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  1. Suggestion

    That would be a cute idea indeed..Even though they would have to ask every Artist first if they want to use their Art.. And that could be lots of work, like to reach them. I still think a Guide Book would be amazing <3 But its also a lot of work, I guess! And yeah..like you said. It would be best to work at it after the Series ended, if they did, which will includes everything. cuz an incomoplete book doesnt sound so nice in my opinion. Still..I think its still something that has to be discussed by them ..as projects like that take time and costs a lot of money.
  2. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    Here is a Piece I finished yesterday..Its a Birthday Gift for my Boss..which I will have print out on a Canvas and everyone in our Team will sign it <3 She got assigned to another Store and is currently having a hard time in her private life.. So I hope this will cheer her up a bit..even though no one of my co workers have a thing for this kind of drawing style |D ahaha.. Sadly..I cant draw realistic stuff meh.. I once notice that I dont have a thing for backgrounds..as I always draw the same things..plaaants..lots of plants lol
  3. DND character complete <3

    oooh I dont think I know whats DND is ...ovo... But the Art looks super amazing! The Snake is so cuuuute awww ; v ; And the Progress of your work i interesting. I love to see stuff like that haha!
  4. Inktober

    YAAAY! <3333 I'll hup later after woooork on discord if thats okaay
  5. Inktober

    oooh That looks so adorableeee aaaaaaah!!! ♥♥♥
  6. Inktober

    wwww ; v ; NEVER FORGET OCTOBER 3rd!! //SOBBS SOBBS The Picture turned out so greeeeat !
  7. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    ooh...doesn't they pay for it? Or do you have to pay it yourself Dx oh uhm.. Its https://soulevans.deviantart.com/ But I'm more active lately on my Twitter account https://twitter.com/Miruzilla
  8. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    oh..Thats me :v
  9. Suggestion

    Yes! Just like that! That would be really nice! However..I think this one would be the best if it would be made when the series is over? To include like every information or facts. idk |D
  10. Hello

    Welcome Welcome! I'm pretty new here as well! But I can ensure you everyone is really nice! Meowright! ♥ Have a nice stay!
  11. Suggestion

    Ah noo I get what you mean. A Character Guide Book? That would be kind of nice!
  12. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    Well..I can try on Friday or next weekend ORZ Still busy with a Birthday Present for my Boss ; v ; Weren't you working on an Icon as well?
  13. Inktober

    ooooh I saw the one with Light at Youtuuuube wwww!!! It looks great!! >v< The "Umbreon Hoody" one is soooo cuuute and adorable dooooh ; v ; ♥♥♥ Dat Smile~! Currently done with my second Inktober Picture..Missed the first day cuz I needed to buy actual Ink, cuz I didn't want to draw with anything else |D Aaah!! Do you want to make kindof an Art Trade ? Like I will draw one of your characters for Inktober one Day! and vice versa!
  14. Suggestion

    I would kind of love stuff that Artists do as well.. Like uh.. Shirts Acrylic Keychains Buttons Standees Sticker Sheets Posters At least thats some Stuff I always like to buy from Artists And of coooourse! A physical CD of the Songs ♥ 'n Plushies like suggested..maybe Mugs (but I have a lot of them ..and I never use'em |D) Just for starters..although its kinda pricey to get them done.. ZAP! would be good for the acrylic stuff like keychains and standees to be done..and maybe sticker sheets.. Enamel Pins are kind of a trend rn as well :>
  15. Uhm ...If I'm right..then my Timezone is GMT+2