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  1. Am I wrong?

    Well one, dont change who you are just for this "friend". If she could say that stuff about you, unless thats how your dynamic as friends is like and even then its unhealthy, its wrong for her to say such things to a group who barely know you. Second, you are less quiet now then you were before-Thats how growth works. I was that shy,quiet kid, i still am, but i have a backbone now cause i know i have people to support me. Plus, you helped me through my moment, and i know super quiet people wouldent, so i really think you have grown as a person even though ive never known you up till that day. So for your questions: 1,2&3:Most likely to make you feel miserable. "Friends" like yours loves to manipulate others emotions like such, but allready have a strong bond with you so you cant break it off easily. And if there allready going that far, well, break it off before it gets worse. 4&5:Hell no! Its not wrong to be quiet, its who you are and theres nothing wrong with it. And its not like your so quiet you wont talk to anyone at all, so its not to a bad extreme. 6:No. Your not wrong at all, and not at fault for anything,its your friends. Shes the one who made you feel that, and shes the one who manipulated you to the point that you dont want to speak up to her about this, you didnt do anything wrong other then be yourself. 7:Never change for anybody but yourself. Do you really feel bad for who you are right now? Even then, dont change at all-you have nothing, from my angle,that needs fixing. Your a sweet, kind person, with enough empathy to comfort a idiot like me. So really, who you are right now is great. And 8:By this point i would be repeating myself honestly so ill make it short, there is nothing going on with you right now that would be bad. Your a lovely, sweet person, Who dosent have to change for anything or anyone. And you especially shouldent for this "friend". Sorry for being rambly! Please, if you have any other concerns or it gets worse, PM me by all means. I cant garuntee much, but ill be there for you, and thats a promise. Much loves&support to you.-Nathan.
  2. Fly catching at the movies

    You to, mate. And so am i actually.
  3. Hello!!!! :3 <3

    Welcome mate, i hope you enjoy it here. ^^-Poro.
  4. I'm afraid of my family

    Yeah, i agree completly.
  5. Hi,Hello,How are you all.

    Hope you didnt watch it at night then, its BRUTAL. >~<;
  6. I'm afraid of my family

    No problem, and good luck fightin' through this dark time in your life.
  7. Hi,Hello,How are you all.

    Yeah there is, and then theres Another Episode, and the Anime and alot of things.
  8. I'm afraid of my family

    Unfountrantly, parents who went to these big,fancy schools will want there kids to do the same, or better. In your case, i think they have been holding these threats back until now, to make you feel so pressured by them that you HAVE to pass well, without any regard to your psychological state or inner thoughts, or be absolutley ruined by the fact that you didnt. You are not nothing without them, family is more then blood or making you into existance-Its about compassion for your child and teaching your child to be a indiviual, and accepting that mabye there not wanting/unable to go to big schools, cause lets face it, not all of us are qualified. To practice 4 hours a day by force of your parents is a key factor to my hyphothesis, as you worded it in a way that makes it seem like this is the first time they have made you feel this pressured. Your parents, from my understanding, are the kind that want there child to do what they couldent, and then take all the credit. Either that or there the ones that feel like you owe them something after all those years of raising you, which isint true. You dont owe them jack. Your your own person, but i wouldent reccomend standing up to them unless your sure it will work. Now off of the scientific side, its horrible that this is happening to you. No child, adult, or anyone period should have to go through that kind of stress cause of there parents, but because they want to, they want to go through that insane stress just for it to pay off in the end. And your dad...jesus, i cant say anything to that-im sorry thats happening to you man. If he ever starts getting worse, or dosent stop after you failed or passed, get out of that house as soon as you can, live with someone you know, do SOMETHING. Because that kind of enviornment isint good for your growth, and its just not something that anyone, parent or otherwise to do. I hope my little rant helped, and dont hesitate to talk to me or anyone else here about anything else that may/might happen. Much loves to you.-Nathan
  9. Well,heres my heart.

    So i decided i was abit vague leaving out some more details about why i want to be a therapist, so i figured i should put them here. Beside's the one listed, That being about Kiki-I have a love in my life who goes through clinical depression. I want to fix that, so i want to study Psychology along with Mental Health Therapy so i can perscribe medication for my love while doing research into the medication myself, instead of being so busy with other cliental...Clientel? I dunno, anyway-So busy with those that i can only perscribe what i know MIGHT effect his life in a positive way. Second-Helping others. I cant just help the people i know, thats way to Selfish. I dont exactly care much for myself, hell i barely eat-I AM NOT ANOREXIC, I am fine, just not a big eater-or get much rest cause im allways concerned with my love, as well as other people i know if i didnt talk to them that day. So i guess im abit clingy to, eheh. Third,and if you want details PM me or ask me here-To prove my dad wrong. He says i cant do it, that im not good with groups, but i know that-Im not good when im reading something in groups, or working in them-but if its all people who need my help in a group, i think ill do well. If i dont, well, ill get better. That is of course if i apply to a Self-Help Club of sorts, and Therapists are not required to do these if specificed that this is not there strong suit. Me&My dad have alot of arguments, to a point where i cant see his "love" for me, so if i can prove him wrong in something-then i sure as hell well. Of course, this is the lowest reason on the list.
  10. Hi,Hello,How are you all.

    Oh, yay! So have you played V3 yet? Also i typed this a long time ago but i forgot to quote you im sorry aaa Q~Q
  11. Well,heres my heart.

    >//////< Your really being to kind mam, it was just me being a decent human being..But thank you, i apprecaite it so so much that people are willing to understand my position instead of just saying Its not your fault, she took the cowards way out. She was near death, yknow? Whos to say if it was cowardice. Thank you again for your kind words, it helps more then you may think. Mabye ill come to a answer some day, and when that day comes..well, it might be the best or worst day of my life-I wont know until i get there. Honestly, there is so much more i couldve added to this ranty little post about my derpy self-But i felt like it wouldve been to much all at once, i would be writing a biography by then, ahaha.
  12. Well,heres my heart.

    Heh, i dont know why im sharing this so early, i barely know anyone here and yet here i am-feeling like i should do this. Well...Where do i begin. I knew a girl, Her name i wont share due to privacy reasons-Ill call her Kiki. Kiki had severe depression, and allmost sexism twoard men. I say allmost because she liked her brother, who thats a whole other story. But Kiki...Bless her soul, she was raped as a small child. For hours on end, chained to her bed. Of course this is gonna scar a human, especially the despicable way he went about it-She hated the words Gentle, Sweetie&Honey and had small panic attacks if she heard them. I met her on a MMORPG called Elsword, Els in the community, and i got her Hangouts eventually. I knew her brother before this so she trusted me, but didnt particularly like me till the first time i saved her. I had her brothers Hangout as well, and she told me she was going to kill herself over a overdose. That was the first time i saved her-Im lucky i thought quick of the window, the door was locked and i didnt know what else to do. He was able to stop her, and i talked some sense into her-she fully trusted me and even considered me a friend. She didnt think differently of men but she liked me, so i was able to talk to her more, i learned more about her, then the second time happened. But she actually wasent killing herself, she was sitting on the roof of a old Shed where one of her brothers friends died saving her brother. She did this to show him that it wasent his fault, and while it didnt work completly, it did cause some good change. Hah, she had me fooled-She was a good actor. The third time came around, and she was going to cut herself-i knew what to do by now, and i saved her again. But...Soon after i dont know what happened, something happened to her blood stream about a week after. She lied to us telling us it was a higher rate of sucess, but no, it wasent...that couldent be further from the truth, it was allmost impossible for her to survive. And..she didnt. She had a week left, but she took it early, i tried&i tried,but.. It was to late by the time they got there. I failed. I wasent able to distract her for long enough to save her. Something ive done before while bouncing information to her brother on where to go to save her, but..nothing. She was dead. I cant help but feel this was my fault, and i cant come to a decision on this was truly right for her to do. She was going to die, and she didnt want to break the news to everyone that it failed, especially after lying about the rates, but she couldve lived comfortably and died calmly with everyone around her so they could atleast brace themselves for the tragedy. I dont know what to feel, and its allmost been a whole year. I wish i could visit her grave, to say im sorry for everything ive done, theres no way its not my fault...but just to finally meet her, atleast in some way in the real world. She was a sweetheart, even though our first few weeks of knowing eachother were abit bumpy. If any of you are suffering from depression, anexity attacks, anything at all-Please,please dont hesitate to talk to me about it. I cant garuntee anything, but i want to help others, and never let this happen again. Its part of the reason i want to be a therapist, hell most of it-the other reasons...well,thats for another time. Thank you for listening to me rant about my stupid,ugly self. Much loves to you all.-Nathan.
  13. Hi,Hello,How are you all.

    Thanks! And im doin fine, thanks for asking. Good to know your doin well to!
  14. Hi,Hello,How are you all.

    Thanks mate, means alot to me. And good, so i wont need to nag you.
  15. Hi,Hello,How are you all.

    No worries, honestly i didnt expect anyone to reply, so thank you! Ill try to be active here but im allready active in other things like this so thats fun. Also, please tell me your picture of Chiaki means your a danganronpa fan.