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  1. Sunnilybright


    Welcome, Lex! Lots of people knows Static from the tsundere song due to YouTube magical algorithm. Anyway, hope you'll have a great time here.
  2. Sunnilybright

    Count to 1000!

  3. Sunnilybright

    Count to 1000!

  4. It's just you against 19 guests. At least one of them means business.
  5. Sunnilybright

    What Animes Would You Guys Recommend?

    Cells at Work! is a fun anime that also teaches us about cells and their functions. I recommend that.
  6. Sunnilybright

    Count to 1000!

  7. Sunnilybright

    Two New Releases!

    Not the monkeys! Good thing they're gone now.
  8. Sunnilybright

    Alternate Names for Each day of the Week!!!

    It's the Th3BetaCat who came up with it. Don't Sulk Sunday Don't Mind Monday Don't Tear Tuesday Don't Worry Wednesday (Too good to change) Don't Throb Thursday Don't Frown Friday Don't Sadden Saturday
  9. Sunnilybright

    Waving Through a Window (Cover)

  10. Sunnilybright


    It is indeed here and I have it archived. http://web.archive.org/web/20170925184353/https://bss.studio/index.php?/topic/273-evolution-of-static-p/&tab=comments#comment-7450
  11. Sunnilybright

    Idol Bombing (Cover)

    Worth the 91.4 mb of download. 👍
  12. Sunnilybright

    Introduction thing

    Welcome, Mat! Sorry if this is so late but I'm glad you're here now. ^^
  13. Sunnilybright

    I'm Back

    Welcome back, Austin! We're both in the same boat as we're away for two months XD but mine's for another reason 👀
  14. Sunnilybright

    Twitch Subscription emotes

    Speaking of which, how many sub points until the next emote slot? 🤔
  15. Sunnilybright

    Word Association