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  1. Count to 1000!

  2. Word Association

    Drake (baby dragon)
  3. Count to 1000!

  4. A New Hero Rises!

    (Hows this I will edit the end card to incorporate this problem in the 2nd issue and you take it from there?(already will be done at this juncture))
  5. A New Hero Rises!

    (There are other more suitable people for that, besides Chair-Man knows nothing about explosives if you want to take the rains here go ahead that is the fun of storytelling cooperatively you could do a thing there the flame guy brakes out of police custody and hunts down his stuff )
  6. A New Hero Rises!

    Last Time on Chair-Man: Oaken Hero: "This suit is seriously hard to move in.", "But that still doesn't justify the air pollution!" "Beware the man with the red eye." This Time:(Some one start a scenario with either where we left off or a new night)
  7. A New Hero Rises!

    ( he meanders down the dark damp street, it is almost midnight, he walks behind a building determined... ) Will the world learn more about this strange new hero? Will He find all the explosives? What will Happen to the Chair? Who is the man with the Red Eye? Stay tuned for the next Installment of Chair-Man: Oaken Hero
  8. A New Hero Rises!

    "Correction; You are going to blow up the town." (Shows voice recorder)"and with that book-em boys, You are here by charged with assault, battery, premeditated mass murder, arson, and possession of an unlicensed experimental suit."( troughs a bucket of water at you as the police charge in with the fire department)"Oh. and disturbing the peace".
  9. A New Hero Rises!

    "Not bad Hotshot, but you need to rethink your identity" (turns around and starts walking away)
  10. A New Hero Rises!

    (charges forwards and hit you in the head with a chair leg sending you stumbling back on to the ground) " don't get all steamed up or you might blow a fuse"
  11. A New Hero Rises!

    "that was not yelling, that was stating a fact in a calm manner. You are the only one yelling."
  12. Word Association

  13. Count to 1000!

    whelp that went so far, let's try again... 1
  14. A New Hero Rises!

    "Hey, don't attack the citizens,"(angerly), "That will not help your cause in the stillest, In fact that makes you the bad guy in this instance."(raises a chair leg warning)
  15. Word Association