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  1. What would you do if you had to choose to either: Live with people who care and love you, giving you what you need, but leaving many loved ones, or getting the opposite... It's hard... Any advice?
  2. I was told by my crush that she likes me, so it should be clear to start dating but I'm scared of a few things. We both don't want the school to know because the bullying would be intense and annoying for both of us. I also don't know how to properly ask her out. I'm really nervous about it. I told her I wasn't ready to ask yet and she said she would be ready when I am. I'm also scared about how I'm not great at having conversations or communicating and such. And I don't want that to ruin everything in the end. I'm mainly afraid of how if I experiences another heartbreak I'll go back to how I used to be from the pain. So may I have your advice with all this? I'll be watching the stream but not talking to keep anonymity.
  3. It's a bit stupid because I fell for the same thing twice, but uhh... My mom and my Girlfriend both forced a change in me that I feel really bad with. Is changing Yourself just for another person's taste even worth it? I know how mom treats me, and my change hadn't made her change one bit, and I know how my relationship is cracked, near broken... So, how much worth can this change in me even be...?
  4. Do you have any advice on how to find peace for feelings for the pains of others that to beg for closure after a movie ends? (Context) Anyone listening has gone to school in different circumstances then my own,. Yet I'm certain if you've been to public school with in the past years, there has been at least one educational movie that you've watched. I highly doubt, that I'm the only person out there that gets strong feelings after watching movies or reading literature that has strong themes of terrible ordeals that happen. I know from as far back as 4th grade, if there were ever strong topic movies that were used as a class learning experience, that it ended with much apprehension or heart-wrenching sadness within me clinging in the shadows after the lights come back on. I often don't see such strong responses from classmates, so I always felt like I was a more sensitive child that was "overreacting to things" when compared. Like there was a huge difference between our two experiences. I have been told and recognize that I have a strong sense of Empathy. I can put myself in the shoes of someone else and understand situations from a perspective as similar as I can imagine from my own experiences. But, I also tend to feel their pain or fear as well from the similar replication of scenario in my own mind. This tended to be most strongly triggered in a less positive way from school movies or documentary videos. I often was a good enough child that I could sit through it or sit near the door and take breaks as allowed (Or just made the overriding decision that "You can't keep me in there, I'm going to hide in the bathroom. ^^/") Luckily, I'm a really good student and I don't intentionally try to break rules. Teachers gave me grace by asking why or letting it slide. But those stories are not what I wanted to ask about... College, much like high school, tends to touch upon really touchy subjects that can have much to learn from, but also make me extremely uncomfortable. But unlike high school English where I could ask to watch a different film that made much less impact on emotions, but still helped to get a point across; Professors sometimes use such films to drive a point across. Yet, I still find that hours after watching a two hour film about the horrors of drugs, I still am gripped by these shadowy feelings. Feelings that I can relate to well, and people that are hurting. I find that the pain crosses the screen and into my heart. And I don't mind that pain, but I do know that I can't let it then paralyze me from being able to work on anything else... I know that some of the things are pains from old memories, touched upon with no real resolution in the movies. Is there anything that you know might help?
  5. I have a question, Why do people need to die sometimes? Why do they not live forever?
  6. I know this is way out of left-field but I have a question I want to know how to be more out going. Have any advice? Because I'm kinda of tired of caring what, people that I don't talk to, care about me.
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  8. What do you do when you are afraid of growing up?
  9. We would love to hear your thoughts on this. ❤️ Thank you and Much love!
  10. Well call it more of a concern for my best friend. She's very insecure and won't open up when something is wrong. She believes it's impossible for anyone to genuinely care for her and she doesn't see the good in herself that I see.
  11. Why do people even hurt each other? Like I see it all the time, why do they like doing it? That is sad.
  12. So I made up my mind about what I'm gonna do. I'm not giving up on this girl because I still love her and I know she feels the same, but I am going to wait. As for why I left Discord there's just no reason for me to be there anymore. If you're someone who didn't know I left I do apologize.
  13. Princess_Yellow

    CDVNL Love

    Joe is a wonderful singer with many great uplifting songs that hit the heart. ❤️ Keep up the great work Joe~
  14. Princess_Yellow

    Photograph - Ed Sheeran Cover

    How do you guys find this so quick? And why is it in featured topic??? >///< Thank you for the nice comments. Photograph is a song I remember listening too when I was in sophomore year, which was actually a really difficult year. I had many relationships falling apart in my life. So it's a bittersweet song about love. I thought about this song recently, both about someone I care about, and a bit about God as well. Loving can hurt, sometimes it's overwhelming, but it can also heal. It's not something I will let myself give up on, cause it's the only way I know how to treat others. And sometimes the only place you can find it is in a photograph. A memory made, and that's hard. That's so hard sometimes. But still so precious, since love never dies. So this was all done on using my iPhone earbuds for a mic and an app called Smule. This allows me to sing parts over each other with slightly different filters for my voice if I want because I have a membership on it. However, I cannot choose what side of the speakers my voice comes out, which makes it really difficult to make it sound balanced. So you can slightly tell that the melody line is out of sync in some places due to it being song twice. It also allows me to only adjust the volume once, so I just gotta hope I get it right the first time I record each track. As for the harmonies, I was just having fun. It was just whatever came to mind to sing. While I have an Audio-technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser Microphone, I have no idea how to use it. Or maybe more accurately how to make it sound good. I wish I did so that I could have more control over it. I have found that it sounds similar to how my voice would if it was not filtered on the smule app, so I believe that there must be a way I can fix it. Though If anyone has any ideas or tips that would be highly appreciated.
  15. This question regards the first section of the "Fate & Malice" post which I named "The Beginning of Fate" which I'll try to summarize as much as possible and get to what the issue with it was: Basically... I moved to New York, made some friends, those friends moved (I didn't mention that part originally), then I made new friends, met a pretty girl named Anna in a way that felt like fate and fell in love with her, and got rejected countless times causing me to go berserk and I became overly obsessive to the point of being a physical threat to my friends. Then a girl online who went by the name "Vamp" (she wouldn't tell me her real name) saved me from self-harm. I think the biggest issue I had (and still have) with this portion of my life is that I too easily fall in love and get overly emotional with many things, especially love. When I find something I love, it becomes an obsession and impacts me mentally, physically, and in (pretty much) every other way. Issue: I don't know how to control my feelings (especially when it comes to love) and feel as if I need to be obsessive over something in order to be associated with it like I want.