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  1. What do you do to get yourself motivated?
  2. There’s this girl I’ve known for a long time, and we’re close, but I’ve had a huge crush on her for a while. Her birthday is coming up soon and I want to ask her out, but I don’t have the courage. Any advice? For context, I have made her a picture and bought her a game I know she really wants, but I don’t know where to go from here.
  3. My friend texted me this on Wednesday. "HAILEY" "Heads up, Bailey isn't happy about you talking to people from other coun tries and told her mom. Her mom is going to call your mom." Also apparently, let's call her Bailey, thinks it’s a, “Cry for help”? And somehow is under the impression that I’m starving myself. Might I add, from the moment I became her friend, she never treated me right. I was always the backup friend too. A few months ago she basically stopped talking to me all together, other than when she was yelling at me for no reason. She didn’t come talk to me about the fact that I talk to people online. She didn’t ask me about the whole “starving myself” thing (which I’m not by the way). She’s been manipulative and I’ve had enough of it. By the way, my mom is aware that I’m talking to people from other countries. (Just a warning, I copied this from when I explained it to a friend so if things don’t make sense or you have a question, ask me.) But also, I don’t think Bailey’s a bad person. I can see the good in her. I know she’s a good person. There’s a part of me that worries I’m overreacting and still wants to try to be her friend, despite everything.
  4. Basically my feeling for my friend grew over time and I'm not handling it very well internally. She has a good crush friend and she did something or said something that caused her pain. And they had trouble since then because she didn't notice it. And that seems to be from how her friend is acting from the joke that she did. And she has trouble talking about her feelings with her friend. We talked about it and she forgave me, but it goes deeper than that. Basically I still feel bad about the situation and my feelings for her keep growing. And it's driving me crazy. I constantly fear the thought of her leaving me.
  5. This is a minor thing and I would want this question thing to be taken last if possible. I can't play chess more than like once an hour after I lose, because I always lose by making a blunder and I just know that in all around playing im better, but I screw up and lose the game because I miss something and this really makes me angry so I cant play.
  6. Today I was talking to some of my friends and after sitting in silence by myself for a bit, I realized I talked a lot about myself and my family. Usually after I am done talking, I feel like I talked to much. I feel guilty about talking to much and feel a bit embarrassed, because I don't mean to talk that much. I feel as if I didn't let my friends get their word in and I didn't mean to talk about myself. I try to not talk about myself because I am afraid I am revealing too much. How can I stop feeling guilty?
  7. Princess_Yellow

    Amira - Reporting Sexual Harrasment

    Update 1/16/19 I got fired from that job by the way last month I talked to the guy for a while even after posting harassment, but I eventually cut it off and I'm still wondering if that was such a good idea The reason I got fired has nothing to do with the harassment reporting in case anyone is wondering The reason I got fired is because I got really depressed to the point where I couldn't hide it and I couldn't care about the job no mattered how hard I tried It was harassment because he kept grabbing my butt even after I told him to stop I really hated the job too and it just made me miserable There are also more problems in my life I'm dealing with Yeah, but now I'm broke. I have a job interview coming up, but there's no guarantee I'll get it Even if I get the job I'll probably get fired again I hung out with my best friend/ girl crush earlier today, but something about it felt weird. I'm usually really happy when I see her, but this time I felt sad
  8. I am currently going for a degree in art education. however I failed to get into the education program. and I am feeling really discouraged. I only have one more chance after the second time if I get denied I can't enter again. After that I will only graduate with a degree in art. (Can't go somewhere else, since it's nationwide) I love to think that I can encourage someone. Inspire them. Make them a better artist. I want to feel I can make a difference. I was going to be a music teacher but I realized that I loved art more and wanted to share that. The main reason I wanted to become a teacher is because of this little girl, she saw me drawing dresses and wanted me to teacher her. SO I did, and later on her grandmother messaged me. She said her granddaughter continued to draw after I left. It made me feel like I made a difference for her.
  9. Princess_Yellow

    Count to 1000!

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  11. Princess_Yellow

    Riku - Starting Singing?

    Kendra: I have a microphone but I am scared that I wont do well with a song that I really like. I have sung in front of people and it is nerve racking but afterwards the reward is great!
  12. What kind of person am I if I want to make other people's days better by making them smile? When I make people smile it makes me happy but by the end of the day I feel drained.
  13. Maybe its not a good question for here? But uhh.. i don't know, i shake my head, I always wanted to start singing, doing covers, etc.. i really feel unsure about it and tell myself that i am not good, without even starting and all.. It took me years to buy a microphone but i never really recorded something. And now i am soon starting to take hormones and my voice will chance.. should i even try or just give it up or something?
  14. Princess_Yellow

    Repacharge - Characters Feelings

    The most recent one was today and it was nisekoi, but with EVERY single manga series I finish it just makes me sad that if finishes. It doesnt make me satisfied
  15. This is kind of a weird question I wanted to ask and help with. I really enjoy reading manga books and sometimes I get attached to the characters so when it ends I feel depressed, any help for this? I feel depressed because I get emotionally attached to the characters, so even after the good ending I just wish there was more I could read, or I could switch places with a character.