted on person there. That's what the second tier person was saying the other day. She used to have two people she could count on and I was one of them. The other one left because she was going someplace different. Plus the place is going downhill so if I leave it might make things even worse. With people not doing their jobs.
  6. Story I wrote for a class

    The story is good. It would be more interesting if you put in more detail and show more than you tell.
  7. Recently viewed films

    I've watched your voice, fantastic beasts lately.
  8. Job Issues

    I've worked at this one place for close to three years now and a job that I really enjoyed. Up until a few months ago I was really happy but the top tier person at the location stopped caring and ended up leaving. But our location ended up going downhill and I have been overly stressed lately and have been panicking before work. I don't necessarily want to leave but part of me doesn't want to stay. But the second tier person doesn't want me to leave. But I don't know what I even want if I leave. I don't know what I want. What do I do?
  9. How do I help in this case?

    A lot of that is what I have been trying to do, going to different places and trying to distract him. You are probably right. I know it'll happen over time. I just hate to see him feel like he does.
  10. Screw it, I'm doing it

    Hi. I've noticed his clothing choices too. I've always thought it was sorta amazing
  11. What'cha Reading There?

    I have been reading Fire by kristin cashore.
  12. My boyfriend had a really bad ex that caused a lot of trouble for him before they broke up. He doesn't have any romantic feelings towards her but he often reminisces about the past with her. But it causes him soo much pain and suffering and it worries me a lot. I want to help him get rid of that pain and have him focus on other things. I'm always listening to him and helping him vent and being there for him when he needs it. I know I'm the one he loves in that manner so I am not worried about anything like that. I can see it clearly. But is there anything else I can do to help him? I worry about him a lot and just want him to be happy.
  13. Title

    Nah, I'm living with my grandparents because they want me to be more prepared before living on my own. and no she doesn't really call and plus she's in a state pretty far away. But if I call my dad and she answers there's trouble. Always tries to make me feel bad about something. But usually it doesn't affect me because what she says isn't true.
  14. Title

    I've been a lot happier after I moved out about 5-6 years ago. But you are right happy people don't always exist without a bit of a push. Sometimes its the people who have had the worst time that try to get people to be happy. But there will be people who will be happy about your happiness and those are the people you should stand beside
  15. Title

    You shouldn't change how you are just to make others happy. You can't make everyone happy. Trust me I know this from experience, having a mother that nothing I did was good enough, for all 18 years I lived with her. But maybe you can dial your emotions back a tiny bit if you think that you are going annoy someone or if you know it annoys someone. But really you are fine the way you are. You are going to be happier being you or doing what you love more than being or pretending you are not who you are. We need happier people in the world. We can't just go around being all sad and depressed or even angry.