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  1. Sunnilybright

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  2. Sunnilybright


    I really like the realism style you're going for. The shading looks very nice, though it could still use some improvements. And that Rin you drew is cute.
  3. Sunnilybright


    I would love to see your arts. I'd preferably see them both with and without reference.
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  7. Sunnilybright

    Favorite Vid game?

    Ooh, you're a mod at speedrun.com? That's very cool! I see you're on the leaderboard for the "Normal mode individual time attack" category.
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  10. Sunnilybright

    New EP - "Ascent"

    I really like the fantastical vibe the second track gives off.
  11. Sunnilybright

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  12. Sunnilybright

    Sugar Popped Sunshine (Instrumental)

    The instrumental of the upbeat sugar-popping sunshine song. I like it!
  13. Sunnilybright

    Wassup evrbdy!

    Welcome to our wholesome community, wholeone! It's so cool that you run a podcast, o you have a link to it? And I'm sure Static-P wouldn't mind if you asking to use the instrumentals. I can't think of a favourite song at the moment as they are all great. All in all, welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here! EDIT: About the favourite song, I may be partial towards "I Am the One".
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    171 is 171 but backwards.
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