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  1. Zombie prosthetics and other things I do for Marching Band

  2. Nightcore Listeners?

    I can listen to about half of nightcore the other half is like nails to a chalkboard or like my explainable reason why I get a headache from listening to violin ( discovered that while listening to Lindsey Stirling even though i give her mad props for what she dose.) In some cases the Nightcore version is better then the original line Dollhouse or Secret
  3. Bye for now

    whelp hope you enjoyed your time back then
  4. voting!

    Yay now it has one reply
  5. Why is everyone so far away:(

    so in other news I live near You Car1992...(being the same state) cool
  6. Jahotsafits

  7. Musicals

    I am currently is drama so I have seen Cinderella, Into the woods,Greece 1 and 2, Shrek, Hair spray, Phantom of the opera, and listened to Dear Evan Hanson and Be More Chill. All fun in there own right. though I enjoy the musical episodes of some television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer Once More with Feeling, and some occult things like Repo: The Genetic Opera. I also found the Cog is dead and American Murder Song recently. While some may not be considered theater I believe they could be done as such and are still good.
  8. The shipping x breeding game !

    outerpeace? IDK right hand X Red (twister)
  9. Two Truths and a Lie

    as a punishment from my dad had me do 1000 push ups before bed (it was after dinner). the answer being that i have not run a marathon.
  10. Count to 100

  11. The Riddle Game

    the second I see hope the third i sense time ask me not why i answer in rhymes
  12. Gradual Evolution

    each word is backwards: "Y srub O'y ox xnexrub oy xrub oy vrub oc oy vruburb oy ox s'nrub xrub oy xrub yhgrub xrub rub oy s'ohs grubrub, oyd' ohs xrub oy srub xnexrub oa " "lugulroror leror memulrub, mululor." S'ti daed, Mij.
  13. The wishes game ~

    granted but nobody knows it I wish everyday was Halloween
  14. Oh No!!

    it's ok your service provider gave you a full refund and better service. oh no! My refrigerator is running... a drug cartel with the milk that went bad and are demanding money from me!
  15. Rate the profile picture of the user above you!

    7/10 I personally find the picture to be too saturated with light