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  1. Static Vibe Roleplay

    ((I plan to be ze authors somedays, so thanks for thinking/saying/typing so. And I'm just working with what you peeps give me. *thumbs up* I'll contribute more to ze story when I get more time to do so--right now it's just a quick forum check and beddy-bye for moi~))
  2. Count to 100

  3. 3 word Storys

    all too late
  4. Static Vibe Roleplay

    While the rest of the Great Grocer Race went by with minimal casualties, Mally couldn't shake the feeling that she forgot something at the store. Her inner troublemaker had been sated for the time being, but the thought was troubling. She ended up buying products from practically all of the food aisles, so she couldn't imagine what this something could possibly be. Mally had sat in the the back of Zach's car on the way back to make sure some of the groceries beside her wouldn't topple. She pet Lily's head as she pondered. Didn't forget Lily. She glanced up at the back of the driver's seat ahead of her. Mally couldn't tell what he had thought of the day's events, but Zach probably didn't appreciate any of it. Didn't forget to bring the temporary manager with them, at least. ...Well, of course we didn't forget the driver. Then what was it? Mally glanced down at Lillian and noticed her wrist was barren. Oh. Her bracelet. Mally mentally swore. Better say something. "Ehm," she began, a nervous smile creeping across her face, "I hate to be a bother--well, more of a bother--but I think I dropped something back at the store, Zach. Can we go back?" A road sign passed a window then, and it dawned on her that they were already halfway to the hotel. "T-Then again! Nevermind!" At least I can keep track of where it is. After a certain incident at one of Static Vibe's concerts, Enzan had made it a point to get the girls bracelets. While they were indeed testaments of friendship (and they got Enzan one too), the accessories also had trackers installed. For the safety of the group, Mally remembered. Everyone installed the manufacturer's tracker app on their phones, so Mally flipped hers on and looked at the bracelets' locations. Sure enough, Kristy's icon was back at the hotel, Enzan's was moving down a road on a far-off corner of her screen, Lillian's was right on top of her (moving) location, and Mally's... Mally's was somewhere near the store they had gone to. Not in it. But near it. In a different building. Did someone take her bracelet? Oh no. Oh heck no. Forget not being a bother. Mally's first impulse was to hijack Zach's car, do a (completely illegal) U-turn, and gun it to her bracelet's whereabouts. ...But she'd entertained herself already, so reason got the better of her. "Zach. I'm gonna need you to follow these directions somewhere. It's really urgent--for the sake of a...security measure." Maybe if I direct him to go the long way, we won't pass the store again. ((*no-proofread disclaimer*))
  5. Screw it, I'm doing it

    Colleging on my end. I needs-ta talk about justice for a good while on Tuesday, so I should probs start some reading for that. Then there's a Chinese dictation on Wednesday. Shoot, and I guess I got the first Bio exam Friday? While I'm ranting more for my memory's benefit than anything, I should also mention the poem assignment for Creative Writing--it's supposed to be about my "first kiss" (so I'm gonna be a smartie and write about the first time I ate a Hershey's Kiss). Ooo, and I should practice my piano pieces and opera-ey song for meh piano and voice lessons Thursday. What else... next Saturday I get to go to an orientation to work as a volunteer at the local art museum--they have this neat program for dementia and Alzheimer's patients that promotes their creativity. Good stuff. Also I'm offline for a few days and come back to a whole new like system? We have emoji reaction faces like the Facebooks
  6. How do I help in this case?

    Perfectly understandable--it's hard to watch those we care deeply about suffer over anything. I'm no expert, but I think you're doing the best you can; if you two value each other, then your best will prove to be enough. I hope he heals sooner than later, and wish you the best of luck!
  7. Wake Up, Champ!

    It's great that you found a peep to value and trust with so much of yourself, regardless of where you've been and whatnot. The coldest of places can reflect the most light. I mean, have ya seen how much snow can glisten? Or maybe that doesn't make sense, the way I say it--it sounded pretty in my head. Anyhoo, just do and share whatever you're comfortable with doing and sharing on here--sounds like you already have a great support system in your life. 👍✨
  8. 3 word Storys

    Which ironically read:
  9. Count to 100

  10. Hey heyyyy

    I'm late again, but howdy and welcome! There's actually topics about Criminal Idol speculations and such, so hope ya have fun here~
  11. Heyo!

    *Barges in* I'M LATE but hello and welcome to ze forums! I was actually meaning to start that one before the college term attacked. Small world.
  12. Wake Up, Champ!

    Gotcha-gotcha. I'm the same way when it comes to sharing problems--no shame in having your closest friends as your confidants, rather than a bunch of Internet peeps you haven't known long enough to trust just as much. Just glad to know that ya do ask for help when you need it. 👍✨
  13. Static Vibe Roleplay

    ((Pardon my short post but Lel))
  14. Static Vibe Roleplay

    Mally thought she was doing pretty great for it only being the third time she'd ever steered a cart by the front, so she didn't even care that Lillian was pushing half the dessert aisle in the cart. It was invigorating--dashing past management, dodging customers-- Then Mally saw Lily konk someone on the head. First penalty? No--it wasn't my steering that hit a pedestrian, just Lily--so no penalty! I'm on fire! Mally began to cackle, grinning like a madwoman. This was the best thrill she'd had in awhile. When was the last time? When she denied the family business? Her delinquent days? It couldn't of been that far back, right? Of course not--but mischief-making was a slippery slope for a girl like Mally, and the pranks she'd been pulling lately weren't as satisfying as they should've been. Society should thank her for being so well-behaved now, she reasoned. What's one semi-harmless game, anyway? Mally thought. I deserve some fun, dang it! She betrayed herself and glanced at the customer/victim as she passed--wait, he looked a bit familiar. A lot familiar. An old friend? Somebody from her hooligan days? Did he recognize her? But then Lillian shouted that there was no time to apologize and therefore no time to stop. And Mally agreed. She made a swift turn into a clothes aisle, and half the cart was suspended for a bit. Mally finished the turn with a screech from the wheels, dashing under the cover of clearance racks. Why doesn't Enzan let me drive more often? Was that guy following for an apology? Has Zach noticed what she and Lily were doing? What was next on the list, anway? Mally didn't bother to check any of these things. "TO THE SOUP, LILY!" ((This is getting pretty fun! *No-proofread disclaimer*))
  15. Wake Up, Champ!

    You flatter me (thank you again for realsies), and I hope you value yourself as as much as anybody else. Should you ever want to talk about anything that's got you down, just know that there's places on the forums where you can do that, and peeps you can message, too. "The Don't Worry Wednesdays" and "The Daily Dose" sections are very feel-good-ey, in case you didn't know that yet. Like, verily so. And I'll see/talk to you around the threads of the forums, Angel! ^_^