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  2. Count to 100

    14 is best gri number!
  3. Sketch

    Here are two drawings I did during my free time. The girl on the top is a member of Angelight while the one below it is a portrait I made of Static-P.
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    Ten Eleven Not thirteen
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  6. One Word Stories

  7. Greetings Staticlings

  8. The episodes' chronology

    He orders them according to the episode. Episode 0 - When the Darkness Comes Episode 1 - Detective Detective Episode 2 - Life Might Take Us Episode 3 - Idol Bombing Episode 4 - No One's in this Alone Episode 5 - A Reason for Suffering Episode 6 - I'm Sorry! Episode 7 - Dream On! That still doesn't answer the question of the chronology of each episode since Idol Bombing definitely happens months before Life Might Take Us. Besides, I'm Sorry was released before A Reason For Suffering and yet it's put after ARFS in the playlist.
  9. Discrepancies on who sang the lines

    Looking at the lyrics provided in the description of the video, you can see that the lines, are stated as sung by Cole in the description while in the video, it seems that the Detective is the one singing it. The same can be said regarding the line, which follows not long after the aforementioned lines. It is stated as sung by Hareka and the Detective in the description while in the video, it seems that Hareka and Cole who were singing the line. The question is, who are actually singing those lines?
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    Why is the mother worried of her adolescent child?
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    Why is 5 scared of 7?
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    Þree. The mods win.
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    There's plenty of seventies in the sea.