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  1. Today I was talking to some of my friends and after sitting in silence by myself for a bit, I realized I talked a lot about myself and my family. Usually after I am done talking, I feel like I talked to much. I feel guilty about talking to much and feel a bit embarrassed, because I don't mean to talk that much. I feel as if I didn't let my friends get their word in and I didn't mean to talk about myself. I try to not talk about myself because I am afraid I am revealing too much. How can I stop feeling guilty?
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    Amira - Reporting Sexual Harrasment

    Update 1/16/19 I got fired from that job by the way last month I talked to the guy for a while even after posting harassment, but I eventually cut it off and I'm still wondering if that was such a good idea The reason I got fired has nothing to do with the harassment reporting in case anyone is wondering The reason I got fired is because I got really depressed to the point where I couldn't hide it and I couldn't care about the job no mattered how hard I tried It was harassment because he kept grabbing my butt even after I told him to stop I really hated the job too and it just made me miserable There are also more problems in my life I'm dealing with Yeah, but now I'm broke. I have a job interview coming up, but there's no guarantee I'll get it Even if I get the job I'll probably get fired again I hung out with my best friend/ girl crush earlier today, but something about it felt weird. I'm usually really happy when I see her, but this time I felt sad
  3. Hi. I hate myself for something I did last night. I reported the guy I've been flirting with for sexual harassment to management. I feel bad about it. I think it might be time to quit my job. It's no one's fault, but my own. I still really like the guy.
  4. I am currently going for a degree in art education. however I failed to get into the education program. and I am feeling really discouraged. I only have one more chance after the second time if I get denied I can't enter again. After that I will only graduate with a degree in art. (Can't go somewhere else, since it's nationwide) I love to think that I can encourage someone. Inspire them. Make them a better artist. I want to feel I can make a difference. I was going to be a music teacher but I realized that I loved art more and wanted to share that. The main reason I wanted to become a teacher is because of this little girl, she saw me drawing dresses and wanted me to teacher her. SO I did, and later on her grandmother messaged me. She said her granddaughter continued to draw after I left. It made me feel like I made a difference for her.
  5. What kind of person am I if I want to make other people's days better by making them smile? When I make people smile it makes me happy but by the end of the day I feel drained.
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    Count to 1000!

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    Count to 1000! Unlocked

  8. Maybe its not a good question for here? But uhh.. i don't know, i shake my head, I always wanted to start singing, doing covers, etc.. i really feel unsure about it and tell myself that i am not good, without even starting and all.. It took me years to buy a microphone but i never really recorded something. And now i am soon starting to take hormones and my voice will chance.. should i even try or just give it up or something?
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    Riku - Starting Singing?

    Kendra: I have a microphone but I am scared that I wont do well with a song that I really like. I have sung in front of people and it is nerve racking but afterwards the reward is great!
  10. This is kind of a weird question I wanted to ask and help with. I really enjoy reading manga books and sometimes I get attached to the characters so when it ends I feel depressed, any help for this? I feel depressed because I get emotionally attached to the characters, so even after the good ending I just wish there was more I could read, or I could switch places with a character.
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    Repacharge - Characters Feelings

    The most recent one was today and it was nisekoi, but with EVERY single manga series I finish it just makes me sad that if finishes. It doesnt make me satisfied
  12. Would it be ok to do online dating?
  13. Cool! It's an RP! But, how can we keep our characters straight? Well, my dear friends~ That's why we can make Character sheets! These can be for your Original Characters (OC's) to be know to the galaxy and for the side characters that might be around or controlled by multiple people. This can help organize and remember what your character is like or for others to know in summary what type of Characters they are playing with. It can be as detailed or not as you'd like since I don't know who all is gonna participate, but I will make a quick template that we used before in a different group to help get us started. ^^b Name: [Character's Known name, Character's Nickname (optional)] Age and Gender : [ How old the character is, Gender and pronouns as necessary (if a race has no assigned gender you can put genderless)] Role/Job: [Position or what they do or something they specialize in] Personality: [Strengths that a character is good and as well as some flaws they may have to work on.] Appearance: [What do they look like, what do they have on them visible, in what way do they carry themselves] Past: [Maybe childhood or just what they were up to before this RP started at the moment of joining] This is just to help give a bit of structure for those that it helps. Let's all have fun and work together! Remember that you don't need to have an undying or over powerful character.
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    Sci-Fi RP Character sheets (Optional?)

    Perfect! If you want, you could expand on if his pilot outfit has anything particular on it or if there are any special personal belongings. But that's a great one! Name: Yasuhiro Suzuki Age, Gender, Race : 27, Female, Zuneleon Role/Job: Spaceship Mechanics Apprentice Personality: Passionate, Clueless out of her element, Thoughtful and Strategic Fun facts about Zuneleons: Zuneleons are well known for their bubbly personalities, and Yasuhiro is definitively as fizzy as a Soda pop, but seems significantly more able to hold an attention span better then most, well, at least about things she likes. Appearance: Caramel skin, Feminine, chin length bob of royal purple hair. silvery eyes with a splash of deep green, 5 ft 4 in tall Past: In contrast to the harsh planet conditions, Yasuhiro never let that ruin her heart. She kept her mind to the sky where she dreamed of the murky black freedom she one day would reach. Rigorous tinkering with technology served her well as a stern Human mechanic gave her the opportunity of a life time to apprentice with him. Though treatment from peers was filled with discrimination, she is talented enough that she's getting more respected. This was her first solo mechanic job without her mentor, and she's starting to feel dread in her stomach about it. This is just to help give a bit of structure for those that it helps. Let's all have fun and work together! Remember that you don't need to have an undying or over powerful character.
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    Bad News

    Another catchy work of brilliance that shines as bright as the dreams of the Star blush Girls.
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    Starting a new job

    "Joseph Bohan to actually voice the concern. im excited about the job. im sad when i have to leave people behind."
  17. I've been in a weird meandering relationship with someone for a while to see if we can make it work. And after a lot of thinking and talking I guess I don't know what it means to be in a relationship I can't figure out what it means to be more than friends and we can be that.
  18. So I've dealt with a lot since before Christmas. I broke up with my boyfriend and when I did, he tried to kill himself on camera. He almost overdosed but he threw it up. He recently texted me too. He texted me a whole paragraph basically saying that he only "loved" me because he didn't want to be alone. He used me for his own benefit and I loved him with all my heart. I still can't hate him though. I hate what he did but I can't hate him. I hate it but it's true. On top of that, my cousin died on New Years. He was found in the woods dead. He was hanging... He was found hanging from a tree. I knew him pretty well and it hurts.. My heart hurts so much... I feel so utterly broken and I just want to end it all... I want that more than anything right now. I want to but I'm too scared to. I'm to scared to hurt anyone... I don't want to hurt the ones I love but I feel more scattered and hurt then I have in a long time. I feel more broken.. I just hate it all. All the pain, heartache, the numbness... I just don't know what to do anymore...
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    What to do when you can't keep up?

    You have a lot on your plate and it's understandable when you have too many things that not everything can fit on your plate. From my own experiences with the juggling, you gotta find a priority. I know that even if I can't get to everything I want to try to do what I can and set a limit of how much I do of something so perhaps I can't get to every question and it's not like there will be an end, so maybe I set a goal of 2 questions a day and 15-16 mins on each. From there I do what I can and see if it's realistic. I know that if we had the time every one of us has someway they could fill it to the brim. But for now, you are just a slightly above average Joe that will work slightly above expectations and I think if you set a goal and try your best that you will find satisfaction even when it's not what you originally hoped for. Hope this helps a bit, you are always amazing to me ^-^ Princess~
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    Starting a new job

    Separation from what once was to something new without it being your choice is difficult. I find it often will lead to worry and sadness since it was something that was comfortable or something I loved. But that isn't something bad to have happen either. Keep in mind that it's something encouraged, technically if you don't like it or didn't want to, you could leave the position. Life has many stories end and at the end of that story a new one is born. Your company from before isn't there like it once was and that's the same as your position, but it also is an excellent opportunity to grow! From your new job you'll get new people to work with and new different experiences you can learn too. Whether those come from new co-workers or a new job description, never forget that you can always make the best of what you do have and that is infinitely better then dreaming about what once was. I know a similar more recent experience of that with college. I'm gluten free and the college I went to just could not provide the level of my sensitivity with proper proportions of healthy options. I know because I lost 15 pounds and I'm pretty light to begin with. Therefore, I needed to move to a different dorm so that I could cook meals for myself and that would help me to have a kitchen where I could do that. But that meant I had to not only leave my roommate behind and all my floormates, who would put on events and were family while being far away from home, but I had to move to the senior dorm and have all new floormates and a new roommate too And that was difficult to know. My roommate was a really good friend of mine and we would do little things to help each other out and I was invited to little floor get-togethers which was more more homely then the uncertainty of something new. Yet just because it's new and I am leaving what once was behind, doesn't mean that I won't make the best of the opportunity that has be presented to me. This experience invited me to learn about new people and to learn how to move around new places with still keeping contact with friends that not only helped me but I helped them. I wasn't something I asked for, but it was something good that arose from bad to help me grow in a way i couldn't had I not been gluten free. (God's good at taking something bad and making something even better from it, just remember to keep your heart and mind open to His works ;3) Funnily enough, at the time this happened I actually asked on Don't Worry Wednesday that was run by Ryan and Derek (BetaCat) what I could do to meet and friend my new floormates and roommate. I dont remember who all gave the suggestions, but there was one about making a cake and just indroducing myself to people on the floor as I met them. So I think with anything new it's important to be yourself and to give trust to those who you meet in the sense that you treat them like someone who is your friend. I made a cake (or you could bring in something else (food wise probably) as a gift) and making it a goal to say Hi and introducing myself to those who I saw on my floor. It was scary but they were all nice and appreciated being lifted up by my efforts and in turn lifted me up. Kindness goes far and as Ryan has mentioned before, if you make yourself someone people want to work around or will do better working around, you'll be indispensable and I find that when you are someone others work better around, you'll feel better about all that you do. I hope that helps a bit, It'll work out for sure Joe, it's an oppertunity in the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Much love and Best wishes, Princess
  21. I just started covering Sugar Popped sunshine because I wanted something a bit simpler than 'Clues to a poor man's briefcase I'm just starting to learn Ableton live. But I accidentally deleted most of my melodic line and saved over it and/or joe help.
  22. Yesterday night as I was driving home after finals, the tires on my car were totaled. There was a 2 by 4 piece of wood in the middle of the lane and all I was able to avoid was it hitting my left side tires. It destroyed the rims of both the passenger front and rear and the tire part has been destroyed as well. As it stands now, these repairs will cost $1,000-$1,200. My parents can help with some of the costs, but I no longer have any money left to buy much in terms of Christmas presents. This fills me with sorrow as I can't get anything much for my family, friends and online friends that I so dearly cherish. But "There is always hope" as a certain hero once said. It is not Christmas yet, so there is still time. I know that I can at-least try to make a little something for my loved ones. But I don't know what things I could make. I'm trying to draw or doodle something small see my love and appreciation for them though I'm not a good artist. Do you have any advice for any other crafts possibly?
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    Amira - Reporting Sexual Harrasment

    Princess Yellow: You may have some fault, but I don't think it's totally your fault alone Amira. And you have the right to do what you feel in necessary, even if that means reporting him. Amira: Yeah, but it wasn't right Sunnily: It wasn't right for whom? Amira: I could've gotten him fired.
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    Out of Breath

    Are you watching DWW? *hugs Aqil* It's on right now. https://www.youtube.com/user/BSASgroup/live
  25. I have mass repressed memories from my childhood, as of today I can not remember any of the first 13 years of my life. I would not mind too much if I did not have anxiety attacks that I cannot pinpoint the source of, I imagine the two are connected but I am very worried that anything that could cause something like that may be better left repressed.