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  1. Is it weird to feel invisible/ignored by the whole family? I feel sometimes ignored by/ invisible to my family and it sucks I've tried to approach them, but they don't respond. Then I shrink into my shell when people look at me, that's what it feels like anyway...
  2. i need help i broke up with my girlfriend and she said i was the only one that keeps her alive
  3. So, my mom promised she'd do a certain thing for me once I finished studying for that day. So, I went studying. Then she changed the terms and said she'd do that certain thing once I tidied the room. So I did. Then it became "go check on the furnace" et cetera et cetera. Dad came home and, eventually, he did that for her. I did point out that mom promised she'd do that instead, and then all hell broke loose, with my mom complaining about a dozen more things she came up with at that moment... How do I even react to that? How do I avoid these moments? Is it okay to feel sad over that?
  4. I feel bad every morning because I hate school. When the school day is over I am happy but then think I still have school tomorrow and even though it's almost over, I still know that I have to go back. I feel Awful every morning and every day and am barely ever happy.
  5. My mom raised all 3 of her kids to be nice, kind, and honest, and from the age of 7, my brother who is the oldest would tell me that I was super nice and helpful, but I should also look after myself and not overdue it. He would tell me these things because he said that he know's I'm trying to be nice, but people can take advantage of someones kindness, and he didn't want that to happen to me. Now that I'm 18, I never would have expected my older sister to be the first one to abuse my kindness. I was being used by my sister who is 21 and is 3 years older then me, but now we are having the worst fight we ever had. My sister's name is Sarah, and she's in a relationship with a guy who we'll call Sam. Sarah and i are really close, she's like my second mother and best friend, and i tell her everything because she's always there for me. A few months ago she met Sam through her friend, and they started texting each other a lot. Sarah would tell me the conversations she had with him because she said that he was really sweet to her, but when she allowed me to real the conversations, i got a lot of red flags, and i didn't think this guy was good enough for her. When i told this to Sarah, she got angry and started saying that I had no right to tell her my opinion on the people she likes because i can't even develop a crush on people, so i wouldn't know what loving a person is like. I felt bad that I was so quick to judge Sam without even meeting him, but the way he texted my sister was unsettling. I apologized and I told her why I felt uneasy about the guy, but she then ignored me. This was the first time Sarah stopped talking to me from anger, so I didn't know what to do. A few days later we talked the misunderstanding out and hugged, and during our hug she told me that she's glad we made up, because she agreed to date Sam, and needed to talk about how it happened to me. Sarah said she had no intention on informing our parents about him. This was bad because in my family, if we want to be in a relationship with anyone, there's a traditional procedure that you spend a month of talking and getting to know each other before you can date. This was the first time my sister didn't do this with a boy she was interested in. Sarah made me introduce myself to her boyfriend on Facetime, and from then on I really didn't like the guy. When Sarah and Sam went on dates, my sister would lie to my mom and tell her that she's taking me to the mall so we might be home late. But in reality, my sister forced me to the mall and abandoned me so she can be with Sam. I don't like being left alone, so being abandoned in a mall with no one I know is scary, and I'm terrified that I'll be an easy target to kidnap because I'm alone. So I get super paranoid and try to talk with people on the discord server to stay calm and not cry, but my data can only last for so long. Once the mall closes, Sarah picks me up and drives back to Sam's house where a group of Sam's friends are playing games and talking very inappropriately. The people in that house scare me, so I always stay far away and blast music on my headphones to not think of the place I'm in. once Sarah decides to leave she makes up a story in the car that I have to tell my mom, but I feel bad that I'm lying to her for my sister's sake. i didn't want lie and be placed in uncomfortable situations anymore, and I don't want to be used by my older sister. I think she knows that my parents won't approve of Sam for the same reasons I do. But every time I tell her to let our parents meet Sam, she doesn't want to let me talk, and starts using the fact that I never had my first kiss, a love confession or boyfriend as a factor to bully me. She even called me ugly and said that I should keep my hair long so it can hid my face. So after a month, I realized I'm being too nice about this situation, and yelled at her saying that at least I wasn't lying about a hidden relationship to her own family. I yelled saying how I felt used because I was being forced to be alone in a place that scares me for hours, and being forced and bullied to lie to our mother for her sake. I never yelled at Sarah before, so she just walked out of our room. She worked in a few hours, but then once she left she went missing for 23 hours. she came back home eventually, but she acted like nothing was wrong, and wouldn't tell our parents where she was. Now I feel like I should tell my parents about Sarah's boyfriend, because I don't think it's a good relationship. Because of it, my sister is being more distant from our family, acting different and even bullying me. Is telling the right thing? and what if Sarah hates me if i do. she's my only sister.
  6. Hey. I've been really depressed lately. I completely dropped the girl I like for multiple reasons. It's been making me crazy and I feel like I've completely lost myself. On Saturday I got drunk because I couldn't take what I was feeling and was hoping my brain would go numb. Instead I lost feeling in my body and felt more depressed the day. It feels like I'm nothing more than an empty vessel.
  7. I have my Art (Photography exam) tomorrow and they haven't even done a mock on it. So I don't know how to deal with the stress and timings. How do you control over thinking ? I do that quite a lot and it controls my emotions No matter how hard I try to stop it. One method I use is to write. Reading back over it helps me work through it differently. But it’s my final year at school so I have to concentrate this year.
  8. At school my emotions are normal its like a normal day then when we go home my emotions go crazy i fight a lot with my sister and I couldn't control me emotions and if i do it gets really hard for me.
  9. Well, last weekend something happened at my friend's house.. The cable guy came over and he touched my friend and he almost touched me.. She sobbed in my arms and all I could do was hold her...The police are getting involved now.. I can't help but feel like it's my fault.. I should have done something! I should have done more.. I should have been with her at all times.. but I wasn't... I'm going to see her at school on Monday and I just.. I cry every time I think about it.. I'm a terrible friend. I wasn't there for her.. Now my cat is sick.. He won't eat and I just.. I hate it.. I'm afraid he won't get better.. I'm afraid he will die and I'll be left with the guilt of not trying harder.. The guilt of not knowing what was wrong and fixing it.. You know.. she cried in my arms. She repeated to same thing, over and over, and it broke my heart a little more every time.. "It's all my fault! I should have told him you were here! I should have fought back!"
  10. This is probably not the right place to be asking, but does anyone have any advice on dealing with gender dysphoria? •~•
  11. Hi guys. This is my first time posting, so I hope it goes through. I'm currently dealing with depression and worry to a level unheard of. I can't go a day without thinking of my future, and was wondering if you had any tips for someone starting art?
  12. Q: I've seen my IRL friends spend less and less time with me lately, I ended up spending a few days all by myself, no one even had time to talk over the internet which is unusual. I asked, and... all I got was silence and neglecting... Any tips on this situation?
  13. I'm really emotional and it gets complicated. I cant control it and I start to regret doing those stuff.
  14. What happens if I got scarred in the past? Like, What can I do if I got scarred in the past and how do I move on?
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