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  1. Do we post our submissions here or will each day have a separate thread?
  2. Days 1 through 4: poisonous, spell, roasted ,tranquil
  3. I am open to more people just talk to us
  4. thank you for the catch @slightlyaboveaveragejoe, I use spell check and often miss things
  5. 3.5 is the edition of rules that w will be using. there are 5 different editions in total. %E is h current one and is made to be easier to follow/ learn. Each edition is different in it's own right. 1E is he base for he game, 2E is heavily combat based, 3/3.5 is the mos expansive and exploitative as far as mechanics go, 4E is like being an anime character (so I have heard) and 5E is for beginners/ currently laid back role-playing experience.
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