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  1. Static Vibe Roleplay

    I hope y'all don't mind me jumping aboard the ship? I couldn't resist the word roleplay. Also, for Zion, think of your character introduction as a blueprint. It's where you can think about your characters past and present. Who are they, today, and, why are they like that? After that, you have a set character, with personality traits and aspects, as they are when the roleplay starts, but, as your character grows, it may be difficult to stay to that blueprint. Just like humans, they adapt and grow, and characters sorta have a life of their own. So, you could start with a character who is hopeful, silly and cute, but then along the way becomes more humble, the backbone of her group, with a sense of mature kindness. *coughs*Totally wasn't describing Hareka*coughs* So, you start with that blueprint, and try to stick to it, but, your character has room to grow. Your character is no more stagnant that you. And, if you feel like reflecting those changes, you can always post those changes for you and others to look upon later. I almost always change my characters personalities along a rp myself, but, that's what makes it fun. You create that character, and you write for them, but, they breathe life into themselves and live their own lives. Does this help? Or am I just being a rambling cub?
  2. Sheet Music?

    I'd honestly kill for sheet music! I play Mabinogi, and spamming towns with Static-P music, and possibly getting someone into the music, would be amazing!!! Though, just having the sheet music would be joy enough for me.
  3. Online Multiplayer Games??

    I'm partial to Mabinogi, and legit obsessed with it. It's a good MMORPG, if I say so myself, though not as active as it once was.
  4. Census-ing

    I am an America, I am agender My favorite color is purple My native language is English My favorite Static-P song is Rewind, though Dream on is QUICKLY becoming my favorite now. My inspiration is my disabled baby sissy, because she will always try, no matter what My hobbies are watching Youtube, talking to friends, and Mabinogi... Yes, I'm boring, I know Country USA ×5 Korea ×1 Canada x1 UK x1 South-Africa ×1 Gender Male ×5 Female ×4 Intersex ×1 Agender ×1 Favorite Color Purple ×4 Black x3 Blue x2 Red x2 Pink ×1 Brown x1 Green x1 Native Language English x6 Esperanto ×1 Korean ×1 French x1 Favorite Static-P Song A Reason for Suffering ×4 Skylanterns ×2 Rewind x2 No Ones In This Alone x1 Life Might Take Us x1 Inspiration (Friends in general) ×3 Siblings x2 Tommy Wiseau ×1 Mark Mothersbaugh x1 Bruce Lee x1 Nyansai ×1 Hobbies Music ×5 Games x5 Writing stories x4 Vis. Art ×4 Daydreams ×3 Conlang ×2 Program x2 Sew/Knit x1 Communication x1 Watching YouTube x1
  5. Hello there

    *nod-nod* Also, sorry I was so late to respond. Things have gotten truly and horridly hectic here. I totally didn't forget about you. Plus, when I tried to check my post before, the site was down thanks to the Hurricane. Also, thank you! I did sleep well! You're magic, heh
  6. Hello there

    Aww, another welcome! Thank you. Honestly, I may have legit overplayed It's Not Like I Like You when it was released, and I may or may not have gotten into a fight with my bro's ex because she said that she couldn't like Static-P's voice. Let's just say I was displeased with her opinion, and leave it at that? I know it was petty of me, but, I got too fired up about it. And, rip, lolz. Well, I'm not going to deny being a tsundere... Especially when friends have giving me message logs effectively proving that I'm tsundere... -.-; So embarrassing. After several times of that happening, you sorta know, you can't deny it any more. And, lolz. Thanks for the clarification. Looks like I missed an important part of history? But, maybe we can bring the nod-nod back? *gives all the nod-nods* And, lolz.
  7. Hello there

    Pfft. If we get to know one another, I'm sure you will have paragraph loyalty, lolz. It just takes time, and honestly, you'll need patience. And, I'm only a tsundere to people I really like, I think. Like, to people I don't know, I can be super nice and polite. To my girlfriend, well, she woke me up earlier, because I asked her to, and I flipped her off, told her to die, then shut my computer. I called her back and apologized, but, she was laughing about it. Being friends with a tsundere is definitely hard, but, I think we're good company, as long as you know when we say we hate you that we mean we love you, and go die means never die... Or, something like that? I don't know how I work myself, in all honesty. Anyway, I hope you have a goodnight, and sorry I replied so late. I was spending some time with my mum. Talk to you again.
  8. Hello there

    New videos mean a new chance to either find the link here, or, to be reminded of it. And, don't fret about that. My introduction was shorter than your welcome, in all honesty. Besides, I'm happy to have been welcomed, honestly, it makes me feel great that you took the time to even do it. I don't need a long welcome, yours was perfect. Though, if there are influences around that are draining your inspiration, perhaps you need to look into new inspiration, or change/remove those influences? I mean, if they're negative, that is. And, I really am ///// Like, when I know people, I'm typing, like, five paragraphs to respond to one sentence, and teased about being 'paragraph royalty'. Otherwise, I'm sort of just... Trying to respond to everything so I don't forget it? Like, responding in parts, or something like that? Murr.... And, it is an honor to sing his parts, and, I'm always singing to him anyway, lolz. But, she's still teasing me~ I am tsundere, though... I can't even deny that.
  9. Hello there

    I actually, and quite embarrassingly, didn't know about this community until I'm Sorry, and didn't join until just checking out Dream on. I sorta fought myself on whether I wanted to join or not, if I'd be able to talk with people and stuff, but... I decided to go for it, lolz. Hopefully, some more people will come in from Dream On as well? And, aww, thank you. I don't think there's a way for me not to be awkward though, omg. It's like, my natural state of being. And, yeeees! My girlfriend actually recently fell in love with him for It's Not Like I Like You. She teases me by saying I'm such we're both tsundere, but always has me sing Static's part, lolz.
  10. Hello there

    Hi there. I'm Lantearia, but you may also call me Lani to Lantea. I found Static-P when he released Rewind for Misty's anime, and immediately fell in love with his music, that song being my favorite from him, as it became my song of strength for a dark time. I'm a bit awkward, but, I finally decided I might as well join this community, since I love Static-P's music so much, and for all he's given me with it.