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  1. Music

    Life is a highway. You said it is for a talent show, it has more words and opportunity to show vocal ability. Just my suggestion.
  2. Stories

    Sounds like it could be good.😁 Go for it!
  3. Stories

    Mefia? Oh, you meant comic "book" or "series". I like those too. But comic "strip" is something different in my mind.
  4. Stories

    O.K...what? I like comic strips.
  5. Sketch

    Here are two drawings I did during my free time. The girl on the top is a member of Angelight while the one below it is a portrait I made of Static-P. Wow...that's really good. Especially the static-P one.
  6. Music

    Uggh! Stage fright sucks!
  7. Here's where we'll play!
  8. High School Roleplay

    ((Aww, can't we keep going till someone else joins?))
  9. R.O.T.S(new role-play)

    O.K, what do you think of this one?
  10. What'cha Reading There?

    I read several books at a time too.
  11. Sketch

    Yeah, I mean we can't really claim a hairstyle. OCs yes, but not really hairstyles...unless it's something iconic like Goku's hair...I'm pretty sure noone will get away with that.
  12. Stories

    Why? Why do you only need one? One at a time yes but you can always put the others aside to work on later. I do. If I think about them all at once I'd never finish ANY of them. So take the one you came up with first and do that one. Then take the next one and do that one...etc. I'm going from first to last that way I won't lose my zeal for it or forget it.