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  1. Zion Mesa


    I understand not wanting to be associated with hateful people. Bye your personal choice to follow Christ doesn't need an explanation, it's not our job to worry about what people might think of us. Your actions will speak for themselves. Which I think is the concern, we don't want to be compared to others who represent us poorly. I think this brings up the question as to whether we need to call ourselves "Christian" at all. While I believe we should be unabashed in declaring our faith everywhere we go "Christian" is nothing more than a label that means so many different things to different people. It has begun to become a hindrance to our mission because it comes with a ton of preconceived notions or ideas of what that makes us. I think being a follower of Christ will be my goal, And I realize I called myself a Christian in my own introduction but, live and learn. I don't think I will anymore.
  2. Zion Mesa


    Do you know where to find find it?
  3. Zion Mesa


    Thanks I'll check it out!
  4. Zion Mesa

    Mad Scientist PSA

    Oh right, (Weather BOMB! Mwah haha) protected by parentheses.
  5. Zion Mesa


    Yup, Zion is my real name. Zion Manuel Mesa. I was already trying to be real so, I only go by my real name on the internet. I mean, I don't have anything to hide. Anything I say on the internet should be something that I am willing to take responsibility for. Yeah, I'll be friends with anyone. Friendship goes two ways, so if anyone else needs someone to talk to, I'm here!
  6. Zion Mesa


    (Nod) understood.
  7. Zion Mesa


    Thanks I appreciate it. It really does help.😂
  8. Zion Mesa

    Mad Scientist PSA

    Easy, just set up in Canada and smuggle in a weather bomb.
  9. Zion Mesa

    Personality Questions

    I would probably be wandering cat. Teleportation, it's quick and free plus I could use it to scare the heck out of people by just appearing behind them. 😏
  10. Zion Mesa

    A New Hero Rises!

    Narrator: who is the mysterious red eyed man? Is his eye really red? Will chairman's relative competency be enough to stop whatever underfunded villainy the red eyed man is planning? Why do we always have a narrator to ask the questions everyone is fully capable of thinking of for themselves? At least one of these questions will probably be answered in the next mediocre installment of CHAIRMAN!
  11. Zion Mesa

    My... Fanarts...?

    You have a very cute style.
  12. Zion Mesa

    Wishes for the Worst

    Granted, but it's from Taco Bell and will probably poison you. I wish I had cool hair.
  13. Zion Mesa

    Path of Exile

    How do I join?
  14. Zion Mesa


    I man once said, "I've come to believe that this life's not meant to be easy." It's true... which is good because if it was I'd be feeling left out,😁. Plus we'd be spoiled and not need each other or God so much.
  15. Zion Mesa


    Okay I'll definitely let you know if I do. BTW how old are you and do you wanna be friends? I think it would be nice to have someone to talk to about things like this. Since we can relate to each other.