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  1. I'd love to listen to anyone who wants to share. I was a little scared to share at first but I found some courage to message someone and ask for advice and they helped me. So if anyone wants to please share please do . Everyone here is more then willing to help!!!
  2. OHHH! This looks fun. I want try. I can't promise it's good though. I'm just going to wing it. I guess this will be about me or something IDK Ever since I could remember I had an addiction Not only to fiction but to our family picture "Why is ours different then the others, does ours even belong" Steven had six people in his. Jeff had eight in his. and Jessica had ten in hers But ours, ours only has two but why, was it me? Everyone has at least three. Why me? Why couldn't I be like the rest. Even when all I ever gave was my best. "Just because we don't have much doesnt mean were not Strong" Since that day the picture remains the same A reminder of the pain. It's so bad, I hate it...... but I'm going to leave it here . Is this even considered Poetry ? Well maybe someone will like it. I would also LOVE FEEDBACK!
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