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  1. Screw it, I'm doing it

    Please, specify
  2. Screw it, I'm doing it

    Please, the guy who made this thread is awesome, you'd need to outawesome him for the thread to die Also, I think I'd rather not touch the club feature for now, maybe later
  3. Screw it, I'm doing it

    Clubs, huh? might look for it
  4. Suggestion

  5. Random Clue

    With all of this clues business, I can't help but think this is almost like a mini ARG, like the SiIva Reboot one Also, good eye, I was far too busy trying to hold my jaw in place to notice that

    Wait, what the... HOW DID I MISS THIS? GODDAMMIT NETTO, PAY ATTENTION Happy (really late) birthday Ryan, I hope you keep being awesome, funny, friendly, awesome and forever keep changing lives sorryIdidn'tsendthissoonerIsomehowcompletelymisseditbuthereIamthisisgoingtomakeupforitright?Ireallyhopeitdoes
  7. Screw it, I'm doing it

    Well, let's just say I have far too many Anime that I've started to watch and didn't finish, like Jojo, or Clannad, and there are even more Anime I still have to watch like <insert anime here>, or <insert second anime here>, so the netflix movie is a bit low on my priorities list Wait, did I say low? I meant rock bottom
  8. Screw it, I'm doing it

    Yeah, already had a bad feeling about that
  9. Static Vibe Roleplay

    ((Enzan will likely be out for... some time, I mean, come on, we barely passed one day since he left. Actually, no, I take that back, it hasn't been any more than 4 hours)) After getting home, Matt booted up his computer to see if he could find some info on the bracelets, he inspected the bracelets a little bit closer and noticed something a bit odd "Wait a second, this seems a bit to thick to be just a regular friend ship bracelet, and it is also made out of metal, and it is ALSO not as heavy as it should be, so the inside is likely hollow" That was the only conclusion he managed to get, he tried to see if he could find any clues on the bracelet itself, but he really didn't want to mess too much with that, while he usually would try to... "Reverse-Engineer" things to find out how they worked and be ready to fix them if necessary, this wasn't his, and god knows what would happen if he broke it Using the grand knowledge that only google has, he tried to look up for manufacturers of tracking devices, many names showed up, however, most of them features trackers that were way bigger that whatever one was present in the bracelet, a lot of them for cars, after thinking for a bit, he decided to look for external cellphone trackers. Bingo, the model of those seemed a lot closer to the size that he assumed to be on the bracelet, and there were less manufacturers this time, about three big ones "Now, if I had to guess, these have software that allows the user to see the location from another device, like a PC maybe. Oh lovely, all three of them have it. Well, in for a penny" Matt downloaded all three softwares, and after installing them, tried to open up the first one, unfortunately, turns out the software had been disabled ever since the manufacturer went bankrupt "Oh, lovely, thanks for that info you didn't give me Google, makes sense that I couldn't find the official website for the company" The second one worked fine, apparently it belonged to the biggest one of the two that were still standing, he skipped the intro because he wasn't very patient with tutorials, preferring to just click on everything that makes at least a bit of sense until he worked it out, while "randomly" clicking, he discovered that each device could be connected to up to 5 others "Gee, I wonder if this one is linked to the ones belonging to the other mem- ... ... Oh god, it might have been a bad idea to bring this here" Now Matt was starting to worry about his decision, if someone tracked the bracelet it would mean big trouble for him, after all, he did take it without permission, even if he was meaning to deliver the bracelet back, which only meant he had to work at double time to find the person before the person found the idea to call the police "Gah, if I hadn't taken it, someone else would have, now, if you would please stop trying to make up justifications and instead focus on the task at hand, I would be grateful" Matt scrambled through the menus to find where he could sync the device to his computer, and when he found it, he froze in place "So, the system wants me to insert the ID code of the device... which is located... in the chip... I have a really bad feeling about this" It seemed like there was no escaping from it, he would have to find where exactly in the bracelet the chip was, and a way to remove it, luckily, but if the chip had been put in there, it would have to come out somehow, after taking a closer look, he noticed that there was an area with a bit of solder forming a square "Oh my, I wonder where could the chip be, poor me, how am I supposed to know? And most importantly, how did you not notice that before Matt?" He then went to pick up his father's soldering iron, his father used to fix electronics for a living, so he ended up learning a few thing, enough to save him some money with small things like fixing headsets or his keyboard, anxiety started to kick in as he had to wait for the iron to get hot, which he proceeded to attempt- in vain -to ignore by looking the idol group up, apparently a not-so long time ago, one of the members had gotten lost in the city after taking far too many wrong turns while taking a walk before a concert, they couldn't communicate with her because she had left her cellphone in the apartment. "So that's why they use trackers, huh, well, I better see if the iron is ready" Matt started to remove the solder from the bracelet, the cover fell and with it fell the chip, he picked it up and inserted the ID on the software, it showed four dots,one was in his current location, one was in an apartment pretty far away, one was offscreen, moving towards the south and the last one was moving towards the one in the apartment "Okay, so they didn't notice it yet, hopefully, I mean, it's not like this is tracking the police as well" Matt soldered the chip and the cover back into the bracelet and then used sandpaper to give remove any excess solder, as he was done with that, he synced his cellphone and his computer, allowing him to access the computer remotely, as he did, he noticed that the moving dot stopped for a second, and then began moving back, towards him "Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag, I better go meet them halfway before they get the wrong impression about me... oh, who am I kidding, they're already out for my blood" With that, Matt picked up the phone and went on his way, by this point he just gave up and let his anxiety run wild in his head, the sooner he worked that out of his system the better ((HOOOOOOOLY SHIT, this was was pretty long, but it felt awesome to write))
  10. debt free

    Karaoke bar That's all I have to recommend
  11. Hey heyyyy

    You really do have an obsession with trying not to be Cliche, don't you? too bad, trying to avoid cliches only leads to more of them Great first song, mine was Reason for Suffering, and after that came Don't Worry Wednesday an here I am now Either way, welcome to the Black Static and Swerve, hope you make yourself comfortable, looking forward to seeing you around here often!
  12. Static Vibe Roleplay

    Matthew had already went to the cashier to pay for his stuff when he finally noticed that the pudding flavors had been mixed up. "Gotta love how distracted you are Matt, really useful" He thought to himself as he made his way back to the dessert section, there, on the ground, he noticed a bracelet, right where the truck had almost ran him over, the bracelet read "Static Vibe, for everlasting friendship". Suddenly, he remembered why that girl was familiar to him, she was one of the members of the Idol group, he was never much into the idea of Idols itself, but as a lover of music, he had heard a few songs here and there, and Static Vibe wasn't excluded from the list. He tried to find the girls, but was unable to, he then decided to take the bracelet with him, when he got home, he would be able to find more info about the group, maybe an address he could send it back to, he wasn't sure if it was the best course of action, or even the right thing to do, but as much as he tried to push the idea out of his mind, he did want to meet the girls once again He paid for everything at the cashier and then went back home on foot, it wasn't too far, otherwise he wouldn't have chosen this store in the first place, but little did he know, he had forgotten to switch the Vanilla pudding for the Chocolate one, perhaps it was fate for him to eat vanilla today? or maybe the person in charge of writing the story of the universe had chosen to have some fun with him, who knows? certainly not him, and probably no one else in planet earth. ((Funny how the best ideas come when you are slightly sleep-deprived as you struggle to stay awake while waiting for Dark Souls 2 to install, also, I think making myself into a character was the better choice, makes it easier for me to develop the character, action and put a little more depth and reason behind them))
  13. Heyo!

    Youtube? Come on, just log into Crunchyroll, and if it isn't available, well, there are a lot of other sites that no doubt have it AlsobeforeIforgetwelcometothecommunityIhopeyouparticipatealot
  14. Static Vibe Roleplay

    ((Jeez, I wonder what it could be))
  15. 3 word Storys

    Coffee mug stolen