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  1. Sunnilybright

    Count to 1000!

  2. Sunnilybright

    Wrong year in the description

    Can this also be fixed in the Spotify, iTunes, etc. descriptions?
  3. Sunnilybright

    Meet and Greet

    Thanks Aqil. I was also away from 27/28th October till just a few days ago the first time was because the amount of unread posts and messages just made me feel daunted to return but I managed to force myself to read through (most of) the unread messages. The second time was... well, it's personal but it has something to do with the site.
  4. Sunnilybright

    Webpage Guidelines are Fair

    [Redacted] 👀
  5. Sunnilybright

    Wrong year in the description

    You're welcome. ^^
  6. Sunnilybright

    Wishes for the Worst

    Granted, but the cat got it first. I wish Static will release a new song soon the next year will be better than the previous years.
  7. Sunnilybright

    Wishes for the Worst

    Granted, but you're the richest only in term of wealth, not in your heart. I wish tomorrow is the day HλLF-LIFE®2: EPISODE THREE is released.
  8. Sunnilybright

    Count to 1000!

  9. Sunnilybright

    A soft person joins the battle!

    Welcome, Listori! It's alright to be shy and sleepy all the time Not like I can relate Library is a good place, but sadly I haven't been in one for a long time. And I hope we'll have some nice conversation and make some friends, too.
  10. Sunnilybright

    HOI!!!! 😜

    Welcome, Fuzsy! You finally made it. Hope you'll have fun here.
  11. Sunnilybright

    Wrong year in the description

    I would've posted this on the Don't Worry Wednesday section but felt that it's more suitable here. For the Don't Worry Wednesday podcast, the description states the date of live stream as May 9, 2017 instead of 2018. The descriptions that state the year as 2017 are the ones that are for "How do I Save Money?", "How do I find a place in this world?", "Friend Overstaying Welcome", and "Problem About a Friend". I think this should be fixed to the correct year.
  12. Sunnilybright

    Sheet Music?

    I don't have any sheet music but I did find one for "Dream On" by Relaxgineer. You could also ask from Static himself.
  13. Sunnilybright

    I am back

    Welcome back, Dantaliann! Hope you'll continue to contribute to here in the future.
  14. Sunnilybright

    Hailey - Tough dream...

    Dream is but a dream. We may take inspiration from it, it may brings out our dark past, our painful memory, or our deepest fear but it shan't be the thing that truly controls our life. I, too, have dreams where I in it I was abandoned by my parents, or being a failure compared to my friends. But when I wake up, 'tis but a dream. The effect is the strongest right after waking up, but it dissipates not long after. You'll most likely forget about it after a day. My advice is to know that dreams are not reality unless we make it to be.
  15. Sunnilybright

    Count to 1000!