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  1. I guess u need to find someone who can open the door and pull you outside and help you start your journey. We all have different dreams and inspirations. I believe that everybody just needs to go and find their inspiration. That's why a good teacher is not the one who teaches you the most but the one who will help you find your inspiration and open the door for you to change the world in your own way
  2. I definitely agree. Sorry that i have been gone for so long @slightlyaboveaveragejoe. but i am back now and looking forward to trying to work on a few projects and to help out on the website again.
  3. I'm back everybody. sorry its been so long. its been a busy 6 months and on top of that i managed to forget my password and struggled to get it reset. Anyways now that i am back i am going to try and restart my Weekly speeches
  4. that's good. will have to try and figure out what time that is for me.
  5. thatch true. they are a pretty dam hard thing to talk about since every single one is different and has different circumstances. good luck tho @slightlyaboveaveragejoe. i have a feeling that this is going to be a great one. sorry about not responding but i have been sick since Friday. finally got out of bed yesterday at around midday.
  6. Hey guys. It's time for another speech. Transcript – It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It – Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation It’s easy to have FAITH everything is going to work out, when everything IS working out. It’s much harder to have faith when you are facing challenges in your life. But that is exactly when you need to apply your faith. Because faith is believing in the unseen. Faith is taking the first step. Faith is jumping in the deep end and KNOWING everything will be OK. It’s easy to be positive when everything is working out… It’s much harder, much much harder when nothing is working out…. But that’s when we need it the most. EVERYTHING WORTH THE PRIZE! IS WORTH THE FIGHT! Everything worth the prize will require a real fight to achieve that prize. If you want the prize you can’t quit at half time. You can’t quit mid season. You must play the whole game. Pre season, through the cold, through darkness, through the challenges, the opponents. You will be knocked down… but you MIST GET UP. KEEP FIGHTING. DIG DEEP and discover your true STRENGTH. Then you will win the real prize: CHARACTER. EXPANSION. YOU rising to the next level IF I SURVIVE THE STORM, I CAN OUTDO THE NORM. TO BREAKTHROUGH THE NORM, I MUST FIRST SURIVE THE STORMS. TO HAVE MORE THAN MOST – I MUST DO MORE THAN MOST. BELIEVE MORE THAN MOST. LEARN MORE THAN MOST. SACRIFICE MORE THAN MOST. BELIEVE MORE THAN MOST. Now, say to yourself: LONG TERM, I know what I need will come my way. LONG TERM, I know if I keep at it I will be rewarded LONG TERM, I know consistency pays off LONG TERM I know all my actions, all my discipline all my integrity will pay off in a big way. I HAVE FAITH everything will work out. IN THE END all will be fine… IF I KEEP WORKING. IF I KEEP LEARNING. IF I CONTINUE TO EVOLVE. IF I CONTINUE TO ADAPT. IF I LEARN NEW WAYS. Set backs aren’t always negative. Sometimes they are sent to guide us in a much bigger and better direction… But you can only see that if you show character in those hard times. If you remain open minded in the hard times. If you show strength through your struggles. Don’t say “Why me”. Ask: “How can I come out of this stronger”… “What can I learn” In the hard times we see who really has the character. In the hard times we see what people are really made of. What are you made of? Tell me, What are you made of? CHARACTER. EXPANSION. GROWTH AND PRIDE! CHARACTER. EXPANSION. GROWTH AND PRIDE! DIG DEEP! 
Find that strength that lives inside you. TRUST that if you keep doing your thing, you will be rewarded. It might not happen right away, it rarely does, but it will happen if you keep going. Don’t allow regret to enter your life. Don’t you dare look back on your life in 5 years and think “I could have done more”… “If only I stuck it out, I could have been in a much better position” No. Look back with pride. Look back and be able to say to yourself, “It wasn’t easy, but I AM SO PROUD I stuck it out… because I got my rewards” Make sure your story is one of strength. Make sure your story is one of someone who refused to give up. Refused to settle. Refused to be normal. Keep going. Your future self is begging you. Link to the website and Video. https://www.fearlessmotivation.com/2018/01/22/its-not-easy-but-its-worth-it-motivational-speech/
  7. Guess its my turn. Hello everybody. My name is Robert Luke McCormick. I am 17 years old and i was born September 3rd 2000. I am born and raised in Alice Springs, Australia but the rest of my family is from Zimbabwe which is in Africa. I am the youngest of 4, 2 brothers and one sister. I am currently doing my final year of high school and studying a certificate III in Hospitality which is Bartending and Garadon as well as training to be a shift supervisor. Garadon is your fancy flame cooking in front the the guests. I currently work as a waiter at a local Chinese Restaurant and for the local Lassesters Casino which used to be the Crown Plaza. I have also started training for the under 21 NT (Northern Territory) development team for Lawn Balls. I used to spend a lot of my time reading and playing video games but now i don't really have too much spare time. I don't really know what i want to do with my life so i am doing the hospitality course since it is acknowledged world wide. i enjoy playing games with friends and i haven't discovered anything that i am good at yet.
  8. Hey guys. i couldn't find a transcript for this one and it is quite long so i will just be placing the video below. i will also be starting to move these speeches to the inspirational topic. I decided to pick this one since i know exams are arriving soon and i felt like this could help a bit.
  9. Hey guys. the title kind of speaks for its self. Though its not a problem that i will be speaking about. i am also planning on refining this a bit before posting it on the one of the main topics so any help would be appreciated in editing. Also feel free at add your own bits of advice. Everybody has problems. it is just a part of life. Though for every problem that we face, we become stronger for it. we can develop different perspectives and change the way we solve these problems. but something that the majority of people need to realize (myself included sometimes) is that when somebody is asking you for help, it usually means that they are struggling. when they tell you their problem it might sound small or sound like it isn't that much of a problem, but to the people asking for help it can seem like a hill or a mountain that they are faced with. it could seem like an issue that everybody faces through their life like trying to figure out who they want to be. The issues that people face will always seem large then they really are when they are struggling with it for a while. think back to the thing you struggled with the mos. think about how many times you asked for help with it. think about the reaction that people had when they heard about it. i am not going to pretend to know what people have gone through in the past, but i do know that it can hurt just as much to have people scoff at your problems that seem quite small to them but a massive mountain for me. This is something that i love about this community though. there are always people here who will try and help people with their problems, people who take the issues that people face with seriousness no matter what the problem appears to be. hope this little thing helped some people and will allow you all to make posts about your problems here in the community. Robert "Dantaliann" McCormick
  10. you can try using the discord chat. I think they added a face cam
  11. i have an idea Joe. When people submit topics for you to present maybe you could ask them if they would like to join the stream for a while through a voice call or a video call. It could lead to some interesting stuff and it can help people feel more involved if they have the opportunity to join the stream. Just an idea and its entirly up to you. just something that appeared in my mind.
  12. Hey guys. its time for another inspirational speech. This one is about never giving up. Website will be below. Transcript – Never Give Up – Motivational Video If I could go back and give my younger self just one piece of advice, what would it be? Never give up. If I could give anyone just one piece of advice, what would it be? Never give up! It’s so sad to see so many people give up on the life they want to live just because of the need to fit in. Fit in with parents, fit in with friends, fit in with society. Too afraid to dream of how great life can be because life and others have offered plenty of examples of what could go wrong. Plenty of examples of how hard life is. How much of a struggle life is. Well, I don’t buy that. I believe everyone is capable of creating the life they want. I refuse to believe we are stuck. I refuse to believe in limitations. We are capable of anything if – only if – we believe that. Because with belief comes action. With belief comes possibilities. With belief we are open to opportunities. When we refuse to give up on our dream, when we seek to find examples of those who have achieved the life they want, when we want to learn how we can make steps forward every day, when we are open to learn more, when we are willing to work for it, when we trust our intuition and follow our hearts, when we have the courage to trust the universe, and reach for the sky…well, then anything is possible. If you believe it, you can achieve it! If you can dream it, there’s no doubt you can be it. Believe in yourself. Shakespeare said “our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt”. See, most people fear failure so much they don’t even try, therefore they fail by default. Achieving anything of significance in life will never be easy. But the only way you can guarantee not achieving anything is if you never try in the first place. You do not know what is going to happen in the future. Anything can happen if you believe in yourself and are willing to learn how to make it happen. It might not happen right away. It might take you longer than expected. But if you are committed and maintain belief that in the end you will achieve your desired outcome, you will achieve your desired outcome. Never give up! Never ever give up! I believe I can create my own reality, because it’s a strong belief to hold. Because when I feel good more good things come. When I’m low, more low moments come. If you don’t believe you create your own reality, then you’re at the mercy of your circumstances, at the mercy of what happens to you. I couldn’t think of much worse ways to live than always be reacting as if life has something against me. Life presents challenges to all of us. When we accept all things that arrive not as good or bad, but as part of our journey, we can respond to all things with character and presence rather than react in hate or anger. When we know that life isn’t holding something personal, but rather see it as a challenge given to the strong, we can deal with it better. Never give up! Never ever give up! https://iamfearlesssoul.com/never-give-up-motivational-video/
  13. Hey everybody. This week i am posting a speech that is about depression and mental health. This Is Not The End – Inspiring Speech On Depression I want you to know that, no matter where you are in life… No matter how low you have sunk… No matter how bleak your situation… This is NOT THE END. This is not the end of your story This is not the final chapter of your life. I know it may be hard right now But if you just hang in there Stick it out Stay with me for a little while… You will find, that this tough moment will pass, and, if you are committed to USING this pain, using it to build your character, finding a greater MEANING for the pain, you will find that, in time, you can turn your life around, and help others going through the same struggles. The world right now is in the middle of a mental health crisis. It’s estimated almost half the population suffers from depression at some stage throughout their life. Rather than join the cue, it’s important we it’s learn why we get down, and then how we can change it, because believe it or not, we create our own negative feelings and we can also ensure that we turn our lives around and be a positive change for others. The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the CONSISTENT thoughts we think, and the CONSISTENT beliefs we hold. Let me say that again. The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the CONSISTENT thoughts we think, and the CONSISTENT beliefs we hold. If I believe I am fat, horrible, ugly and unworthy of love, I will most likely become depressed or have depression thoughts If my thought process is “I must be in a relationship and earn X amount to be happy” I might get depression if I don’t achieve those goals. The point here is that anyone that is depressed, is so, because there is an external factor that didn’t materialize in their life – i.e…. (They have lost something outside of their control, or don’t have something that is out of their control) 

the most common reasons for depression are : a lost a job, relationship break downs or non existence, body image, comparison to others. The only way out of this is to work on yourself, every day. In school we are taught how to get a job, but no one teaches us how to live in a state of happiness. No one teaches us how important our conscious and unconscious thoughts and associations are. Is our happiness not worth more than a job? Yes it is. And before you say, happiness won’t pay my bills – happiness WILL pay your bills, when you realize you will be 10 times more energized, focused and take positive action in your life, when you FIRST choose to develop yourself as a priority, and THEN get to all the “stuff” of the world. I’ve seen some people, who many would consider to “have it all” end their life because they thought they were not good enough. A thought, a belief within them told them they were not worthy. These people that many were jealous of, many envious of, were not good enough. You must value yourself enough, to take the time EVERY SINGLE DAY to work on you. To engage in something, that will ensure you are a positive influence on the world. This of course doesn’t mean life will suddenly be perfect. The same life-challenges will show up, but if your mind is strong, if you mind is at peace, your REACTION to the challenging times will be very different.Your reaction will be HOW CAN I MAKE THIS WORK, not ‘why is this happening to me’ And then others will look to you, not with pity but with HOPE, because your strength will become their HOPE, their strength. You really can be that powerful. You can ditch the victim story, you can leave the pain behind and FOCUS on how you will react next. How you will react positively. Read. Read all you can read to get your mind in a positive place. Take steps to ensure you will be in a better position next time – whatever pain you are suffering – how can you ensure it won’t show again – 

Take little steps… and soon you will be at the top of the stair case. Don’t give up You are worthy You are more than worthy! You deserve to experience how great life can be – and you owe it to the world to be that positive change for others. To inspire others – who will look to you and say – he did it, she did it, and I can do it too. Thank you for reading and i hope this has helped. https://iamfearlesssoul.com/this-is-not-the-end-inspiring-speech-depression-mental-health/
  14. Hey Ryan. I am probably not going to be able to give the best advice but i will give it a go. Life can be made really shitty by people. Its a sad fact that we have to deal with but can be made easier by having people to talk to, having somebody who you don't need to hide anything from. From what you have said you have a person like that and that person also has you. you have a pillar to lean on. i don't really know how to say this next part so i am going to give it a go, though you have probably heard this stuff before or even thought of it yourself. Try and spend as much time with your friend as you can. it helps knowing that there is somebody there who cares for you and is willing to try and help you. let them them know how important they are to you, let them know that you will always do what ever you can to help them through their troubling times. it sucks that bullying is becoming more and more regular these days and that it happens to wonderful people. so just try and stay strong. I believe that the two of you can get through this and move onto the next segment of your lives that is much happier for the two of you. I understand that it can be hard to talk about these kind of things. it takes a lot of courage to do what you have done. I am sure there are a lot of other people here on BSS that will be willing to give you their advice either openly or in a Private message. Ryan, anytime you want to talk feel free to send me a message and i will do what i can to help. i am also sorry that i haven't been much help, but hopefully other people that have better articulation skills then me are able to give you some advice. Dantaliann
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