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  1. Turns out the secretive seaweed spy shared some spicy secrets shading some insight inside the idol industry, inviting the idol into a deal.
  2. It's available at https://bss.studio/index.php?/files/file/33-this-link-right-here/
  3. I'm sorry, but who is Arisu? And it's spelt Kanesaki.
  4. But what happened to idk1-7? XD
  5. Happy birthday!


  6. Happy belated birthday, Joe! 🎂

    Sorry for being late. Hope you'll be doing great this year as well and I'll the best for you.

  7. Welcome, Potato! The pleasure is ours and I'm looking forward to interacting with each other as well.
  8. I believe it's an app that allows people to share short videos, maybe kinda like Vine if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Yeah, it's been circulating for a while now.
  10. 'Ello and welcome, Nina! Thanks and I hope you are, too. That sounds great. It's alright, we'll try to be understanding. I hope so too.
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